RUSH: Insights from the #1 Stamper

Here at Stampede HQ, we’re always looking for new ways to stamp. Despite our competitive leaderboards, we like to give everyone the tools to succeed at stamping because we all play an important role in the movement to stamp big money out of politics. @RUSH, our #1 Stamper, has turned stamping and distributing bills into… Read more

Stamping Tips: October 2019 Edition

We’re back with awesome new stamping tips from our latest call with Head Stamper Ben Cohen! Have you been looking for new ways to improve your reporting rates? Want to know how ATMs and other machines are more likely to accept your bills? Read on below! Stamp Towards the Sides #1 Stamper RUSH told call… Read more

New Report Finds MAJOR Conflicts of Interest in Congress

We all know big money has a corrupting influence on politics and policy. But what about those members of Congress whose conflicts of interest play a major role in this corruption? A new report from Sludge and the Guardian discovered that 51 out of 100 senators have investments in industries they are elected and assigned… Read more

Amazon PayCode now allows you to pay with cash!

BIG NEWS, Stampers! Amazon announced this week that it will now accept cash for purchases via Western Union! Amazon PayCode, already available in several other countries, makes it easier for shoppers who either prefer or are limited to cash to make purchases on the online shopping giant. How does it work? When you opt to… Read more

Walk for #Democracy911, September 20-21

The #Democracy911 Walk is over 500 miles strong and approaching the finish line! Renaldo Pearson of RepresentUs began his trek from Atlanta to D.C. on August 6th (the 54th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act) with a plan: walk 700 miles to D.C. and demand an end to political corruption. But he can’t do it… Read more

Stamping Tips: August 2019 Edition

Over the past few months, we’ve had the pleasure of speaking with some of our dedicated stampers on calls with Head Stamper Ben Cohen. Oftentimes, stampers are eager to share their stamping tips with others on the call to grow the movement. We’ve taken some ideas from the latest call to bring you the first… Read more

The Art of Bird Dogging

We’ve all seen it before: a candidate or representative giving a roundabout, not-really-an-answer response to a policy question framed by a voter. We drive ourselves nuts trying to discern their position on an issue and hope we drew the right conclusion when it comes time to vote. There is, however, a solution: the classic art… Read more

We The People Amendment Gains Major Senate Sponsor

Here at the Stamp Stampede, we’re thrilled whenever progress is made on democracy reform measures like the We The People Amendment. Our friends at Move To Amend have worked tirelessly to pass this legislation, stating once and for all that money is not speech and corporations are not people. Now the amendment is one step… Read more

A Found Bill Story

Here at HQ, we love hearing how people first got involved in the Stampede. Some take to stamping through friends and family, others through workshops or fundraising events. Many find their way to stamping as a result of a found bill. When Gwen of North Bend, WA encountered a stamped bill in her restaurant change,… Read more

Democracy For All Amendment Proposed in the Senate

The 28th Amendment is taking another step toward approval! Senators Tom Udall (D-NM) and Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) announced outside the Supreme Court yesterday that they are reintroducing the amendment to the Senate. The 28th Amendment, aka the Democracy for All Amendment, takes direct aim at the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, declaring once and for… Read more