What is a Stamping Station?

Small business owners around the country have set up stamping stations – a small section of counter space with flyers and a stamp for their customers and employees to stamp money.  Not only are these local businesses advocating for change, many of them are actively participating in the Stampede, stamping every bill in the register and sending a message to Washington: “NOT TO BE USED FOR BRIBING POLITICIANS.”

Stamping stations can be found across the country at local food co-ops, bars, music stores, tattoo parlors, coffee shops, ice cream shops, bookstores, you name it.  If you own or operate a small business and would like to join the movement, we’re here to help!

If you decide to set up a stamping station in your establishment, we will:

  • Promote the stamping station across our social media accounts.
  • Provide local PR assistance.
  • Provide you with a free stamp.
  • Provide signage and information.
  • Promote your store at special events.
  • Promote your store on our website

Current Stamping Stations

Want to see your favorite cafe or small business on the list? We do too! Email us.

Stamping Stations Request Form

The FREE Stamping Station kit includes:

  • A stamp that stays with the display
  • Brochures that explain the Stampede campaign
  • Optional: 3 stamps

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Stamping Stations are now FREE! And if you want to get stamps into the hands of your customers, we can also include 3 stamps for $5 each, which we recommend you sell for $10 each.