The Stampede Goes Social!

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Like the Stampede on Facebook. We update the page daily with campaign updates, stamping stories, and press coverage. Not only is it a great way to stay on top of Stampede news, but it’s a great way to interact with other stampers, and share your own stamping stories, photos, and ideas.

How you can interact:

  • Like our status updates. This helps keep our posts on the top of people’s news feeds for a longer period of time. The more “likes” we get, the more views our posts receive, and the more the Stampede is seen by others!
  • Share our status updates. This is by far the best way to interact on Facebook. This shares our posts with your family and friends, and it helps spread the movement with others who might not know about the Stampede!
  • Start commenting on our updates and help build dialogue around our posts!
  • Upload your photos and share your stamping stories on our page.

*We also have a Facebook group where you can share tips and tales with fellow stampers. To join, visit this link.


Think of Twitter as a real-time news ticker with access to loads of information. Twitter is a great forum to build the #GetMoneyOut community!  Head on over to this link and follow us!

  • Retweet our tweets! It’s much like sharing posts on Facebook. It exposes all of your followers on Twitter to the Stamp Stampede and increases the reach of our tweets!


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…and more!

-Use the hashtag #GetMoneyOut in all your social media posts. A hashtag is a unique way of searching for relevant content. By using the #GetMoneyOut hashtag, it allows people who come across stamped money, which has the #GetMoneyOut hashtag as part of the stamped message, to search the internet for it and find out more about the issue and the Stampede.

  • Upload your stamping photos and don’t forget to use our hashtag!
  • Lastly, we have an archive of found dollars all over the world here and here.