Money Out Voters In

Real Time Stamped Bill Sightings

Stamper: BREW

Sighted in: Tacoma, WA

Possession: NPO cash box.

Stamper: TSTE, Florence, MA

Sighted in: Palm Coast, FL

Possession: Through my bank

Stamper: RATM

Sighted in: Pikeville, KY

Possession: Got as change from gas station

Stamper: 1242

Sighted in: nyc, NY

Stamper: VMFA

Sighted in: St. Louis, MO

Possession: Change at store

Stamper: STMP

Sighted in: South Burlington, VT

Possession: Got it as change from the ice cream truck

Stamper: 0903

Sighted in: Derwood, MD

Possession: In change at 7-11.

Stamper: 3979

Sighted in: Hesperia, CA

Possession: handling money as cashier

Stamper: 4U2C

Sighted in: Canton, NC

Possession: Received this bill as change at a gas station

Stamper: MVON, Washington, DC

Sighted in: Middle Point, OH

Possession: Got it as change from a 50 at a truckstop in Delta Ohio, now giving it to my daughter to go to the movies

Stamper: 4345

Sighted in: Ann Arbor, MI

Stamper: 1659

Sighted in: Gettysburg, PA

Possession: Change for ice cream at Half Pint Creamery. Today is the owners wedding anniversary so I got the limited Mary Me flavor. Only offered the week of per year, it tasted like wedding cake.

Stamper: UNKN, Washington, DC

Sighted in: Dundee, MI

Possession: I got it as change from store.

Stamper: UUCU, Urbana, IL

Sighted in: Naples, FL

Stamper: 5760, Philadelphia, PA

Sighted in: Buffalo, NY

Stamper: MVON, Washington, DC

Sighted in: Mount Vernon, VA

Stamper: 26BF

Sighted in: Bar Harbor, ME

Possession: From buying take out

Stamper: TSTE, Florence, MA

Sighted in: Westfield, MA

Stamper: ZBRA

Sighted in: Valley, NE

Possession: at atm

Stamper: VOLS, Knoxville, TN

Sighted in: Las Vegas, NV

Possession: Working


A non-profit org of over 100,000 Americans

Our representatives have been bought and paid for by morally bankrupt billionaires and corporations. The Stampede is a non-profit org of over 100,000 Americans legally stamping dollars to protest big money in politics and roadblocks to voting for minorities, students, disabled, and low-income people.

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Politicians don't do what voters want.

Why are billion dollar corporations paying zero in taxes?
Why are people working full time and still living in poverty?
Why are we paying such outrageous prices for prescription drugs?
Why are private prisons profiting from mass incarceration?

“Because our votes get drowned out by legalized bribes, and a bunch of us are blocked from voting.”

Stamp Your Money and Make it Talk

Ben Cohen

It’s not gonna be easy.

But sustained protests by the people have forced huge changes before. It ended slavery. It got women the vote. It passed the Voting Rights Act. It passed gay rights. The key is to make your voice heard.

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Kaniela Ing
Kaniela Ing Hawaii
“I stamp because Campaign finance is the reform that could make all other reforms possible, and its time for major reforms in Hawaii.  After all, elections should be won with big ideas, not big donations.”
Suzzanne P.
Suzzanne P. Connecticut
“I stamp because I’m really concerned about what's happening in our government -- with the diverging gaps in wealth and power, I’m concerned about our democracy -- that we're losing it. We have to stand against this corruption.”
Valerie E.
Valerie E. Maryland
“I’m stamping to fight what Citizens United has done to our democracy.”
Em K.
Em K. New Jersey
“I stamp because It's really important to point out that there is too much money in politics, and stamping is a great way to have a conversation -- it's a conversation starter about money in politics. People don't understand how our government is bought right now, but just by bringing it to their attention it's a wake up call.”
Stamp Stampede Stamper
Warren L. Washington
“I stamp because I care about my grandchildren, and I care about their opportunities. I don’t have to do this. I choose to do this.”
Pete the Dog
Pete the Dog Maine

It's the Original Viral Marketing Campaign

Stamped bills stay in circulation for 2.5 years and are seen by over 800 people as they get passed from hand to hand. If you stamp 3 bills a day for a year, that’s about 1 million impressions. Every time someone reports seeing a stamped bill it gets added to the leaderboards.

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Stamping money is a disruptive day in day out protest against Big $$$ in politics. We’re part of a movement of 100’s of orgs and millions of people.

Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass