Amazon PayCode now allows you to pay with cash!

BIG NEWS, Stampers! Amazon announced this week that it will now accept cash for purchases via Western Union! Amazon PayCode, already available in several other countries, makes it easier for shoppers who either prefer or are limited to cash to make purchases on the online shopping giant.

How does it work?

When you opt to pay via Amazon PayCode, Amazon will provide a reference code and a number at checkout. You have 24 hours to bring that reference number to Western Union to pay for your order in cash.

In addition to Amazon PayCode, the tech giant will also expand its Amazon Cash service. Amazon Cash allows shoppers to maintain a balance of $5 to $500 via cash at convenience stores.

(Note: If you’ve ever faced issues using stamped bills at a Western Union before, don’t forget to show your teller that stamping to fight big money is 100% legal.)

What makes this so great for Stampers?

Amazon is the world’s largest retailer, and it’s growing larger every day. This has inevitably led to a number of negative side-effects, including the company’s lobbying efforts and $0 corporate income tax bill. That being said, many cannot afford to scoff at the convenience and affordability of the online retail Leviathan. Millions of Americans without checking accounts have, until now, not been able to use the site. For those of us who love spending stamped bills, this is a large new avenue to do so.

There’s also a delicious irony to paying for Amazon purchases with cash stamped with “Corporations Are Not People,” don’t you think?