Stamping Tips: October 2019 Edition

We’re back with awesome new stamping tips from our latest call with Head Stamper Ben Cohen! Have you been looking for new ways to improve your reporting rates? Want to know how ATMs and other machines are more likely to accept your bills? Read on below!

Stamp Towards the Sides

#1 Stamper RUSH told call participants that bills stamped towards the center are more likely to be rejected by ATMs, self-checkout kiosks, and other machines. If you want to make your stamped bills more user-friendly, stamp on the sides!

Keeping it Clean: Guru Stamps

According to stampers on the October call, guru stamps produce a cleaner message on bills. You can even go one step further by placing the message on one side of the bill and your Stamper ID on the other. For real brownie points, do them in two different colors like RUSH.

A recent RUSH bill, reported in New Jersey

Front > Back

When it comes to having your stamps noticed, RUSH says people are more likely to see stamps on the front of a bill than on the back. People frequently store money with the front facing up, in wallets and cash registers alike. Of course, the ideal is to stamp both sides, but just the front works in a pinch.

Stamp Everything, Often

Wise words from our friend Dave (DLK1). As we like to say here at the Stampede, The Key Is To Keep On Stamping (TKITKOS)!

This has been your October stamping tips update. Be sure to keep an eye out for future calls with Head Stamper Ben Cohen. In the meantime, put these tips to use with our guru stamp collection!