Ask the Stampede!

  Hey Stampers! One of our own was looking for some examples of the elevator statement you use when passing out stamped bills.   “I wish there was just one good example of what to say. I should mention that I certainly do believe in what we’re doing. It’s just that when someone asks me… Read more


CALL-TO-ACTION We need YOU to  PLEDGE TO STAMP in January!   In Citizens United v. FEC, The Supreme Court opened the door for corporations and billionaires to buy access and influence in Washington.  The Court says money is free speech, so on the 9th anniversary of Citizens United, we’re making our money scream by legally rubber-stamping messages like… Read more

7 Ways to Protest This Holiday Season

We’re feeling ready to head into the holiday season. Bring on the cheer! Bring on the love! Bring on the festivities! Considering all the work of decorating, shopping, and visiting family – you might feel just a little busier than usual. In fact, you might almost be too busy to think about how much big… Read more

Stampede Fitness Associates Core Plan

Stampede Fitness Associations is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Stampede, Inc. Almost every time you read some fitness article, it’s all about the core. It’s not about 6 packs anymore.  As a higher percentage of the population gets older and older, more and more of us are realizing that ship has sailed. So all… Read more

News from our friends at Wisconsin United To Amend

Our friends at Wisconsin United to Amend have the following news to share with the Stamper Community. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: George Penn, 608-244-6436, Nine More Communities Vote to Amend the U.S. Constitution Madison, WI (November 7, 2018) – On Tuesday, November 6th, Wisconsin residents in nine communities voted to amend the U.S. Constitution to clarify that… Read more

Stamper UUCU stamps with a new Stamping Platform

Stamper Leader UUCU took some advice from his wife, a scrapbooker, and created a stamping press made out of an arts and crafts stamping platform. Today, he shared with The Stampede how he created a stamping machine and is able to stamp all over his bills margins in a new clean way. Here is how… Read more


I, like millions of other Americans and no doubt a whole lot of Stampers, suffer from sciatica – the lower back pain that shoots down your legs. I, your Head Stamper, don’t suffer from your normal run of the mill sciatica, either. I’ve got the super version– lumbar stenosis/spondylolisthesis. No matter: pretty much all sciatica… Read more

Help Stamp Money Out of Politics While Getting Your Veggies

One of my favorite places to spend my Stamp Stampede money is at the farmer’s market. We all know we should be eating less processed and fast food, so I propose you visit your local farmers’ market every week and spend as many one dollar and five dollar bills as you can. Many of the… Read more

JOHN’s Ratio

Eureka! Stamper JOHN proved that the more stamped bills you have in circulation, the better chance you’ll have of someone reporting your bill.  We’ve named it John’s Ratio. “My first report was after stamping 200 bills,” JOHN said, “the second came after stamping another 166. That’s 1/183.” JOHN has tracked every stamped bill and charted the ratio between the number of bills… Read more

Democracy Reform on the Ballot in 2018 Election

Across the country, millions of voters will have a chance to weigh-in on reforms to fix our democracy in the 2018 Election. Here are a few statewide ballot measures that we’re watching at the Stampede. Question 2 in Massachusetts This Act establishes a non-partisan Citizens Commission to advance the policy of Massachusetts in favor of amending… Read more