Ask the Stampede!


Hey Stampers! One of our own was looking for some examples of the elevator statement you use when passing out stamped bills.


“I wish there was just one good example of what to say. I should mention that I certainly do believe in what we’re doing. It’s just that when someone asks me why my bills are stamped… the words are just not there for me. Is there a decent, fairly simple thing to say?


Stampers all over the country weighed in on what works for them:


“We have to get big money out of government. Each bill passes through an average of over 800 hands. When I spend this dollar my message carries far beyond you & I to give many others something to think about.”


“it’s not illegal! It doesn’t cover the parts of the bill that would take it out of circulation. Then I point out the url at the bottom and compare it to Where’s George – which most people recognize and have seen.”


“It’s tantamount that we overturn Citizens United and amend the U.S. Constitution because corporations are buying the very laws that keep us from better food, medicine, environmental care, education etc that literally every issue is tied into that one”


“I have 5 different Stamps now, and bring them to every meeting of my local Democrats. I set up a stamping table and stamp bills while there, we have a rule, everyone can participate in the 50/50 draw, but all bills need to be stamped to be accepted! I then do some quick math and tell them based on the number of dollars stamped tonight, we will reach roughly X number sets of eyes. (Example, $50,in the draw times 800 impressions=40,000 people reached). Not bad for a small town!”


“I care about getting money out of politics – and by doing this, I can get other people to care too. Those that look online and realize what we are doing might get inspired – it’s making my dollars do work for me after they leave me in a way that I believe in. I feel like I’m making a difference.”


What do you say when you hand out stamped bills? Email us to let us know what is working for you for a chance to win a FREE stamp. Send your tips to today!