Stamper ID: CDB9

Hometown: Trenton, SC

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 471

Number of Times Reported: 19

Estimated Impressions: 16,625 times

Number of States Reported In: 6

Stamped in All States Ranking: 494

Why I Stamp:

I stamp to raise awareness of the impact of “hidden/secret” money affecting our political system. Corporations are NOT people… and neither are “churches!” Regarding “churches”… any said entity which endorses a particular political entity in any way should immediately be stripped of it’s “tax exempt” status… period.!!!




Relationship status:


Favorite Stamp(s):

Stamp $$$ Out of Politics

Started Stamping Date:

November 30, 2017

Favorite Place to Spend Stamped Money:


Tips for Fellow Stampers:

Be NOT afraid to let your voice be heard or make your statement… I do not keep, in my wallet, unstamped currency. I DO keep printouts of relevant laws regarding the subject “defacing currency”¬† If the merchant will not accept my “stamped” bill I make them pay a fee to process payment from a debit or credit card. AMEX, btw, incurres the largest $ amount of charge to the merchant…


Genious… ’nuff said. I am an anachronism… a thing out of place or time. My pedigree comes from the UNIVERSAL¬† University

Job / Profession / Work:

Instrumentation engineer


Music, killing stuff (hunting/fishing), defending this planet from the onslaught of dictatorial oppression constantly being hurled in our direction…

What Makes Me Happy:

Happiness is a myth… pursuit of “happiness” is a “never ending journey”. I seek contentment… I find contentment when I’m playing my guitar… when I’m listening to some fabulous piece of music and during my daily meditations, or when I feel I’ve helped ease the discontent of another person

General Comments:

People, open your eyes and see what;s really going on behind that curtain, PLEASE?

Recent Sightings

Stamper: CDB9, Trenton, SC

Sighted in: North Augusta, SC

Date Reported: August 30 at 8:20 am EST

Possession: Got it at a gas station in North augusta

Stamper: CDB9, Trenton, SC

Sighted in: Louisville, GA

Date Reported: January 21 at 6:52 pm EST

Stamper: CDB9, Trenton, SC

Sighted in: St. Louis, MO

Date Reported: August 30 at 10:45 am EST

Possession: ATM

Stamper: CDB9, Trenton, SC

Sighted in: Windsor, SC

Date Reported: May 23 at 8:28 pm EST

Possession: Got change back after buying lunch.

Stamper: CDB9, Trenton, SC

Sighted in: Tampa, FL

Date Reported: October 20 at 8:58 pm EST

Possession: Casino Tampa

cdb9's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
8/30/2023 North Augusta, SC Got it at a gas station in North augusta 1
1/21/2023 Louisville, GA 1
8/30/2022 St. Louis, MO ATM 1
5/24/2022 Windsor, SC Got change back after buying lunch. 1
10/21/2021 Tampa, FL Casino Tampa 1
9/4/2021 Tarrytown, NY Is was change money at a local bakery. I have saved it for about a year. 1
3/25/2021 Aiken, SC At Home Depot 1 View Bills
12/29/2020 Greenwood, SC Found in my tip jar after a performance in Greenwood, SC 1
11/21/2020 Brooklet, GA 1
9/25/2020 Augusta, GA Gas station lil cricket 1
6/9/2020 Trenton, NJ It was given to me as a graduation gift. 1
1/8/2020 Aiken, SC 1
9/4/2019 Augusta, GA 1
7/2/2019 Newberry, SC I needed change, got it at a gas station! I live in Greenwood SC 1 View Bills
1/13/2019 Johnston, SC Change at a convenience store 1
1/13/2019 Johnston, SC Change 1
1/13/2019 Johnston, SC 1
6/16/2018 Barnwell, SC Farmers market change 1
4/8/2018 Leesville, SC Store 1