Stamper ID: WAD1

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 77

Number of Times Reported: 98

Estimated Impressions: 85,750 times

Number of States Reported In: 11

Stamped in All States Ranking: 156

Recent Sightings

Stamper: WAD1

Sighted in: Wilmington, NC

Date Reported: September 12 at 12:34 pm EST

Possession: Received at Speedway at 2395 Carolina Beach Road in Wilmington, NC.

Stamper: WAD1

Sighted in: Myrtle Beach, SC

Date Reported: September 12 at 10:27 am EST

Possession: As change while buying bud

Stamper: WAD1

Sighted in: Strawberry Plains, TN

Date Reported: September 11 at 11:19 am EST

Possession: Received as change from a store

Stamper: WAD1

Sighted in: Columbia, SC

Date Reported: September 4 at 7:03 pm EST

Stamper: WAD1

Sighted in: Spartanburg, SC

Date Reported: September 1 at 3:09 pm EST

Possession: Given to me at the Asian Seafood Market

William's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
9/12/2021 Wilmington, NC Received at Speedway at 2395 Carolina Beach Road in Wilmington, NC. 1
9/12/2021 Myrtle Beach, SC As change while buying bud 1
9/11/2021 Strawberry Plains, TN Received as change from a store 1
9/4/2021 Columbia, SC 1
9/1/2021 Spartanburg, SC Given to me at the Asian Seafood Market 1 View Bills
9/1/2021 Charlotte, NC Gas station 1
8/21/2021 Irmo, SC 1
8/17/2021 Columbia, SC Walmart self check out 2
7/29/2021 Cayce, SC I’m at a waitress, received it as a tip 1
7/28/2021 Sacramento, CA Given to me for gas $ 1
7/23/2021 Grovetown, GA 1
7/23/2021 Blair, SC Handed in at my Register at Dollar General. I swapped it out for one of my own so I could look this up. 1
7/22/2021 Hendersonville, NC at a taco bell drive thru 1 View Bills
7/7/2021 Lexington, SC 1
7/4/2021 Ocala, FL Fireworks tent 1 View Bills
7/2/2021 Elgin, SC I received this bill as a payment while working at the grocery store. 1
6/25/2021 Lugoff, SC Gas station change 1 View Bills
6/24/2021 Columbia, SC I received the bill as change while buying gas from a gas station. 2
6/20/2021 Sylva, NC Received bill as change. 1
6/15/2021 Rock, WV Someone give it to me 1
6/10/2021 Hickory, NC I received this bill from a gas station by my house 2
6/9/2021 Hickory, NC 1
6/7/2021 Columbia, SC Strip club 1 View Bills
6/4/2021 Sumter, SC I received this bill as change at a walmart 1
5/29/2021 Swansea, SC Work tip jar 1 View Bills
5/27/2021 Columbia, SC was given to me in my tips from work, costumer probably paid with it 1
5/26/2021 Columbia, SC Tip jar 1
5/25/2021 Lexington, SC 1
5/23/2021 Pittsburgh, PA I received this bill as a cashier at Eudora Safari Park. 1
5/16/2021 Isle of Palms, SC Iop 1
5/12/2021 Edenton, NC 1
5/3/2021 Columbia, SC cashier working at liquor store 1
4/23/2021 Pembroke, NC Got it at Dollar Tree 1
4/22/2021 Columbia, SC I work at a Circle K and it was in my drawer. 1 View Bills
4/17/2021 Rock Hill, SC Gas station 1
4/10/2021 Saint Stephen, SC From store as change 1
4/6/2021 Columbia, SC 1
3/26/2021 Fairfield, CT I work at a bank and it was deposited into the atm. 2
3/19/2021 Irmo, SC 1
3/12/2021 Jacksonville, NC 1
3/10/2021 Olanta, SC Change given from a local store in my small town of Olanta South Carolina! 1 View Bills
3/7/2021 Irmo, SC Used as payment for fuel 1
3/7/2021 Spartanburg, SC Received back in payment,from waffle house. 1 View Bills
2/28/2021 Gary, SC Received at ATM 1 View Bills
2/28/2021 Greenville, SC At the Trappe Door 1
2/27/2021 Columbia, SC counting the safe at my work 1
2/26/2021 Greenville, SC 1
2/26/2021 Fayetteville, NC Getting change at a gas station 1 View Bills
2/23/2021 Lexington, SC 1
2/13/2021 Irmo, SC 1 View Bills
2/8/2021 Fountain Inn, SC gave to me as a tip. 1
2/8/2021 Lafayette, TN Change from a gas station 1
1/29/2021 Camden, SC 1
1/28/2021 Florence, SC given to me at a store as change 1
1/21/2021 Columbia, SC change used to buy ammo 1
1/20/2021 South Sumter, SC It was given to me by my brother. 1
1/19/2021 Lexington, SC 1
1/19/2021 Gate City, VA Im a cashier at mcdonalds. Guy bought a McDouble 1
1/15/2021 Belvedere, SC In my pocket with the other dead men 1
1/14/2021 Fuquay-Varina, NC Counting drawers at work 1
1/14/2021 Columbia, SC I received this bill as change while shopping. 1
1/6/2021 Gastonia, NC It was given to me by my company when I was given my tip money. 1 View Bills
1/2/2021 Lexington, SC Found it at my job. 1
12/28/2020 Kershaw, SC Store purchase 1
12/26/2020 Columbia, SC Was given the bill at a restaurant 1 View Bills
12/15/2020 Newberry, SC At the gas station 1 View Bills
12/11/2020 Lugoff, SC 1
11/15/2020 Columbia, SC Returned in change from a shell gas station 1 View Bills
11/12/2020 Lexington, SC Received as a payment 2
11/6/2020 Charlotte, NC Showed up in my wallet 1
11/4/2020 Lexington, SC It was change at the gas station 1
10/31/2020 Savannah, GA Change from my lunch at Subway 2
10/28/2020 King, NC Revieved from cash register after eating out 1 View Bills
10/24/2020 Appling, GA 1
10/16/2020 Columbia, SC Change 1
10/15/2020 Columbia, SC Got it at scrap yard. 1
10/9/2020 Columbia, SC My job 1
10/6/2020 Columbia, SC The Other Store (TOS) located on Atascadero Drive in Forest Acres. 1 View Bills
10/6/2020 orangeburg, SC 2
10/6/2020 orangeburg, SC I work at SUNSHINE AUTO SALVAGE.this bill came across my desk 2
9/30/2020 Goodwater, AL I received this bill as change while shopping 1
9/29/2020 Columbia, SC 1 View Bills
9/26/2020 Columbia, SC Harbor Inn restaurant change 1 View Bills
9/22/2020 Irmo, SC Bill came from bank in $500 band. 2
9/18/2020 Columbia, SC receipting money in at work 1
9/14/2020 West Columbia, SC Change from Chinese restaurant 1
9/9/2020 West Columbia, SC shop 1
8/28/2020 Lexington, SC Lowe's home improvement store 1
7/23/2020 Savannah, GA At a convenience store while shopping 1
7/20/2020 Harrisonburg, VA Delivery tip 1 View Bills
6/2/2020 Columbia, SC Change from the store 1
5/29/2020 Pelion, SC Bank 1
4/20/2020 Statesville, NC Found while counting the store's safe 2
4/8/2020 Columbia, SC Payment for yard work 1
3/10/2020 Batesburg, SC 1
2/21/2020 Columbia, SC Someone used it as a form of payment at my store 1 View Bills
1/23/2018 Columbia, SC 1
3/2/2017 Columbia, SC 1