Stamper ID: W8W8

Hometown: Douglas, AK

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 52

Number of Times Reported: 182

Estimated Impressions: 159,250 times

Number of States Reported In: 27

Stamped in All States Ranking: 41

Why I Stamp:

…to keep the message in front of everyday folks.

Recent Sightings

Stamper: W8W8, Douglas, AK

Sighted in: Waupaca, WI

Date Reported: November 15 at 6:02 pm EST

Possession: Went to the bank to cash a check and received this stamped ten dollar bill

Stamper: W8W8, Douglas, AK

Sighted in: Indianapolis, IN

Date Reported: October 27 at 12:52 pm EST

Possession: someone gave it to me

Stamper: W8W8, Douglas, AK

Sighted in: Indianapolis, IN

Date Reported: October 27 at 11:48 am EST

Stamper: W8W8, Douglas, AK

Sighted in: Saint Croix Falls, WI

Date Reported: October 25 at 7:22 am EST

Possession: received as change from local walmart

Stamper: W8W8, Douglas, AK

Sighted in: Knoxville, TN

Date Reported: October 23 at 10:29 am EST

Possession: Came into my work. “Truck wash”

Ed's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
11/15/2022 Waupaca, WI Went to the bank to cash a check and received this stamped ten dollar bill 1
10/27/2022 Indianapolis, IN someone gave it to me 2
10/27/2022 Indianapolis, IN 2
10/25/2022 Saint Croix Falls, WI received as change from local walmart 1
10/23/2022 Knoxville, TN Came into my work. “Truck wash” 1
10/18/2022 Tilden, TX 1
10/14/2022 Seattle, WA In my tip 1
10/1/2022 Kihei, HI I when you the bank and asked to take out cash. 1 View Bills
9/26/2022 Anchorage, AK plato’s closet 1
9/22/2022 Port Townsend, WA I found this bill, read about this program, and flushed the bill down the toilet so as not to further the "progressive" deterioration of this country. 1
9/18/2022 Chaska, MN I was at a bowling alley playing claw machines 1 View Bills
9/16/2022 Juneau, AK Ice rink popcorn Sale 1
9/14/2022 Ketchikan, AK 1
9/5/2022 San Antonio, TX Given as a tip at my car wash. 1
9/5/2022 Haines, AK The election wasn’t stolen 1
9/2/2022 Juneau, AK I received it as change while shopping for groceries 1
8/31/2022 Bainbridge Island, WA I don't remember probably got it as change from the awesomest cafe place 10/10, they have good lemon bars and i get milkshakes there, go sit on the swing for an hour, contemplate life, listen to tapeworm of worlds, etc. maybe I'll do that again today. 1 View Bills
8/29/2022 Ketchikan, AK Saw it with my eyes as someone handed it to me. 1
8/27/2022 Butte, MT Buisness 1
8/23/2022 Anchorage, AK It came out of a Wells Fargo atm 1
8/5/2022 Palmer, AK Money from ATM at wells fargo 1 View Bills
7/31/2022 Mountain Home, AR Received back as change. 1 View Bills
7/19/2022 Juneau, AK ATM Machine 1
7/14/2022 Dallas, TX 1
7/4/2022 NA, AK I received this as change while on vacation in Alaska. 1
7/3/2022 Monkton, MD ATM 1
7/2/2022 Haines, AK Rcvd as change 1
7/2/2022 Happy Valley, OR got change at a coffee shop 1
6/18/2022 Vancouver, OR Got from a dispensary 1
6/18/2022 Arden, NC From cash register 1 View Bills
6/13/2022 Sitka, AK 1
6/12/2022 Anchorage, AK Received this bill from a friend of mine from Juneau to use as a tip. 1
6/7/2022 Juneau, AK Atm 1
6/3/2022 FOREST LAKE, MN I was getting change at a library and it as one of the bills 1
6/2/2022 Eugene, OR Girlfriend got it from the gas station 1
5/30/2022 Lacey, WA Bought an ice cream cone at McDonald’s 1
5/29/2022 Juneau, AK Found in a hidden box. 1
5/23/2022 Juneau, AK It was in my wallet 1
5/10/2022 Rio Rancho, NM Change back from gas station 1
5/5/2022 Billings, MT Casino winnings 1
5/2/2022 Portland, OR 1
4/4/2022 Juneau, AK A guy bought one of our track and field raffle tickets with 10 of these 1
4/3/2022 Phoenix, AZ I work at Dunkin and when I was cashing someone out I saw it and wanted to know what it was 1
3/25/2022 Petersburg, AK 1
3/22/2022 Little Rock, AR Gas station 1
3/22/2022 Springfield, OR Intercambio bancario 4
3/2/2022 Juneau, AK Tips for art 1
2/28/2022 Brownsville, TX Received it in change while at a stripes 1
2/27/2022 Canby, OR Chase ATM machine in Fred Meyer 1
2/10/2022 Palmer, AK Paid in cash 1
1/30/2022 Los Angeles, CA whole foods 2 View Bills
1/23/2022 Sacramento, CA I got change while shopping 1 View Bills
1/11/2022 Tacoma, WA Sold an item on OfferUp. 1 View Bills
12/23/2021 Las Vegas, NV Casino 1
12/21/2021 Haines, AK Through my work at a coffee shoppe (Sarah J’s Coffee and Eatery) this summer. 1
12/15/2021 Los Angeles, CA Starbucks Change 1
11/30/2021 Plainfield, IN Tips 1
11/20/2021 Ketchikan, AK Got it as change 1
11/12/2021 Ketchikan, AK Received in Change from Safeway gas station 1
11/11/2021 Juneau, AK 1
10/30/2021 College Station, TX Cash drawer at work 1
10/28/2021 Las Vegas, NV Change from McDonald’s 1
10/28/2021 Ketchikan, AK I got tipped this bill for selling weed good. 1
10/24/2021 Mesa, AZ At the casino 1 View Bills
10/19/2021 Prineville, OR Received as change 1
9/24/2021 Juneau, AK 1
9/20/2021 Hudson, WI Motorcycle Rally bar change 1
9/20/2021 Juneau, AK 1
9/7/2021 Juneau, AK just got it back with my change i believe 1
8/26/2021 Juneau, AK i recived it from a friend 1 View Bills
8/25/2021 Lehi, UT Got it as change 1
8/23/2021 Juneau, AK 1
7/22/2021 Anchorage, AK 1
7/18/2021 Juneau, AK 1
6/17/2021 Vancouver, WA in wallet 1
6/11/2021 Juneau, AK Not sure, just ended up with it, probably change while shopping somewhere 1
6/10/2021 Fremont, NE Working at a water park and someone gave it to us. 1 View Bills
6/6/2021 Lebanon, OR Tipped at Modern Forest, Lebanon OR! 2
6/5/2021 Juneau, AK Change from the bbq stand in downtown 1 View Bills
5/29/2021 Wasilla, AK 1
5/14/2021 Juneau, AK In change while shopping. Why are you defacing money?? 1
5/2/2021 Juneau, AK Change from drinks at the Sandbar Grill. 1
4/29/2021 Juneau, AK Change at Subway sandwich shop. 1
4/16/2021 Kailua-Kona, HI A tip in my tip jar 1 View Bills
4/3/2021 Juneau, AK Bus money 1 View Bills
3/30/2021 Lacey, WA 1
3/14/2021 Rockford, IL 1
3/2/2021 Rodeo, NM 1 View Bills
2/17/2021 Coeur d'Alene, ID 1
2/15/2021 Reno, NV they gave it to me in exchange 1
2/15/2021 Juneau, AK Given to me as change after purchasing a beer. 1
2/6/2021 Spirit Lake, ID Received from bank 1 View Bills
2/5/2021 Morganfield, KY Got it at a storw 1
2/4/2021 Mission Viejo, CA Change from the market 1 View Bills
2/3/2021 Ronan, MT Shopping at the grocery store 1
1/31/2021 Sunnyside, WA My dad gave me this 50 dollar and didn’t go through when I put cash in the atm 1 View Bills
1/25/2021 Carlsbad, CA 1
1/24/2021 Everett, WA Got change from a gas station 2
1/18/2021 Manchester, IA From a cash register 1
12/30/2020 Honeyville, UT Change from my mother from a shopping errand I did for her 1
12/8/2020 Campbellsville, KY 2
12/4/2020 Marysville, WA Recieved from a machine at a casino. 2
11/28/2020 Juneau, AK Safeway 1
11/2/2020 Vail, CO In Vail, CO 1 View Bills
10/27/2020 Juneau, AK I'm blind, so my buddy Zuko is typing this, i found this on my way to Ba Sing Se, when my other friend Aang upended this cabbage merchant, this bill was on the ground. It was probably the cabbage merchant's, but hey we gotta eat too. 1 View Bills
10/8/2020 Juneau, AK Getting change some where 1
8/23/2020 Waimānalo, HI I work at food truck 1 View Bills
8/22/2020 Juneau, AK Change 1
8/9/2020 Meridian, ID I was giving this bill as a tip at my job 1
8/7/2020 Juneau, AK I got it for change at the post office 1 View Bills
7/31/2020 Yankton, SD Raffle ticket purchase 1
7/8/2020 Rockford, IL 1
6/30/2020 Tucson, AZ Recieved this bill as change while shopping 1 View Bills
6/30/2020 Juneau, AK I received this bill from others 1
5/30/2020 Port Angeles, WA 1
5/20/2020 Spokane, WA Change 1
5/18/2020 Anchorage, AK Sold a vehicle 1
5/18/2020 Juneau, AK got it from change while shopping. 1
5/17/2020 Campbellsville, KY Bill was sent to me by my father in Alaska 2
5/13/2020 Anchorage, AK Change from a store 1
5/12/2020 Juneau, AK Received as change 1
5/5/2020 Urbana, IL 1
5/2/2020 Juneau, AK Was given as change at a city public works office when I paid my water bill 1
4/23/2020 Las Vegas, NV change at a hotel 2
4/23/2020 Charlotte, NC Was given it as a tip 1
4/23/2020 Juneau, AK At a convenience store! 1
4/19/2020 Klawock, AK 1 View Bills
4/18/2020 Ketchikan, AK 1
4/14/2020 Anchorage, AK 1
4/9/2020 Juneau, AK 1
4/2/2020 Susanville, CA Was in a $20 deal i had to blow a friend. 1
3/31/2020 Juneau, AK 1
3/8/2020 Fort Worth, TX At the gas station 1
3/3/2020 Juneau, AK I was spelling “tits of Erica” with the letters on the bill. 1
2/26/2020 Buckeye, AZ Change given back at Dollar Store in Buckeye. 1
2/20/2020 Juneau, AK 1
2/19/2020 Juneau, AK Received while shopping 1
2/15/2020 Juneau, AK Same way everyone els would 2
2/14/2020 Juneau, AK store 1 View Bills
2/10/2020 Escanaba, MI Raffle ticket purchase 1
1/24/2020 Seattle, WA got it from a crackhead. 1
1/12/2020 Madison, WI 1
1/12/2020 Belvidere, IL 1
1/11/2020 Anchorage, AK 1
1/7/2020 Aloha, OR 1 View Bills
1/4/2020 Juneau, AK received from wells fargo bank atm 1 View Bills
12/18/2019 Drain, OR IDK 1
11/26/2019 Susanville, CA Camping fee 1
11/25/2019 Wenatchee, WA Change from Mexican restaurant 1
11/17/2019 Tombstone, AZ Received bill at a shop as a sales associate. 1
11/14/2019 Anchorage, AK Working as a barista, it was my tip 1
11/11/2019 Klamath Falls, OR A guy stuck it in my G-String (of my guitar—I’m a busker). 1
11/11/2019 Sequim, WA Tip at a Black Bear restaurant 1
11/8/2019 Las Vegas, NV got it from change while at Nellis AFB shopette 2
11/3/2019 Anchorage, AK 1
10/19/2019 Tucson, AZ While I was working I got paid with it. 1 View Bills
10/10/2019 Juneau, AK 1
10/8/2019 Juneau, AK Change from groceries at Fred Meyer. 1
9/19/2019 Juneau, AK tourist retail store 1
9/12/2019 Juneau, AK at a weed shop. 1
8/27/2019 Wasilla, AK Was at work and a man used it to snort coke off my ass crack. t('-'t) 1
8/27/2019 Wasilla, AK 1
8/21/2019 Haines, AK Was spent at Oceanside RV Park 1
8/19/2019 Anchorage, AK Change from a grocery store 1
8/10/2019 Juneau, AK Getting change at a local store breeze inn 1
7/21/2019 Juneau, AK 1
7/5/2019 Juneau, AK Someone gave it to me because they owed my gas money 1
7/1/2019 Douglas, AZ 1