Stamper ID: W8W8

Hometown: Douglas, AK

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 112

Number of Times Reported: 67

Estimated Impressions: 58,625 times

Number of States Reported In: 13

Stamped in All States Ranking: 110

Why I Stamp:

…to keep the message in front of everyday folks.

Recent Sightings

Stamper: W8W8, Douglas, AK

Sighted in: Spokane, WA

Date Reported: May 20 at 3:46 pm EST

Possession: Change

Stamper: W8W8, Douglas, AK

Sighted in: Anchorage, AK

Date Reported: May 18 at 3:12 pm EST

Possession: Sold a vehicle

Stamper: W8W8, Douglas, AK

Sighted in: Juneau, AK

Date Reported: May 17 at 11:52 pm EST

Possession: got it from change while shopping.

Stamper: W8W8, Douglas, AK

Sighted in: Campbellsville, KY

Date Reported: May 16 at 10:28 pm EST

Possession: Bill was sent to me by my father in Alaska

Stamper: W8W8, Douglas, AK

Sighted in: Anchorage, AK

Date Reported: May 12 at 11:11 pm EST

Possession: Change from a store

Ed's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
5/20/2020 Spokane, WA Change 1
5/18/2020 Anchorage, AK Sold a vehicle 1
5/18/2020 Juneau, AK got it from change while shopping. 1
5/17/2020 Campbellsville, KY Bill was sent to me by my father in Alaska 1
5/13/2020 Anchorage, AK Change from a store 1
5/12/2020 Juneau, AK Received as change 1
5/5/2020 Urbana, IL 1
5/2/2020 Juneau, AK Was given as change at a city public works office when I paid my water bill 1
4/23/2020 Las Vegas, NV change at a hotel 2
4/23/2020 Charlotte, NC Was given it as a tip 1
4/23/2020 Juneau, AK At a convenience store! 1
4/19/2020 Klawock, AK 1 View Bills
4/18/2020 Ketchikan, AK 1
4/14/2020 Anchorage, AK 1
4/9/2020 Juneau, AK 1
4/2/2020 Susanville, CA Was in a $20 deal i had to blow a friend. 1
3/31/2020 Juneau, AK 1
3/8/2020 Fort Worth, TX At the gas station 1
3/3/2020 Juneau, AK I was spelling “tits of Erica” with the letters on the bill. 1
2/26/2020 Buckeye, AZ Change given back at Dollar Store in Buckeye. 1
2/20/2020 Juneau, AK 1
2/19/2020 Juneau, AK Received while shopping 1
2/15/2020 Juneau, AK Same way everyone els would 2
2/14/2020 Juneau, AK store 1 View Bills
2/10/2020 Escanaba, MI Raffle ticket purchase 1
1/24/2020 Seattle, WA got it from a crackhead. 1
1/12/2020 Madison, WI 1
1/12/2020 Belvidere, IL 1
1/11/2020 Anchorage, AK 1
1/7/2020 Aloha, OR 1 View Bills
1/4/2020 Juneau, AK received from wells fargo bank atm 1 View Bills
12/18/2019 Drain, OR IDK 1
11/26/2019 Susanville, CA Camping fee 1
11/25/2019 Wenatchee, WA Change from Mexican restaurant 1
11/17/2019 Tombstone, AZ Received bill at a shop as a sales associate. 1
11/14/2019 Anchorage, AK Working as a barista, it was my tip 1
11/11/2019 Klamath Falls, OR A guy stuck it in my G-String (of my guitar—I’m a busker). 1
11/11/2019 Sequim, WA Tip at a Black Bear restaurant 1
11/8/2019 Las Vegas, NV got it from change while at Nellis AFB shopette 2
11/3/2019 Anchorage, AK 1
10/19/2019 Tucson, AZ While I was working I got paid with it. 1 View Bills
10/10/2019 Juneau, AK 1
10/8/2019 Juneau, AK Change from groceries at Fred Meyer. 1
9/19/2019 Juneau, AK tourist retail store 1
9/12/2019 Juneau, AK at a weed shop. 1
8/27/2019 Wasilla, AK Was at work and a man used it to snort coke off my ass crack. t('-'t) 1
8/27/2019 Wasilla, AK 1
8/21/2019 Haines, AK Was spent at Oceanside RV Park 1
8/19/2019 Anchorage, AK Change from a grocery store 1
8/10/2019 Juneau, AK Getting change at a local store breeze inn 1
7/21/2019 Juneau, AK 1
7/5/2019 Juneau, AK Someone gave it to me because they owed my gas money 1
7/1/2019 Douglas, AZ 1