Stamper ID: VOXX

Hometown: Newton, NJ

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 183

Number of Times Reported: 54

Estimated Impressions: 47,250 times

Number of States Reported In: 9

Stamped in All States Ranking: 302

Why I Stamp:

I am strongly against large corporations and their corrupt business practices and will do all I can to reduce their grip on this country and the world



Relationship status:


Favorite Place to Spend Stamped Money:

Anywhere that has a lot of customers that the money will mix well with

Tips for Fellow Stampers:

Lower denominations are handed around more so instead of stamping 50 dollar bills, break them into 10’s, 5’s and 1’s. You are getting more bills stamped for $20 or $50 and you are also stamping something that will be seen by more people.


I attended one semester of college before realizing it was a terrible idea.

Job / Profession / Work:

gas attendant


I love spray painting, and listening to music

What Makes Me Happy:

My girlfriend, spray painting, and video games just like every other guy

General Comments:

This is a great project and we need as many people as we can get, to work with us and stamp

Recent Sightings

Stamper: VOXX, Newton, NJ

Sighted in: Whitehall, PA

Date Reported: October 12 at 12:05 pm EST

Possession: Used to pay for an order

Stamper: VOXX, Newton, NJ

Sighted in: Prescott Valley, AZ

Date Reported: July 11 at 12:21 am EST

Possession: Jerome

Stamper: VOXX, Newton, NJ

Sighted in: Pataskala, OH

Date Reported: October 22 at 7:12 pm EST

Possession: I received the bill at my job (nutcracker family restaurant)

Stamper: VOXX, Newton, NJ

Sighted in: Matawan, NJ

Date Reported: December 3 at 12:10 pm EST

Stamper: VOXX, Newton, NJ

Sighted in: State College, PA

Date Reported: November 14 at 9:55 pm EST

Possession: Purchased a Penn State hat at PSU

voxx's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
10/12/2023 Whitehall, PA Used to pay for an order 1
7/11/2021 Prescott Valley, AZ Jerome 1
10/22/2020 Pataskala, OH I received the bill at my job (nutcracker family restaurant) 1
12/3/2018 Matawan, NJ 1
11/15/2018 State College, PA Purchased a Penn State hat at PSU 1
11/11/2018 Miami Beach, FL Well I'm server in restaurant, and it was my tip 1
10/8/2018 Hillside, NJ Change from Dunkin donuts 1 View Bills
10/1/2018 Voorhees Township, NJ i work at a carwash and get tips and the dollar was in my tips 1 View Bills
9/20/2018 West Hartford, CT Change from grocery store (Whole Foods). 1
8/11/2018 Scranton, PA Gambling 1
7/30/2018 Carlisle, PA 1
6/7/2018 Philadelphia, PA Mc Donald change 1
6/7/2018 Philadelphia, PA 1
5/12/2018 Maple Shade Township, NJ 1
4/27/2018 Paterson, NJ 1
4/26/2018 Sparta Township, NJ Got this bill from Lakeland Bank on rt. 15 in Sparta when I went in to get cash. 1
3/26/2018 Point Pleasant Beach, NJ Was a tip to me whilst working at Pat's Pizza in Point Pleasant, New Jersey 1
3/25/2018 Middletown, NY Change from the bar 1
3/7/2018 Newark, NJ it was given as change from shopping at bjs. 1
3/2/2018 Short Hills, NJ I bought som skittles 1
3/2/2018 West New York, NJ I brouhgt something and this was my change 1
1/20/2018 Newark, NJ journeys kids 1
1/16/2018 Philadelphia, PA Change at a grocery store. 1
1/14/2018 Trenton, NJ Strip club they were thrown at me and after seeing it, it caught my eye it really did. 1
1/11/2018 Egg Harbor City, NJ I got it as change from a $20 bill at Crown Fried Chicken 1
1/11/2018 Edison, NJ I am a manager at a retail store and I found it counting a drawer one night 1
1/8/2018 Matawan, NJ I bought cigarettes at a convenience store and it was part of my change 1
1/3/2018 Rehoboth Beach, DE ? 1
1/2/2018 Clifton, NJ 1
12/31/2017 Andover, NJ Some asshole used it to buy his sandwich 1
12/26/2017 Sparta Township, NJ paid at work 1
12/25/2017 McMinnville, OR I work at a gas station in Laffayette, Oregon. Received the bill for a purchase of either fuel or merchandise. 1
12/20/2017 bronx, NY somebody give to me 1
12/17/2017 Dover, NJ Barrys 1
12/16/2017 New York, NY 1
12/8/2017 Roxbury Township, NJ Change from breakfast at Bryans 1
12/2/2017 Hockessin, DE Friend saw it and showed it to me. 1
11/30/2017 Ridgewood, NJ Wendy’s 1
11/30/2017 Rockaway, NJ 1
11/30/2017 Newburgh, NY Pizza delivery tip. 1
11/30/2017 Newburgh, NY Pizza delivery 1
11/22/2017 Lafayette Township, NJ Pizza place 1
11/13/2017 Newark, NJ 1
11/9/2017 Branchville, NJ I am a waitress at a local restaurant and received the $1 in my tips. 1
11/3/2017 Dingmans Ferry, PA 1
10/31/2017 Oneonta, NY Found it on my desk in SUNY Oneonta 1
10/30/2017 Dover, NJ 1
10/28/2017 Lafayette Township, NJ Gas station change 1
10/25/2017 Highland Falls, NY 1
10/25/2017 Abington, PA Change from Dunkin\' Donuts 1
10/18/2017 Warwick, NY Winery change 1
10/17/2017 Newton, NJ Bank Withdrawal 1
10/17/2017 Lafayette Township, NJ Change from gas attendent 1