Stamper ID: TYLR

Hometown: Amagansett, NY

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 391

Number of Times Reported: 16

Estimated Impressions: 14,000 times

Number of States Reported In: 7

Stamped in All States Ranking: 228

Why I Stamp:

I found a stamped bill, reported it, and decided to join the movement. I’ve always believed in speaking out against injustice and working toward an ideal world; I’ll do anything I can to help. Our government is not meant to be controlled by private corporations, it was made to be steered by the actual humans that make up the general public, all of us, equally, regardless of individual wealth or class. Thankfully, now, regardless of race or gender as well. Like all good things, these ideals must be vigilantly protected, and it’s a mission that is never complete. Destruction requires only a single act, protection requires endless action.




Hampshire College – Ecology, Chemistry, Philosophy

East Hampton High Shool – Biology, Cooking, Punk Rock

Job / Profession / Work:

Protecting land from abuse by rich people. Spreading knowledge.


Playing music, drums, hiking, learning, science, fiction and fantasy.

What Makes Me Happy:

Water, fire, snow days, sunsets, cats, insects.

Recent Sightings

Stamper: TYLR, Amagansett, NY

Sighted in: Newark, NJ

Date Reported: November 12 at 3:21 pm EST

Possession: Grocery Store Change

Stamper: TYLR, Amagansett, NY

Sighted in: Westhampton Beach, NY

Date Reported: November 9 at 7:22 pm EST

Possession: Received as change from Deli

Stamper: TYLR, Amagansett, NY

Sighted in: Trenton, NJ

Date Reported: August 23 at 2:50 pm EST

Possession: Change from gas station

Stamper: TYLR, Amagansett, NY

Sighted in: East Hampton, NY

Date Reported: August 16 at 12:38 pm EST

Possession: Tip change

Stamper: TYLR, Amagansett, NY

Sighted in: St. Louis, MO

Date Reported: July 7 at 9:10 pm EST

Possession: None

TYLR's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
11/12/2019 Newark, NJ Grocery Store Change 1
11/10/2019 Westhampton Beach, NY Received as change from Deli 1
8/23/2019 Trenton, NJ Change from gas station 1
8/16/2019 East Hampton, NY Tip change 1
7/8/2019 St. Louis, MO None 1
6/20/2019 Hampton Bays, NY I literally found this in my pocket heh 1
6/12/2019 East Hampton, NY 1
5/3/2019 East Hampton, NY Change 1 View Bills
4/28/2019 Brookline, MA 1
4/27/2019 Boone, NC 1
3/22/2019 Monroe, GA Change at a restaurant 1
3/20/2019 Sag Harbor, NY 1
1/6/2019 Cutchogue, NY 1
8/5/2018 Richmond, VA cash tips at work 1
7/26/2018 Richmond, VA He paid for his food at UF. 1