Stamper ID: TCH8

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 35

Number of Times Reported: 249

Estimated Impressions: 217,875 times

Number of States Reported In: 12

Stamped in All States Ranking: 156

Recent Sightings

Stamper: TCH8

Sighted in: Bell Gardens, CA

Date Reported: May 11 at 7:34 pm EST

Stamper: TCH8

Sighted in: El Monte, CA

Date Reported: May 11 at 4:13 pm EST

Stamper: TCH8

Sighted in: Costa Mesa, CA

Date Reported: May 7 at 3:21 pm EST

Possession: store

Stamper: TCH8

Sighted in: Pasadena, CA

Date Reported: May 5 at 11:22 pm EST

Possession: Working at panda express

Stamper: TCH8

Sighted in: Pasadena, CA

Date Reported: May 1 at 12:46 am EST

Possession: i received this bill by shopping at a store

TCH8's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
5/11/2022 Bell Gardens, CA 1 View Bills
5/11/2022 El Monte, CA 1
5/7/2022 Costa Mesa, CA store 1 View Bills
5/6/2022 Pasadena, CA Working at panda express 1
5/1/2022 Pasadena, CA i received this bill by shopping at a store 1 View Bills
4/26/2022 Monrovia, CA Kids Empire Monrovia 1
4/24/2022 Los Angeles, CA I received it as part of tip money at work 1
4/21/2022 Los Angeles, CA I got it from a friend 1
4/20/2022 Azusa, CA I bought something was given it from change . 1 View Bills
4/20/2022 Las Vegas, NV Tip at Mandalay bay casino. 1 View Bills
4/10/2022 Pasadena, CA got change from a farmers market 1 View Bills
4/9/2022 Santa Monica, CA In an ATM 1
4/8/2022 Bell Gardens, CA Store corner of my house 1
4/8/2022 Los Angeles, CA 1
4/4/2022 Long Beach, CA At gas station. 1
4/4/2022 Lancaster, CA got from a bank 1
4/2/2022 Los Angeles, CA Got is as change 1
4/2/2022 Rancho Cucamonga, CA I work at golden spoon frozen yogurt and a customer used it to pay for her yogurt and I instantly saw the writing and read it 1
3/31/2022 Pasadena, CA I found it in a laundry mat 1 View Bills
3/27/2022 Roseville, CA Change for a 100 at a TacoBell 1
3/26/2022 Corona, CA I received it as change 1
3/24/2022 Pasadena, CA Change from a sale of perogi for a Ukraine fundraiser. It also has a stamp on it! Double duty! 1 View Bills
3/20/2022 Laguna Beach, CA in change 1
3/13/2022 Modesto, CA 1 View Bills
3/8/2022 Rio Rancho, NM Working at my store at twisters I noticed the stamp 1 View Bills
3/8/2022 San Dimas, CA At The Derby Room at the Fairplex in Pomona, Ca 1 View Bills
3/7/2022 Irvine, CA ATM 1
2/26/2022 Beaumont, CA A store owner gave it out as change, I cannot remeber what store specifically. 1
2/25/2022 Los Angeles, CA Change after purchasing bread to make it to lunch. 1
2/25/2022 Running Springs, CA HH25 1
2/24/2022 Arcadia, CA 1
2/24/2022 Lake Havasu City, AZ Was given to me as change at a Dunkin’ Donuts 1
2/23/2022 Montrose, CO But a soda and got this this $10.00 back change. 1 View Bills
2/23/2022 San Jose, CA Pan Handling On The Highway Exit 1 View Bills
2/18/2022 Los Angeles, CA 1
2/17/2022 Beaumont, CA From sale of merchandise. 1
2/16/2022 Compton, CA I was at a store, I bought something and received it. 1 View Bills
2/13/2022 Sierra Madre, CA It was at in the register at the bourgeoisie ice cream shop 1 View Bills
2/13/2022 Torrance, CA i got it as change 1 View Bills
2/12/2022 Yucca Valley, CA Change at local Vons market or thrift store 1 View Bills
2/11/2022 Fullerton, CA Store 1
2/8/2022 San Jacinto, CA Given to a postal store 1
2/8/2022 Los Angeles, CA Given as a tip 1
2/6/2022 Hesperia, CA Recycling cans 1
2/4/2022 Hesperia, CA cashier gave me it going to give it back to same cashier 1 View Bills
1/25/2022 Los Angeles, CA Received as change while selling something online. 1
1/24/2022 Pasadena, CA 1
1/21/2022 Altadena, CA On the floor 1 View Bills
1/19/2022 Altadena, CA 1
1/12/2022 Lancaster, CA I got it as change 1
1/11/2022 La Puente, CA I got it from the bank 1
1/3/2022 Yucca Valley, CA I received this bill from money owed to me. 1
12/31/2021 Los Angeles, CA I recieved this bill as change at Sears 2 View Bills
12/26/2021 Pasadena, CA 1
12/15/2021 Laguna Niguel, CA My boyfriend pulled money outta the bank and gave me this bill to go shopping with 1 View Bills
12/10/2021 Yorba Linda, CA bill as change 1
12/10/2021 Santa Clarita, CA 1
12/6/2021 Altadena, CA 1
12/5/2021 Pasadena, CA It was a tip .. 1 View Bills
11/29/2021 Carson, CA Bank 1
11/25/2021 Pasadena, CA I was eating at a Teddys Tacos and got change after purchasing a delicious chicken burrito for 9.50. It was a 5 dollar bill that had the stamp 1 View Bills
11/20/2021 Laguna Beach, CA Givin to me in change. 1 View Bills
11/17/2021 San Bernardino, CA In change at San Manuel/Yaamava Casino 1
11/14/2021 San Tan Valley, AZ Work 1 View Bills
11/14/2021 Anaheim, CA 1
11/14/2021 Palmdale, CA Gas station 1 View Bills
11/12/2021 Los Angeles, CA 1
11/6/2021 Bell Gardens, CA 1
11/4/2021 Los Angeles, CA I received this bill as change while shopping at store 2
11/1/2021 Los Angeles, CA Register 2 View Bills
10/30/2021 Maricopa, AZ I went to either McDonalds or Walmart and got it back in change. 1
10/29/2021 Los Angeles, CA i sold something and they gave it to me 1 View Bills
10/29/2021 Altadena, CA In my change 1
10/21/2021 Pasadena, CA 1
10/18/2021 La Crescenta-Montrose, CA Given as change at Credit Union. 1
10/17/2021 Cambridge, OH Change 1
10/16/2021 West Covina, CA Got it from chase 1
10/11/2021 Los Angeles, CA Change given at a Starbucks 1 View Bills
10/5/2021 Phoenix, AZ change 1
10/5/2021 Palmdale, CA I received a $20 as partial payment for a small job. 1
10/1/2021 Arcadia, CA Got it as a tip at work 1
9/30/2021 Bakersfield, CA Student snack bar change 1 View Bills
9/26/2021 Los Angeles, CA Got for change at a burger stand 1
9/19/2021 Newport Beach, CA place of work 1
9/16/2021 Long Beach, CA Buying chips 1 View Bills
9/8/2021 Pasadena, CA I was in the cash register at my job 1 View Bills
9/8/2021 Camarillo, CA received as change in McDonald's drive-thru 1 View Bills
9/6/2021 Albuquerque, NM 1
9/6/2021 Long Beach, CA I work at a store and found it while I was counting the money 1
9/4/2021 Avalon, CA working 1
8/23/2021 Ontario, CA Given at gas station when fueling up. 1
8/21/2021 Altadena, CA From a food truck 1 View Bills
8/18/2021 Palm Springs, CA I received this bill from a customer 1
8/17/2021 Los Angeles, CA ATM 1
8/10/2021 San Diego, CA Change from buying at a vape store 1
8/8/2021 Corona, CA used to buy some product 1
8/7/2021 Norwalk, CA Starbucks change 1 View Bills
8/4/2021 Hyrum, UT Honestly, I'm not sure how I got it. It was in my wallet. Could've come from the bank, or change from somewhere local. Possibly even Vegas, depending on how long it's been in there. Sorry I'm not more help. 1 View Bills
7/31/2021 Pasadena, CA Change from liquor store 1 View Bills
7/31/2021 Ontario, CA 1
7/28/2021 Porterville, CA 1
7/24/2021 Moreno Valley, CA 1
7/23/2021 Walnut Park, CA Got it from bank 1
7/23/2021 Los Angeles, CA Change received 1
7/18/2021 Sierra Madre, CA it was in my tip jar 2 View Bills
7/12/2021 Los Angeles, CA Chase ATM 1 View Bills
6/19/2021 Hayward, CA Grandma just have it to me 1 View Bills
6/15/2021 Los Angeles, CA Transactions 1 View Bills
6/11/2021 Sierra Madre, CA At a gas station when exchanging money 1
6/10/2021 Bishop, CA I have found this bill by getting change at a gas station in bishop, CA. 1 View Bills
5/26/2021 West Covina, CA Given to me 1 View Bills
5/23/2021 Glendora, CA Received this bill as change from a thrift store 1
5/23/2021 Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Drew money from bank acc 1
5/15/2021 El Monte, CA 1
5/14/2021 Pasadena, CA At work 1 View Bills
5/12/2021 Pasadena, CA 1
5/12/2021 Pasadena, CA 1
5/11/2021 Long Beach, CA Received as change at Mc Donalds 1
5/3/2021 Laguna Hills, CA I received this bill as change while shopping 1
4/16/2021 Los Angeles, CA Just went into my wallet to GIVE someone some money who ask for 5 dollars and I pulled it out. 1 View Bills
4/5/2021 Los Angeles, CA Was buying sum easter candy and igs this was my change lol 1 View Bills
4/4/2021 El Monte, CA Somebody purchase an item off of me with this bill 1
3/20/2021 Riverside, CA 1
3/15/2021 Hawthorne, CA I got it as change and now no place will take it 1 View Bills
3/12/2021 Los Angeles, CA Dan’s super subs when I got cash back . 1
3/8/2021 Los Angeles, CA 1
3/8/2021 Azusa, CA Work in Costco vault 1
2/23/2021 Mendota, CA Work at a retail store, customer handed it to me. Already handed it as change to another customer, though. Excited to know where this bill has been. 1
2/22/2021 Commerce, CA I was giving this bill for change 1 View Bills
2/20/2021 Alhambra, CA I found it working at 7/11 1 View Bills
2/11/2021 San Clemente, CA Got it from 711 2 View Bills
2/11/2021 San Clemente, CA Got it from 7 11 2 View Bills
2/9/2021 Irvine, CA Someone used it to buy Jamba Juice 1
2/2/2021 Thermal, CA I receviwd this bill.ass change 1 View Bills
1/27/2021 Los Angeles, CA 1 View Bills
1/25/2021 Los Angeles, CA I’m a cashier 1 View Bills
1/13/2021 Alhambra, CA At Taco Bell. 1 View Bills
12/31/2020 Pasadena, CA Tip 1 View Bills
12/30/2020 Moreno Valley, CA I found it on the floor in a target 2 View Bills
12/27/2020 Pasadena, CA 1
12/26/2020 Moreno Valley, CA Received it as change back from McDonald’s 2 View Bills
12/24/2020 Los Angeles, CA I received this Bill as chance while shopping 1 View Bills
12/18/2020 Pasadena, CA Remitted for payment 1
12/14/2020 los angeles, CA i received this bill as payment 1
12/12/2020 Fontana, CA Requested money at a store target and dollar tree. Got it from one of those two stores 1
12/5/2020 Santa Ana, CA 1
11/24/2020 Richmond, CA I was buying flautas outside my job . 1
10/8/2020 Covina, CA Customer paid me for a set of LED headlights for his car 1 View Bills
9/30/2020 Carson City, CA 1 View Bills
9/26/2020 Newport Beach, CA I was tipped this bill at a legalc cannabis dispensary 1
9/24/2020 Los Angeles, CA 1
9/24/2020 Los Angeles, CA On the street 1
9/17/2020 Highland, CA I'm embarrassed to say that I have been hanging on to this bill for probably the past six months. Being married with six kids, ranging from 17-2, keeps me on the go. I always put things off, unfortunately. I kept hiding your dollar away from my other cash in my billfold, hoping that I would actually make the time to notify you of it. I almost gave it to one of my sons for hot-lunch money today & finally decided that if I didn't stop everything & inform you now, I would end up accidentally spending it. I think this is a neat movement. In fact, I never knew it was legal to mark cash before this. It appears that it is considered freedom of speech. What you are doing is inspiring, & I would like to start stamping my own bills with inspirational, Christian messages. I'm glad to know that there are still folks left, like us, who love our country & our constitution! Take care & God bless! Thanks for what your team is doing for the land of the free & the home of the brave! 🙂 1
9/14/2020 Anchorage, AK I work at a hotel 1 View Bills
9/9/2020 Escondido, CA I work as a cashier 1
9/6/2020 San Diego, CA It was given to me by a wells fargo atm. 1
8/14/2020 Oakdale, CA At the bank 1
8/4/2020 Santa Paula, CA 1
7/27/2020 Commerce, CA Change given to me 1
7/14/2020 Los Angeles, CA Change given at coffee shop 1
7/6/2020 Los Angeles, CA change from a stand in a mall 1
6/27/2020 Los Angeles, CA 1
5/18/2020 Temple City, CA I got it as change from a store. 2 View Bills
4/19/2020 Fallbrook, CA My brother passed it along 1 View Bills
4/6/2020 Los Angeles, CA Recieving money at western union 1 View Bills
3/29/2020 Los Angeles, CA Homie picked up a sack 1 View Bills
3/26/2020 los angeles, CA Sale 1
3/5/2020 Murrieta, CA it was given to me by a friend who owed me money 1
3/4/2020 Victorville, CA a friend 1
2/29/2020 Los Angeles, CA Given to Supercuts by customer. 1
2/24/2020 Montclair, NJ Gas station in West Covina, Ca 1
2/23/2020 Glendale, CA somebody left it as a tip at my restaurant 1
1/25/2020 Los Angels, CA I got it back in change for paying for a couple drinks at my local coffee shop. 1
1/18/2020 Pasadena, CA pasadena 1 View Bills
1/11/2020 Carlsbad, CA I received as payment for rent from a tenant 1
1/11/2020 Altadena, CA I work as a cashier and somebody pay me this bill for food. 1 View Bills
1/5/2020 South Pasadena, CA I received this bill as change while shopping. 1
1/5/2020 South Pasadena, CA I got this as change 1
12/5/2019 Los Angeles, CA shopping 1
12/5/2019 Los Angeles, CA i bought something at an art fair 1
12/3/2019 Los Angeles, CA Cashed it in for a check. 1
12/3/2019 Los Angeles, CA Es el cambio de un billete de 20 en una liquor de la florence y Figueroa 1 View Bills
11/19/2019 Monrovia, CA 1
11/6/2019 Pasadena, CA Received as change. 1
10/29/2019 Los Angeles, CA Cashier at Walmart 1
10/26/2019 Altadena, CA Given by a friend as reimbursement. 1 View Bills
10/26/2019 Altadena, CA Donation for fundraiser 1
10/26/2019 Altadena, CA Donation made for fundraising 2
10/24/2019 Pasadena, CA I got it at a small cafe as change 1
10/21/2019 Redlands, CA Autozone change tender 1
10/13/2019 Colton, CA I ordered food and got $7 back and from both dollar bills i got this stamped $1 1 View Bills
10/10/2019 West Hollywood, CA Customer paid with it. 1
9/16/2019 Santa Barbara, CA I found it in my bedroom drawer. I have no memory of getting it. It was actually quite a surprise. I was looking for tic tacs. 1
8/11/2019 Corona, CA Work 1
8/9/2019 Covina, CA Change from Starbucks 2
8/9/2019 San Jose, CA Came out of the ATM 1 View Bills
8/5/2019 Pasadena, CA I was given it as a tip for a car wash. 2
7/20/2019 Altadena, CA 1
7/20/2019 Altadena, CA 1 View Bills
7/3/2019 El Centro, CA In change after paying bill at Imperial Valley Mall Denys. 1
6/22/2019 Calexico, CA 1
6/14/2019 Santa Fe Springs, CA Wells Fargo ATM 1
6/3/2019 Long Beach, CA 1
5/25/2019 Bakersfield, CA sold food 1
4/13/2019 Yorba Linda, CA ATM 1
3/25/2019 Altadena, CA A Pilates client bought a roller from my studio and used this bill to pay for it. 1
3/25/2019 Altadena, CA 1
3/16/2019 Long Beach, CA 1
3/15/2019 Whittier, CA Bank 1
3/12/2019 Los Angeles, CA 1
2/22/2019 Santa Cruz, CA change machine 1
2/2/2019 Pasadena, CA 1
1/22/2019 Los Alamitos, CA Liquor store 1
1/5/2019 Los Angeles, CA 1
12/9/2018 Pasadena, CA 1
11/18/2018 Pasadena, CA Don’t remember 1
11/12/2018 Covina, CA A customer bought a marijuana pipe with this that walked into my smoke shop. 1
10/31/2018 Minneapolis, MN Bank 1
10/31/2018 Minneapolis, MN From a bank 1
10/13/2018 Pasadena, CA Change from store 1
10/3/2018 Pasadena, CA Received as payment for a movement class 1
10/3/2018 Pasadena, CA Received as payment for a movement class 1
10/3/2018 Pasadena, CA Received as payment for a movement class 1
10/3/2018 Pasadena, CA Received as payment for a movement class 1
10/3/2018 Pasadena, CA Received as payment for a movement class 1
10/3/2018 Pasadena, CA Received as payment for a movement class 1
9/4/2018 Burbank, CA Tip 1
7/23/2018 Lancaster, CA 1
6/17/2018 Irvine, CA Received as payment for a movement class 1
6/17/2018 Irvine, CA Received as payment for a movement class 1
6/13/2018 Irvine, CA Received as payment for an exercise class 1
6/13/2018 Irvine, CA Received as payment for a movement class. 1
6/11/2018 San Bernardino, CA 1
6/4/2018 Los Angeles, CA 1
4/15/2018 Saint Joseph, MO Friend 1
2/2/2018 Huntsville, AL 1
1/11/2018 Pasadena, CA Received as payment for a movement class. 1
1/11/2018 Pasadena, CA Received as payment for movement class. 1
1/5/2018 Pasadena, CA Received as payment for a movement class. 1
12/26/2017 Altadena, CA Christmas stocking! 1 View Bills