Stamper ID: UNKN

Hometown: Washington, DC

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: Unranked

Number of Times Reported: 5,558

Estimated Impressions: 4,863,250 times

Stamped in All States Ranking: Unranked

Why I Stamp:

Because politicians listen to corporations, billionaires, and special interests, not voters.  And because some voters, especially elderly, disabled, students, minorities, and public transit dependent people are being blocked from voting at all.  We’re stamping to end the influence of big money in politics and to stop the attack on voting rights!

Favorite Stamp(s):

Stamp Money Out of Politics Desk Stamp

Favorite Place to Spend Stamped Money:

Farmer’s Market

Recent Sightings

Stamper: UNKN, Washington, DC

Sighted in: Boston, MA

Date Reported: October 23 at 7:50 pm EST

Possession: I won it in a bet.

Stamper: UNKN, Washington, DC

Sighted in: Gulfport, MS

Date Reported: October 23 at 4:44 am EST

Possession: Store

Stamper: UNKN, Washington, DC

Sighted in: Harrisville, MI

Date Reported: October 20 at 4:32 pm EST

Possession: in my drawers

Stamper: UNKN, Washington, DC

Sighted in: Vernon, CT

Date Reported: October 20 at 1:16 pm EST

Possession: In change received from shopping inStop and Shop

Stamper: UNKN, Washington, DC

Sighted in: Honesdale, PA

Date Reported: October 18 at 3:38 pm EST

Possession: Stan's Restaurant Honesdale, PA

UNKN's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
10/23/2021 Boston, MA I won it in a bet. 1
10/23/2021 Gulfport, MS Store 1
10/20/2021 Harrisville, MI in my drawers 2
10/20/2021 Vernon, CT In change received from shopping inStop and Shop 1
10/18/2021 Honesdale, PA Stan's Restaurant Honesdale, PA 1
10/17/2021 Bozeman, MT 1
10/15/2021 Hayward, WI Change back from a purchase in Hayward, WI 1
10/15/2021 Chicago, IL I received this bill from a pack of 20s I purchased for my teller job at a credit union! 1
10/15/2021 brooklyn, NY 1
10/14/2021 Long Beach, WA Took this in partial payment for electronic repair services. 1 View Bills
10/14/2021 Lake Placid, NY Used to pay for trailhead parking in the Adirondack High Peaks Region 1
10/14/2021 Highland, IN I received this bill as change at a store. 1 View Bills
10/13/2021 Huntington, WV 1
10/13/2021 Newark, DE 1
10/12/2021 Centuria, WI Change from shopping 1
10/12/2021 Phoenix, AZ It was giving to me as change 1
10/10/2021 Minneapolis, MN Reccieved from pulltab gambling booth at a bar. 1
10/10/2021 Manchester, VT 1
10/9/2021 Necedah, WI Change ,from the bar 1
10/9/2021 Ruskin, FL sister paid me back with it, she received it from our father, who i think got it as change shopping 1
10/8/2021 Mattoon, IL I was at a volleyball game and received it as change at the concession stand. 1
10/7/2021 Lubbock, TX Gotnit from store 1
10/7/2021 San Antonio, TX in a parking lot 1
10/7/2021 Confluence, PA Found it money at my job. For our cash drawer. 1
10/5/2021 Richland Center, WI Received it from the bank. 1
10/4/2021 Cincinnati, OH Cashier 1
10/4/2021 Eagle Pass, TX I just found it 1
10/4/2021 Cedar Park, TX 1
10/4/2021 San Francisco, CA Getting dollar bills from an money lender. 1
10/3/2021 Hudson, NC Gave to me as change at store 1 View Bills
10/3/2021 Hendersonville, TN I received this bill as change while shopping. 1
10/3/2021 Springfield, IL Received as change from lunch purchase. 1
10/1/2021 Rockwall, TX Cash register 1 View Bills
10/1/2021 Benton Harbor, MI Giving to me in change 1 View Bills
9/30/2021 South Lake Tahoe, CA Selling cannabis 1
9/30/2021 Mannford, OK 1
9/30/2021 Lantana, FL Cash at the bank 1
9/29/2021 Sioux Falls, SD Was used to buy a car wash 1 View Bills
9/26/2021 Queens, NY I received the bill as change while getting food from the halal food court down the block 1 View Bills
9/26/2021 Allentown, PA work 1
9/26/2021 New Hyde Park, NY I received this bill as a tip whilst working as a server. 1
9/24/2021 Dundee, MI I got it as change from store. 1 View Bills
9/22/2021 San Jose, CA Cashing out register at work 1
9/22/2021 Oakland, CA They gave it to me in exchange when I bought in a market 1 View Bills
9/20/2021 Reno, NV 1
9/20/2021 Fredericksburg, VA Was given to me by someone that owed me money 1
9/19/2021 Lake City, MN I got it as chance at gas station 1
9/19/2021 Pierre, SD I bought something from Walmart and got it as change 1
9/18/2021 Lewes, DE Cash back from a refund 1
9/17/2021 Casa Grande, AZ I got this bill from a grocery store it could be okay I was just curious wondering if it was fake or if it was real I don't know where the code is 4 digit 1
9/15/2021 Albuquerque, NM Received this while shopping 1
9/13/2021 Sandoval, IL I received this bill from the bank. 1
9/13/2021 Rochester, MN Unsure 1
9/13/2021 East Lansing, MI I got the bill as a tip "Corporations are NOT people" 1
9/12/2021 Hatfield, PA Cashier 2 View Bills
9/12/2021 Perris, CA At work 1 View Bills
9/10/2021 Fargo, ND Got it in change. Got 2 in change while shopping! 1
9/10/2021 Orlando, FL CVS Safe 1
9/8/2021 Golovin, AK Received bill as change while shopping 1
9/8/2021 Ship Bottom, NJ tip jar at work 1
9/7/2021 Waycross, GA Bank gave to me. 1 View Bills
9/7/2021 Coventry, CT i found it on the side of the road while out on a 2 am panic attack walk 1
9/7/2021 Nashua, NH 1
9/7/2021 Minden, LA 1
9/5/2021 Oxnard, CA In change 1 View Bills
9/5/2021 Jacksonville, AL Cashier 1
9/5/2021 Trevor, WI Dollar general cash office 1
9/4/2021 Concord, CA I am working in the liquor store so I get from customer. 1 View Bills
9/3/2021 Maricopa, AZ Got it from a Jersey mikes restaurant in Maricopa AZ 1 View Bills
9/3/2021 Jamestown, NY working at CU 1
9/2/2021 Atlanta, GA At our business - cash tendered for products sold. 1 View Bills
8/31/2021 Cumberland, MD 1
8/31/2021 Marshall, IN Received it in change 1
8/30/2021 Chicago, IL Received it as change from a Subway shop. 1 View Bills
8/30/2021 Granville, NY 1
8/30/2021 Waterville, ME In my tip money 1 View Bills
8/30/2021 Patterson, CA 1
8/27/2021 Kennewick, WA 1
8/27/2021 San Antonio, TX I have a business and a costumer paid with this bill 1
8/27/2021 Vancouver, WA Got it in my change, never stop reporting! 2
8/24/2021 Alexandria, VA From 7/11 store 1 View Bills
8/24/2021 Roseburg, OR Change back from a purchase 1
8/24/2021 Durham, NC At Farmers Market 1
8/21/2021 Chapin, SC 1
8/21/2021 Edgewood, PA Got in an ATM from a GetGo 1
8/19/2021 Brigantine, NJ 1
8/18/2021 Mansfield, CT Got it as a tip at subway 1
8/18/2021 Lancaster, CA Working someone handed me some tip money for cutting hair 1 View Bills
8/17/2021 Riverside, CA Bank of America atm near usc on figueroa. In may2021 1 View Bills
8/16/2021 Centralia, IL I got it as change at the Springfield Illinois fair. 1
8/15/2021 San Rafael, CA I got it as change at Sprouts. 1
8/15/2021 Metairie, LA 1
8/15/2021 Mooresville, NC 1
8/14/2021 Canton, OH 1
8/14/2021 Sullivan, MO change from McDonalds 1
8/14/2021 Los Angeles, CA Someone paid their restaurant check with it 1
8/14/2021 San Diego, CA 1 View Bills
8/10/2021 Cusick, WA 1
8/10/2021 Harrison, AR 1
8/10/2021 Yuma, AZ Found Bill and given to me from ATM Chase Bank 1
8/9/2021 Dover, NH I received this bill as change while shopping shaws dover nh 1
8/9/2021 San Francisco, CA En billete 1
8/9/2021 Redmond, OR Got in return as change from a local gas station 1
8/9/2021 Springfield, IL Tip jar at workplace 1 View Bills
8/8/2021 Minneapolis, MN 1 View Bills
8/8/2021 Woodlyn, PA ATM 1
8/8/2021 Phoenix, AZ I'm not sure where I got the bill, but I will be returning to Louisiana tomorrow where I will release it into the wild. 1 View Bills
8/8/2021 Lexington, KY Change at the grocery store 1
8/7/2021 Richland, WA 1
8/7/2021 South Portland, ME I got it at the carwash in South Portland Maine 1
8/7/2021 Lake City, FL 1
8/3/2021 Auburn, AL I received the bill as change when I exchanged coins. 1
8/3/2021 Auburn, AL Found at work in our cash box 1
8/2/2021 Indio, CA Bank 1
8/2/2021 Hillsboro, OR 1
8/1/2021 Phoenix, AZ 1
8/1/2021 Spooner, WI 1
7/31/2021 Orlando, FL I got it as a tip. 1
7/28/2021 Osage, IA Change while shopping at gas station 1 View Bills
7/28/2021 Mount Pleasant, NC Purchased 1 View Bills
7/28/2021 Mount Pleasant, NC Purchased 1 View Bills
7/28/2021 Pueblo, CO Given as a tip to a server at Crackerbarrel 1
7/27/2021 Plainville, GA It was received from a local convenient store , getting my change back. 1
7/27/2021 Kailua-Kona, HI In change at a farmers market 1
7/27/2021 Jacksonville, FL Work 1
7/26/2021 Port Angeles, WA 1
7/26/2021 Port Angeles, WA 1
7/26/2021 Port Angeles, WA 1
7/26/2021 Hopewell Junction, NY Change from grocery store 1
7/25/2021 Milwaukee, WI I was taking my daily walk, then I see you on the floor. 3 View Bills
7/25/2021 Milwaukee, WI I was taking my daily walk, than I seen it on the floor. 3 View Bills
7/25/2021 Milwaukee, WI Mom give it to us 3 View Bills
7/25/2021 Nashville, TN Gifted as a tip 1
7/22/2021 Kansas City, MO I received this bill from the bank 1
7/22/2021 Parkston, SD I cashed at my local bank and got this bill. 1
7/22/2021 Rantoul, IL From dollar general 1
7/21/2021 Redmond, WA 1
7/20/2021 Auburn, ME Shopping 1
7/20/2021 Tumwater, WA 1
7/20/2021 Minneapolis, MN 1
7/19/2021 Sugar Grove, IL I work at Walgreens and some kid paid for his tea with it lol 1
7/18/2021 Putnam, CT i revived it as change after buying a coffee 1
7/18/2021 Kennesaw, GA My tips from my pizza delivery job 1
7/17/2021 Kennewick, WA I received this bill as change from a store 1 View Bills
7/14/2021 Mullica Hill, NJ Change in a hair salon 1
7/14/2021 Medford, OR 1
7/11/2021 Danbury, CT I received this as change while purchasing a snow cone at the fair. 2
7/10/2021 Isleton, CA From a credit union in Seaside, CA 1
7/9/2021 Waterloo, WI Hot in change...wiped my ass with it. 1
7/9/2021 Clarence, NY 1
7/9/2021 Robesonia, PA Received in a stack of ones from Fulton Bank in Womelsdorf will add my stamp before I spend it 1
7/9/2021 Bend, OR It was given in change at a Sonic drive/in restaurant. The digit portion of the stamp was unreadable. 1
7/7/2021 Apopka, FL Change from a grocery store. 1
7/7/2021 Henderson, CO 1
7/7/2021 Algonquin, IL I received this bill as change while shopping. I’ve had the bill for awhile before I noticed the stamp. 1
7/7/2021 Mesa, AZ In a tip jar. 1
7/6/2021 Acworth, GA 1
7/5/2021 Crystal Lake, IL Local 4th of July festival 1
7/4/2021 El Cajon, CA Received bill as change at Home Depot 1 View Bills
7/3/2021 Paterson, NJ Its great idea for let know the U.S dollar is not to joke 1
7/2/2021 Cleveland, OH 1
7/1/2021 Woodland Park, NJ I received it as a gift for my birthday 1 View Bills
6/30/2021 Sanford, ME Cashier 1
6/30/2021 St. Louis, MO Change 1
6/30/2021 Dunedin, FL Change from purchase. 1
6/29/2021 Washington, PA I was gifted this $20 bill as a bday present. 1
6/27/2021 Woodstock, IL Was given to me as change from restaurant. 1
6/26/2021 winthrop, NY paid to are store 1
6/26/2021 Chicago, IL I was at a bar. 1 View Bills
6/25/2021 Senatobia, MS gas station 2
6/25/2021 Henderson, NV Change from a prostitute. 1
6/24/2021 Cerritos, CA My wallet 1
6/24/2021 Stockton, CA Got it with couple change in the store. 2
6/24/2021 Batesville, IN I was paid for hairstyling services 1
6/23/2021 Komatke, AZ Little trip to Vee Quiva Casino on Gila River was my change, wondering if anyone else did this before it got there before I got the bill. 1
6/22/2021 Crescent City, CA 1
6/22/2021 Ontario, CA 1
6/22/2021 Encinitas, CA 1
6/21/2021 BRONX, NY when I got my chance I saw it 1 View Bills
6/21/2021 New Port Richey, FL 1
6/20/2021 Indianapolis, IN 1
6/18/2021 Fountain Valley, CA 1
6/18/2021 Albuquerque, NM I got when the cashier gave me change at a local Chinese restaurant. 1 View Bills
6/18/2021 Modesto, CA I received this bill as change at the Modesto Certified Farmers' Market. 1 View Bills
6/18/2021 East Peoria, IL My coworker was tipped the bill at work. 1
6/15/2021 Hyde Park, NY 1
6/14/2021 Copiague, NY I received this bill as change At grocery store 1
6/13/2021 Brookfield, VT Received as change while shopping either in Randolph or South Burlington, VT 1
6/13/2021 Manteca, CA It was given as a tip to a server at Red Robin in Manteca. Then it was given to Stockton and given to me, 1
6/12/2021 Brattleboro, VT I think it was part of my change at the hardware store. 1
6/11/2021 Fitchburg, MA Change from connivence store 1
6/10/2021 Woodbridge, CA Work 1
6/10/2021 Jacksonville, FL Gas station 1
6/10/2021 Cicero, NY Received this $50 as part of a register till audit 1 View Bills
6/10/2021 Tenafly, NJ On a bus 2
6/9/2021 Tenafly, NJ I received it as change from the NJ transit bus driver. 2
6/8/2021 Southbury, CT cleaning out a house 1
6/8/2021 Olympia, WA got the bill from bank america when i pull money out of my account 1
6/7/2021 San Anselmo, CA 1
6/4/2021 Six Lakes, MI Shopping, received in returned cash 1
6/4/2021 Bronx, NY Received 1
6/4/2021 Elko, NV It came out of a cash reserve 1 View Bills
6/4/2021 Idaho Falls, ID Received it as a tip bartending 1 View Bills
6/4/2021 Hartford, CT It was gave to me 1 View Bills
6/3/2021 Burgaw, NC Received the bill in the grocery store 1 View Bills
6/2/2021 Jackson, AL At sonic 1
6/1/2021 Hayward, CA I got this bill as change when I went to 711 in Hayward 1
6/1/2021 Ravenswood, WV Got as change at McDonalds. 1
5/31/2021 Cumming, GA found in till after closing 1
5/31/2021 Baltimore, MD AS CHANGE FROM THE LIQUOR STORE. 1 View Bills
5/31/2021 Portola Valley, CA I got it from a sale at my shop 1
5/31/2021 Lansing, MI 1
5/30/2021 Logansport, IN Got it in change 1 View Bills
5/30/2021 Diamond, IL Customer spent it at Sunshine Garden Center. 1
5/30/2021 Granville, OH Received as cash back at local store 1
5/30/2021 Brewster, MA At the General Store on the campgrounds of Nickerson 1
5/29/2021 Des Moines, IA I received it mixed in with other tip money. 1
5/28/2021 Chandler, AZ Dollar tree 1 View Bills
5/27/2021 Alma, MI From the Mercantile Bank Alma MI 1
5/27/2021 Conway, AR Received from a Kum n Go gas station 1
5/23/2021 Livermore, CA On the ground deliberately places to catch attention 1
5/22/2021 Hertford, NC I bought a cookie 1
5/20/2021 Jacksonville, FL 1 View Bills
5/20/2021 Roseburg, OR Atm machine 2 View Bills
5/19/2021 Ithaca, NY 1
5/19/2021 Miami, FL I got this from the Corner store while shopping 1 View Bills
5/19/2021 Apple Valley, CA Received as change 1
5/18/2021 Prescott, MI 1
5/18/2021 Schellsburg, PA Received while shopping 1 View Bills
5/18/2021 Napa, CA 1
5/17/2021 Danville, CA 1
5/17/2021 Springfield, MA It was used at a gas station. 1
5/17/2021 Valparaiso, IN it was in my change at a gas station 1
5/15/2021 St. Louis, MO It was Givin to me 1
5/15/2021 Marion, IN 1
5/14/2021 Maricopa, AZ I had it for a while and didn’t realize it had the stamp 1 View Bills
5/13/2021 Graceville, FL I was given the bill by a graceville bingo hall 1 View Bills
5/13/2021 Des Moines, IA 1
5/13/2021 Columbia Heights, MN 1
5/13/2021 St. Louis, MO 1
5/13/2021 Pittsburg, CA I received this bill while working 1
5/12/2021 San Francisco, CA Change in sf 1
5/11/2021 Omak, WA 1
5/11/2021 Ventura, CA I went to cash my paycheck at my local liquor store and received a bill with the stamp. 1
5/9/2021 Marysville, OH received at garage sale 1
5/9/2021 Milwaukee, WI Casino in Milwaukee, WI. It was given to me as change. 1
5/7/2021 New Hartford, NY I received it as change from a convenience store 1
5/6/2021 Mesa, AZ change at casino 1
5/5/2021 Kings Park, NY ATM 1
5/5/2021 Daytona Beach, FL 1
5/5/2021 Hemet, CA As change. (debit cards are replacing cash and checks.) Wouldn't web ads be an option? 1
5/3/2021 Lyndon, VT Received this bill as change. 1
5/2/2021 Portland, ME Rcvd. with other $2 bills from my bank on 4/30/2021. 1 View Bills
4/29/2021 Milton, MA I was paid with this bill. 1 View Bills
4/28/2021 Madison, WI Not sure, it was in my pocket. 1
4/28/2021 Deerfield Beach, FL Mini market 1 View Bills
4/27/2021 Hodgkins, IL 1
4/25/2021 Bay Shore, NY I received this bill as change while shopping for gas at station in Long Island 1 View Bills
4/25/2021 Bow, WA I won 40$ off of 5$ freeplay at the Skagit Casino. One of the bills was stamped. I found the webpage and did the steps. Have good day 1 View Bills
4/23/2021 Stockton, CA My husband brought it to me. He thought it was a Where's George bill. 1
4/23/2021 Medford, WI change given at arbys 1
4/19/2021 Hanford, CA It’s a stamp of m the bill THATS says stamp of politics 1 View Bills
4/19/2021 College park, GA At the bank in Atlanta ga while cashing a check 1
4/17/2021 Rockford, IL I was gettin' smore glizzies at dollar general and this was my change 1 View Bills
4/14/2021 Franklin, TN Carhop tip at a Sonic Drive In 1
4/13/2021 Stockton, CA Came into my place of employment 1
4/11/2021 Aberdeen, SD I got it from my mom for my birthday 1 View Bills
4/10/2021 Paducah, KY Domino's pizza 1
4/10/2021 Tampa, FL I was at school in Tampa, Florida. I’m in the culinary program where we sell lunch to the teachers, and I noticed one of the bills had your stamp on it! Thought it was cool, so I snapped a pic. 1
4/9/2021 Fremont, CA I received it as change. 1
4/9/2021 White Lake charter Township, MI Was organizing my money and saw the stamp, and looked it up on google. 1 View Bills
4/8/2021 Houston, TX hobby lobby 1
4/8/2021 Laughlin, NV Was giving as a tip 1
4/5/2021 Catskill, NY 1 View Bills
4/4/2021 Ontario, CA Got it for Easter 1
4/3/2021 Pacifica, CA 1
4/3/2021 Chandler, AZ Received it back as change from a Walmart Store 1
4/3/2021 Chicago, IL Customer paid with $5 dollar bill 1
4/2/2021 Elmhurst, NY I received this bill when I withdraw money from the ATM 1
4/1/2021 Tucson, AZ Maru Japanese Noodle Shop 1
4/1/2021 Midland, TX i got change back from ordering a pizza 1
3/31/2021 Naples, FL 1
3/30/2021 Paul, ID Bank withdrawal 1
3/30/2021 Portland, ME 1
3/27/2021 Dexter, MO arbys drive through change lol 1
3/23/2021 Mount Vernon, VA received as payment at work 1
3/23/2021 Eugene, OR 1
3/23/2021 Goodyear, AZ 1
3/23/2021 Salem, OR 1
3/22/2021 Berwick, PA Change from shopping at Cumbies. 1
3/21/2021 Bennett, CO 1
3/19/2021 Phoenix, AZ Como cambio mientras compraba 1 View Bills
3/18/2021 Phoenix, AZ 1
3/18/2021 Willmar, MN Received for change at a store 1
3/18/2021 Port Angeles, WA Shopping Change from McDonalds 1
3/18/2021 Burlington, WA I got it as change for a purchase 1 View Bills
3/17/2021 Lebanon, TN Walmart 2 View Bills
3/15/2021 Omaha, AR My wife earned it and It was change left from paying for a water system on our house.. 1
3/14/2021 Anchorage, AK received as a payment at work 1
3/14/2021 Rockport, IN I bout a drink and received I bill being traced for currency tracking study 1 View Bills
3/12/2021 Wisconsin Rapids, WI My step sister has it 1 View Bills
3/12/2021 Park Falls, WI Doing the banking 1
3/12/2021 Palm Harbor, FL Change for a purchase 1
3/11/2021 Ridgewood, NY On The street 1 View Bills
3/9/2021 Evansville, IN Change at conoco 2
3/9/2021 Lukachukai, AZ Most likely we got it from change we got back. Don’t know how long we had it but today I decided to empty my daughters piggy bank to make room because it was full. 2
3/7/2021 Faribault, MN 1
3/7/2021 Carson, CA 1
3/7/2021 Racine, WI change while shopping 1 View Bills
3/6/2021 Gillette, WY At the Gillette Gun Club Office. 1
3/5/2021 Hollywood, MD Got it with change 2
3/4/2021 Tempe, AZ Vending machine 1 View Bills
3/2/2021 Glen Burnie, MD Received this bill in change at grocery store 1
2/28/2021 Attica, NY Got it back from McDonald's 1
2/28/2021 Monterey, CA Was working the register at work and received the bill from a paying customer. 1
2/26/2021 Portland, OR I received this bill as payment. 1
2/22/2021 Metairie, LA from a restaurant 1
2/22/2021 Gresham, OR Received bill in change while shopping 1
2/21/2021 San Francisco, CA I got it as change from the corner store 1 View Bills
2/20/2021 Delray Beach, FL I'm a closing manager for AutoZone & i was auditing commercial drawer & watching nasa land on Mars video & i spotted the bill. 8:26 pm 2/19/21 1 View Bills
2/19/2021 Saratoga Springs, NY I work as a cashier 1
2/19/2021 Madison, WI From the bank 1
2/19/2021 Alamosa, CO Got as change at big r 1
2/18/2021 Ferndale, WA Shopping 2
2/17/2021 Stowe, VT received bill from local bank 1
2/17/2021 Lake in the Hills, IL My friend asked me what it was but I searched it up and here I am... 1 View Bills
2/15/2021 Norfolk, VA 1
2/15/2021 Santa Maria, CA I received this bill as change. 1 View Bills
2/12/2021 Northfield, MN Atm 1
2/12/2021 Valley Springs, CA Mobil gas station, I’m a cashier:) 1 View Bills
2/12/2021 Rohnert Park, CA It was change at a coffee shop. 1
2/11/2021 Honolulu, HI I got this bill from a friend who owed me some money. 1
2/10/2021 Cincinnati, OH 1
2/10/2021 Windsor, VT I received a $1 bill in change at the grocery store with the stamp on it! 1
2/10/2021 Bridgewater, VT At a store 1 View Bills
2/9/2021 Los Angeles, CA got back in change at a 7/11 1 View Bills
2/9/2021 Rockford, MI Change 1
2/9/2021 Leavenworth, KS It was given to me from my grandmother 1
2/9/2021 Fritch, TX Found as change 1
2/8/2021 East Stroudsburg, PA Took money of out the Bank 1
2/8/2021 Wilmington, NC it was given to me in a card 1
2/7/2021 Millbury, MA Took as payment for veterinary services 1
2/7/2021 Evansville, IN Work at a grocery store 1
2/5/2021 Boise, ID Bank 1
2/5/2021 Oklahoma City, OK 1
2/4/2021 Sioux City, IA Bar I work at. 1 View Bills
2/3/2021 Springville, NY Going to shopping for food 1
2/3/2021 Waterloo, WI 1
2/2/2021 Tucson, AZ I don’t know I just found it in my money 2 View Bills
2/2/2021 Hubert, NC 1
2/1/2021 Los Angeles, CA On my tips 1 View Bills
2/1/2021 Alderton, WA I received bill as change while shopping. 1 View Bills
1/31/2021 Philadelphia, PA Cashier 1
1/30/2021 Newbern, TN It was in the parking lot at work. 1
1/30/2021 Rogers, AR Change at McDonald’s 1
1/30/2021 Overland Park, KS Recieved in change at auto parts store 1
1/29/2021 Auburn, WA Found on the ground 1
1/29/2021 Jersey City, NJ 1
1/29/2021 Robesonia, PA Received in a Strap of 50 ones from Fulton Bank in Womelsdorf this bill will be registered with as I am an active Georger. 1
1/27/2021 Lawrence, KS 1
1/25/2021 Madera, CA Received bill as change. 1
1/23/2021 Fort Smith, AR Someone gave me the dollar 1 View Bills
1/22/2021 Culloden, GA The bill has several makings on it. It's a $10.00 bill. This reminds me of Where's George of which I am a participant of. Picked this bill up from a Circle K Convenients Store. 1
1/21/2021 Troy, NY rec'd as change in supermarket 1
1/21/2021 Eureka, CA I found a stack of 20 dollars under my bed. 1
1/21/2021 Rockwell, NC Recieved bill in a private sale 1
1/20/2021 Saint Francisville, LA 1
1/19/2021 BRONX, NY Found it at a liquor store in the East Bronx. 2 View Bills
1/19/2021 Craig, AK Received as change. 1
1/19/2021 Thayer, MO 1
1/18/2021 Flagstaff, AZ Received from Chase Bank ATM. 1
1/18/2021 Fresno, CA Change while shopping 1
1/18/2021 Seattle, WA It was a tip. I'm a waiter. 1
1/15/2021 Mabank, TX 1
1/14/2021 Fishers, IN 1
1/14/2021 Saint Francisville, LA 1
1/12/2021 Paramount, CA Buying tacos 1 View Bills
1/12/2021 Harriman, TN 3
1/12/2021 Harriman, TN I'm a cashier in a very small town 3 View Bills
1/12/2021 Harriman, TN I'm a cashier at a gas station a very small town 3 View Bills
1/10/2021 Lincoln, NE Scooters drive thru 1 View Bills
1/8/2021 Safford, AZ I received it while getting change at a gas station. 1 View Bills
1/7/2021 Los Lunas, NM as change from gas station 1
1/7/2021 Roanoke, VA I received this bill as change while shopping. 1
1/6/2021 Avalon, NJ change from a Wawa in Avalon. 1
1/6/2021 South Pasadena, CA I received this bill from Chase bank in South Pasadena, CA. The bill is in good worn condition. Safe travels George! 1
1/5/2021 Comstock, NY Received as change 1 View Bills
1/4/2021 Wappingers, NY 1 View Bills
1/2/2021 Brunswick, GA Gas station 1
1/2/2021 Arlington, VA Not sure 1
1/1/2021 Beaver Dam, WI Tavern 1
12/31/2020 Charlotte Hall, MD tip from a customer 1 View Bills
12/31/2020 Salt Lake City, UT 1 View Bills
12/31/2020 Franklin, TN 1
12/31/2020 Detroit, MI I got broke a ten dollar bill at Family Dollar. 1
12/31/2020 DeKalb, IL I got it from the cash register it Walmart 1 View Bills
12/30/2020 Federal Way, WA I received the bill as change while shopping 1 View Bills
12/30/2020 Elkton, MD Change while shopping 1
12/30/2020 Riverside, CA the cashier gave it to me stater brothers 1
12/30/2020 West Saint Paul, MN 1
12/29/2020 Hereford, AZ 1
12/29/2020 Arcadia, CA Came from a Bank of America atm. 1 View Bills
12/28/2020 Lancaster, PA Got it in change at a Weis market 1
12/28/2020 Fort Pierce, FL was given to our business 1
12/28/2020 Eureka, CA I got it at work for tips. I do Where's George so I pay attention to bills. 1
12/27/2020 Shelton, WA Recieved as payment for legal marijuana in Washington state (: 1
12/26/2020 Chino Valley, AZ Tip as a waitress 1
12/24/2020 Mathis, TX I found it while at work; I work at McDonald’s. 1
12/24/2020 Sacramento, CA Im not sure where I received it but it ended up in my pocket at the end of the day.. Let me add this is my 5th one i have found But only the second that i've reported back on,thank you. 1
12/23/2020 Greenville, SC 1 View Bills
12/22/2020 Los Angeles, CA 1 View Bills
12/21/2020 Webster, WI I received this bill as change while shopping. 1
12/19/2020 Swedesboro, NJ Counting my drawer 1
12/19/2020 Apache Junction, AZ 1
12/19/2020 Bell, FL Atm 1
12/18/2020 Wilkes-Barre, PA Received as change at the Grocery store. 1
12/16/2020 Park Ridge, IL i work as a cashier at a grocery store and it was in my till 1
12/13/2020 Scottsdale, AZ I received this bill as a change 1
12/13/2020 Nogales, AZ En Mexico en tienda 1 View Bills
12/12/2020 Las Vegas, NV Was given it as change from McDonald's this evening 1 View Bills
12/11/2020 Winder, GA FROM A GAS STATION 1
12/10/2020 Maumee, OH checking in history 2
12/9/2020 Yelm, WA I received this bill as change at a coffee shop. 1
12/7/2020 Mesa, AZ I got 2$ cash back 1 View Bills
12/7/2020 Lake City, FL got it in chang 2
12/6/2020 Isanti, MN Found in isanti, MN 1
12/5/2020 San Diego, CA Shopping 1
12/5/2020 Tewksbury, MA The tooth fairy gave it to me. 1
12/4/2020 Port Angeles, WA Received in change from barbershop 1 View Bills
12/4/2020 Ironwood, MI Got as change from the Brite Spot in Hurley, WI on my birthday 12-03-1978. 2
12/4/2020 Ironwood, MI Got as change at the Brite Spot Bar, Hurley, WI. on my birthday, 12-03-1978 2
12/3/2020 Fort Lauderdale, FL Werk. 1
12/2/2020 Stockton, CA From grocery store from cashier. 1
12/2/2020 Muskegon, MI 1
12/1/2020 Brooklyn, NY In my poket 1 View Bills
11/30/2020 Salina, KS Got as change. 1
11/30/2020 Malta, NY Change from McDonald's. 1 View Bills
11/29/2020 Gaithersburg, MD It was just in a jar in my house 1 View Bills
11/27/2020 Fresno, CA At red carpet on blackstone 1 View Bills
11/26/2020 Marysville, WA Just got it out of the bank 1
11/24/2020 Princeton, NJ change from whle earth cnet 2
11/24/2020 Port Angeles, WA received as change while shopping 1 View Bills
11/23/2020 Menasha, WI Change from a gas station! 1
11/23/2020 Lino Lakes, MN Gas station 1
11/23/2020 Phoenix, AZ Idk 1
11/22/2020 Kailua-Kona, HI In an old card I got from my grandma for my 13th birthday. 1
11/22/2020 Portland, OR 1
11/21/2020 Maumee, OH in bank strap, searching for other hobby 2
11/20/2020 Princeton, NJ change from whole earth center 2
11/20/2020 Auburn, NY It was in a meeting for Alcoholics it was put in the donation basket 1
11/19/2020 Asherton, TX Got this bill as my change back from subway ! 1 View Bills
11/18/2020 Lindale, TX Change at store 2
11/17/2020 Brentwood, CA A customer tip 1
11/16/2020 Charlotte, NC Gas station 1 View Bills
11/16/2020 Yonkers, NY yes 1
11/15/2020 Hampton, GA received this bill from spouse 1
11/14/2020 Winnebago, MN At a Store 1
11/12/2020 Searcy, AR Came from change having ate at restaurant. 1
11/11/2020 Corry, PA 1 View Bills
11/11/2020 Wethersfield, CT in change 1
11/8/2020 Porter, TX 1
11/8/2020 Jordan, MN Taco bell 1
11/8/2020 Sacramento, CA I recieved it as change. It's been residing in my piggy bank for a little over a year 1
11/8/2020 Renton, WA Got it in change from a convenient store 1
11/7/2020 San Diego, CA My mom gave me gas money 1 View Bills
11/7/2020 Parker, TX Got it in some change from eating at a fast food place. 1 View Bills
11/7/2020 South Orange, NJ Had it for at least 12 years. Just learned it is being tracked. 1
11/7/2020 Salem, OR change @ Kopy Kats store in West Salem 2
11/5/2020 Elkhart, IN My girlfriend was about to use it and I thought it looked cool so I traded her the bill and I've had it since. 1 View Bills
11/5/2020 Union City, CA 1
11/5/2020 Fresno, CA Change at a grocery store 1 View Bills
11/5/2020 McKinleyville, CA i received this bill while working. 1
11/4/2020 Gainesville, GA I received this bill at work as a cashier. Someone handed it to me and it was folded up. I opened it up and it had the stamp on it 1
11/4/2020 Rochester, NY Local store 1
11/3/2020 Pagosa Springs, CO It was gave to me at Subway 1 View Bills
11/2/2020 Federal Way, WA Change while shopping 1
11/2/2020 Bayfield, WI Received the bill in change at an apple orchard in Bayfield, WI 1
10/31/2020 Boston, MA 1
10/30/2020 Statesville, NC 1
10/30/2020 Cedar Falls, IA In change 1
10/30/2020 Concord, CA in change 1
10/29/2020 Boone, NC I received this bill as change when getting takeout at River Ale House in Boone, NC. 2 View Bills
10/29/2020 Lake Dallas, TX Found in a strippers ass 1
10/27/2020 Grass Valley, CA Got the bill from Little Ceasers 1
10/27/2020 Nashville, TN Received it for change. 1 View Bills
10/27/2020 Greenville, SC 1
10/26/2020 San Diego, CA Gas station change 1
10/25/2020 Louisville, KY Gas station 1 View Bills
10/25/2020 Englewood, FL change from a twenty 1
10/25/2020 East Northport, NY Ferret ripped it out of a customer’s hand at work lmao 1
10/23/2020 Heber City, UT gas station clerk handed it to me 1 View Bills
10/22/2020 Chippewa Falls, WI At a bar 1
10/21/2020 Portland, OR I recieved the bill as change while shopping at fred meyer. 1 View Bills
10/21/2020 Hull, MA as change when shopping 1
10/21/2020 Lexington, KY From the store 1
10/20/2020 DeWitt, AR 1
10/20/2020 Lewisville, TX Counting money are work. 1 View Bills
10/19/2020 Flint, MI Store 1 View Bills
10/19/2020 Oak Hill, WV Change 1
10/18/2020 West Babylon, NY I got it from an atm cash withdrawal at my bank. 1 View Bills
10/18/2020 Frederic, WI While I was shopping 1
10/18/2020 Frederic, WI Change back 1 View Bills
10/17/2020 Massillon, OH 1
10/16/2020 Tumwater, WA 1
10/16/2020 Two Rivers, WI I received this bill as change while shopping a few years ago. 1
10/16/2020 Plattsburgh, NY Got as change when shopping 1
10/14/2020 McKinney, TX 1
10/14/2020 Costa Mesa, CA It was received as change from the bank 1
10/13/2020 Benicia, CA Got it as a tip on my pizza delivery route. 1
10/11/2020 West Caldwell, NJ In my tip jar at playa bowls 1
10/11/2020 Newark, DE Received bill as change while shopping at The Home Depot in Newark, DE. 1
10/11/2020 Burlington, VT Received from a customer during purchase at store I work at. 1
10/11/2020 Worcester, MA change from buying something. 1
10/10/2020 Sparta, TN 1
10/10/2020 Glen Ellen, CA I work at a grocery store. 1
10/9/2020 Phoenix, AZ Through the bank 1 View Bills
10/9/2020 Los Angeles, CA My dad gave me the dollar bill to buy something until I read it. 1
10/9/2020 Washington, WA 1
10/7/2020 Champaign, IL I received this bill as change while shopping. 2
10/7/2020 East Hanover, NJ I'm a cashier and it was in the register. 1
10/6/2020 Gadsden, AL received this bill as change 1
10/6/2020 Denver, CO Taco Bell 1
10/6/2020 Tracy, CA I sold a laptop on Offer Up, and I didnt see the money fully but saw 5 $20 dollar bills. 1 View Bills
10/5/2020 San Jose, CA Someone give me a few dollars as tips for my job 1
10/3/2020 Freeport, NY Well i just get pay and i was counting it i saw it 1
10/3/2020 Worcester, MA Someone bought cannabis with this bill at Diem Dispensary in Worcester MA 1
10/2/2020 Sacramento, CA A friend paid me $20 she owed. She works in Grass Valley, CA. 1
10/1/2020 Berlin, CT 1
10/1/2020 Middleburg, FL Change while shopping 1 View Bills
9/30/2020 Dania Beach, FL Change from a restaurant 1
9/30/2020 Atlanta, GA Found in cash drawer as a cashier 1
9/28/2020 Ventura, CA Got it back as change in a store near by. 1 View Bills
9/27/2020 Ballston Spa, NY In change from a thrift store. 1
9/27/2020 Princeton, WV 1
9/26/2020 Edwardsville, IL Got this as a tip at work 1
9/26/2020 Rockford, IL I recieved the bill from McDonald's 1
9/26/2020 Cranston, RI Change 1
9/26/2020 Glendale, AZ I went to a store and got change for five bill and found this bill 2
9/26/2020 lincoln, NM Received as change at a gift shop in Lincoln, NM. 1
9/25/2020 Middletown, NY Change while shopping. 1
9/25/2020 Traverse City, MI 1
9/25/2020 Mesa, AZ I found this bill while working. 1
9/25/2020 Fairmont, MN Got it for change at a store 1
9/24/2020 Vallejo, CA Hospital cafe change 1
9/23/2020 Hobart, IN Paid to our employee at a local business 1
9/22/2020 Tampa, FL I received bill as change at a wawa 2 View Bills
9/22/2020 Delano, CA I received this bill as change while shopping 1 View Bills
9/20/2020 Eldon, MO Gas station change 1
9/19/2020 Santa Barbara, CA I received this bill as change while shopping 1 View Bills
9/19/2020 Chesterfield, MO Atm 1
9/19/2020 Carmichael, CA Received as change at Starbucks 1 View Bills
9/19/2020 Adams, MA Shopping 1
9/18/2020 Garden City, ID 1
9/18/2020 Syracuse, NY Work\ restaurant \ destiny usa 1 View Bills
9/17/2020 Oil City, PA I got at the bill at the Family Dollar. In Oil City Pa 1
9/16/2020 Modesto, CA Received at Affordable Chiropractic in Modesto Ca 1
9/15/2020 Danville, IL Gas station change 1
9/11/2020 Great Barrington, MA At work 1
9/11/2020 Alma, GA 1
9/10/2020 Houston, TX 1
9/9/2020 Minneapolis, MN At the Minnesota state fair food parade 1
9/9/2020 Kansas City, MO 1
9/8/2020 Overland Park, KS I received this bill as change while shopping 1
9/7/2020 San Diego, CA I received it at my local credit union (Navy Federal), when I asked for $20 ones for a $20 dollar bill 1
9/7/2020 Schenectady, NY got it from the corner store 1
9/7/2020 Portland, OR i work in pizza place and got this as a tip 1
9/5/2020 Gun Barrel City, TX 1
9/5/2020 Fontana, CA 1
9/5/2020 LaGrange, GA At my job 1 View Bills
9/4/2020 Payneville, KY Receive at Bank 1
9/4/2020 Payneville, KY I received from bank 1
9/4/2020 Burlington, VT 1
9/3/2020 Minnetonka, MN I was given this bill at some point as change, though I don't remember its origins. its current residence (unless it's moved since) is in the cash register in the Starbucks in the Minnetonka MN Target. 1
9/2/2020 Colonie, NY ATM Withdrawal 2
9/2/2020 Los Angeles, CA in the stor 2
8/31/2020 Portal, GA I got it as change at Nekko Express 1
8/31/2020 Agoura Hills, CA I received this bill as change while shopping 1
8/30/2020 Albuquerque, NM I found it in the cash drawer of the verizon store where I work 1
8/29/2020 Cicero, IL I had received this bill as change while buying food ! 1 View Bills
8/28/2020 Eldorado, TX Got it as change from a purchase 1 View Bills
8/27/2020 Champaign, IL I received this bill as change while shopping. 1
8/26/2020 Palmer, AK 1
8/25/2020 Moore, OK Received in change in Arco, Idaho; The first City in the World lighted by Atomic Power 1
8/25/2020 Mesa, AZ At the store 1 View Bills
8/25/2020 Terrytown, LA I received it at a bank on Terry Parkway in Terrytown, LA 1
8/24/2020 West Sacramento, CA Given to me by brother. He though it was "wheresgeorge" 1
8/24/2020 Egg Harbor, WI I received this bill as my tip out from work. 1
8/23/2020 Henrico, VA I found atvmy retail job. 1 View Bills
8/23/2020 Dallas, TX Dallas Ft. Worth airport 1
8/19/2020 Lake Charles, LA Given to as change while at the L'auberge Casino Resort! 1
8/19/2020 West Chazy, NY I received this bill as change when I purchased gas 1
8/17/2020 Gibsonburg, OH bday money 1
8/17/2020 Charlotte, NC Received while shopping 1
8/16/2020 Kenosha, WI Got in change from the 80th Street Walgreens on August 12th. 1
8/16/2020 Loveland, OH 1 View Bills
8/16/2020 Columbus, OH It was change received. 1
8/15/2020 Santa Barbara, CA 1
8/15/2020 Gunnison, CO I work in the food and beverage industry, I got tipped with this bill. 1
8/13/2020 New York, NY I bought some beer at a corner store 1 View Bills
8/13/2020 Willcox, AZ I received it as change from the Family Dollar Store 1
8/13/2020 mchenry, IL 1
8/13/2020 Tahlequah, OK 1
8/12/2020 Sturgis, MI Work 1
8/12/2020 Gilbertsville, PA Received as change. 2 View Bills
8/11/2020 Enfield, NH Change when I was shopping 1
8/10/2020 Aurora, CO Someone left it has a tip for me at my job 1 View Bills
8/10/2020 Norwood, MA 1 View Bills
8/9/2020 Bend, OR 1 View Bills
8/9/2020 Evans, GA Got it as a tip where i work 1
8/8/2020 Ronkonkoma, NY AutoZone 1
8/7/2020 Detroit, MI Change 1
8/7/2020 Auburn, CA I received this bill as change while shopping 1
8/7/2020 Gilbertsville, PA Received as change. 2 View Bills
8/6/2020 Sophia, WV Got it back at a off road race 1
8/6/2020 Homestead, FL The bill is actually in Barranquilla, Colombia. It came to Medellin from the States, where it was received in a Homestead business. I have the pictures of the bill that is on its way through our postal office. 1 View Bills
8/4/2020 Conway, PA Cash flow small business 1 View Bills
8/3/2020 Logan, NM Recieved as change for purchase 1
8/2/2020 Seattle, WA Through work 1 View Bills
8/1/2020 Tucson, AZ I was unloading a truck with new furniture and found it under a love seat 1 View Bills
8/1/2020 Bowling Green, KY Cash my check and they gave me 1 View Bills
7/31/2020 Efland, NC Got it as change 1
7/31/2020 Klamath Falls, OR I received this bill at work 1
7/31/2020 North Providence, RI No 1 View Bills
7/30/2020 Martinez, CA i got it in a tip jar at work 1
7/29/2020 Eden Prairie, MN I withdrew some money out of an ATM and it happened to be in the batch of money I withdrew. 1
7/27/2020 Simi Valley, CA 1
7/27/2020 Waterloo, IA I received it from change at dinner but can't remember where. 1
7/27/2020 Miami, FL I found this bill in my drug money, I am in Calgary , Alberta Canada 1 View Bills
7/27/2020 Aurora, CO Counting my drawer at a hotel. 1
7/26/2020 Perris, CA Received it in change at the local mini market. 1
7/26/2020 Fitchburg, MA I was eating ice cream and after making my payment I found it in my change 1
7/25/2020 Mount Pleasant, TX I was shopping for grocery in a Dollar General store and I received it as my change from a 20 dollars bill 1 View Bills
7/24/2020 Houston, TX Received it at work from a customer 1
7/24/2020 Burlington, VT Was given it as part of a tip for delivering food 1
7/23/2020 Albuquerque, NM 1
7/21/2020 Pueblo, CO Recieved through business transaction from local food service. 1 View Bills
7/21/2020 Canton, NY Customer paid bill with it 1
7/20/2020 Arlington, TX Thru my job 1 View Bills
7/20/2020 Prineville, OR 1
7/20/2020 Oroville, CA Gas station 1
7/19/2020 Carol Stream, IL I is as at a barber shop and got this one 3 View Bills
7/19/2020 Ship Bottom, NJ 1
7/16/2020 Oakhurst, NJ I got it back as change from starbucks 1
7/15/2020 Charlton, MA I got it at a dunkin drive thru 1 View Bills
7/15/2020 Sacramento, CA It was given as change of a twenty at a Local grocery Store. 1
7/14/2020 Los Angeles, CA I received it in exchange for a purchase 1
7/13/2020 Osseo, MN It was given to me as payment 1
7/8/2020 Houston, TX I got it from my work tips at Olive Garden 2
7/5/2020 Wickenburg, AZ Given by a customer 1
7/5/2020 Los Angeles, CA It was change at a gas station 1
7/5/2020 Greencastle, IN Got it back in change. 1 View Bills
7/4/2020 Brooklyn, NY Got my change back from the store 1
7/3/2020 Oneonta, NY 1 View Bills
7/2/2020 Fall River, MA This bill was given to me at a laundromat in fallriver ma 2
7/2/2020 Cedar Bluff, AL 1
7/2/2020 Phoenix, AZ stripper money 1
7/1/2020 Salem, OR ATM in my bank 1 View Bills
6/30/2020 Hyattsville, MD I received this bill as change while shopping 1 View Bills
6/29/2020 Durango, CO I received this bill as change while shopping. 1
6/29/2020 Wenatchee, WA Received in change 1 View Bills
6/28/2020 Chicago, IL 1 View Bills
6/27/2020 Pasadena, CA At a local farmers’ market buying goat cheese! 1
6/27/2020 Pittsburgh, PA Bloomfield Farmer's market -- change from Cutting Root apothecary 1
6/26/2020 New London, CT At work 1 View Bills
6/26/2020 Weymouth, MA change given 1
6/25/2020 Miami, FL @ Publix 1
6/25/2020 Portland, OR I may have got It from the grocery store Fred Meyer’s. 1
6/24/2020 Leakey, TX Im at work and just came through a customer 1
6/24/2020 Raymond, NH At the bank 1
6/23/2020 Philadelphia, PA 1
6/23/2020 Louisville, KY Found with my change, at the fruit market 1
6/23/2020 Columbia, MO It was a tip from a costumer at my job 1 View Bills
6/22/2020 Cincinnati, OH Received at gas station 1 View Bills
6/22/2020 Everett, WA 1
6/21/2020 Milwaukee, WI I’m a hostess, recurved this at work 1
6/21/2020 Tuscaloosa, AL I don't remember. I found it one day and have held onto it for almost ten years. This moment is the right one for me to continue this. 1
6/20/2020 Troy, NY I got it as change when I checked out at a gas station 1
6/20/2020 Seattle, WA We got it back as change when buying shirts at the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest in Seattle WA 1 View Bills
6/19/2020 Shelby, NC I received this bill someone owned. 1 View Bills
6/19/2020 Madison, WI Was change from my $20 at grocery store. Pick n save 1
6/18/2020 Mount Gilead, OH It was gave to me as a tip 1
6/17/2020 Wilmington, NC Just by organizing my bills inside my wallet. 1 View Bills
6/17/2020 Tempe, AZ change 1
6/15/2020 Newark, NJ At the atm 1 View Bills
6/15/2020 Scottdale, PA Change when buying stamps at a post office 1
6/15/2020 Cedarburg, WI Got the bill as change from a local restaurant. 1
6/15/2020 Los Angeles, CA I recieved this bill as change from purchasing tacos.1 1 View Bills
6/14/2020 Bemidji, MN I was counting out my money when I caught this out of the corner of my eye. 1
6/14/2020 Brawley, CA 1
6/14/2020 Washington, DC I got it as change 1
6/14/2020 Arizona City, AZ Just change from errands 1 View Bills
6/13/2020 Dover, DE Buying a 12 pack of dog fish head 60 min 1
6/12/2020 Danville, IL 1
6/12/2020 Medford, OR Grocery store 1
6/11/2020 Falmouth, MA Paid with at North Falmouth Hardware and Marine 1
6/10/2020 Doty, WA 1
6/10/2020 Doniphan, MO in the register at work! 1
6/9/2020 Zephyrhills, FL 1 View Bills
6/7/2020 Pomona, CA Buying food from a lady that comes during lunch time 1 View Bills
6/6/2020 Tempe, AZ Serving got is as a tip 1
6/6/2020 Chicago, IL 2
6/5/2020 Midland, MI change from gasoline purchase 1
6/5/2020 Selinsgrove, PA 2
6/5/2020 Ashland, OR I received as change while shopping 1
6/4/2020 Roanoke, AL We received this at McDonald’s:) 1
6/4/2020 Haleyville, AL 1
6/3/2020 Wasco, CA I received this bill while shopping 1 View Bills
6/3/2020 Machias, NY Got it at a store when i broke money 1 View Bills
6/2/2020 Post Falls, ID Received it as a tip at work. 2
5/31/2020 HILLTOP MALL, CA My grandma gave it to me 2
5/31/2020 Longview, TX 1
5/31/2020 Tunkhannock, PA Someone used this bill to pay for a pushpop. 1
5/30/2020 Cloverdale, CA 1
5/29/2020 Houston, TX got from a bank with a stack of 2 dollar bills. 1
5/29/2020 Columbia, MD Got this bill from Dunkin Donuts in Ellicott City Maryland! 1
5/29/2020 Lyndon, VT Came to work 1
5/29/2020 Ashland, WI Got it from the northern State Bank I look at number for my birthday 1
5/28/2020 Harrison, OH Change from a store 1 View Bills
5/27/2020 Greensburg, PA I was cashing in all my change at Walmart and it gave me one of these bills 1 View Bills
5/25/2020 Millis, MA I work at a gas station 1
5/25/2020 Doral, FL 1
5/24/2020 Sierra Vista, AZ 1
5/22/2020 Santa Fe, NM Got it with my change while shopping 1 View Bills
5/21/2020 Sacramento, CA I got it back as change when I did an OfferUp purchase 1
5/20/2020 Quincy, CA I received this bill as change while shopping. 1
5/19/2020 Erwin, TN Got it as a tip at work 1
5/18/2020 Thomasville, NC 1
5/18/2020 Tarrytown, NY I received as change 1
5/16/2020 Atwater, CA As change 1
5/16/2020 Union, NJ Grocery Store 1 View Bills
5/15/2020 Tempe, AZ I received this bill while shopping 1 View Bills
5/14/2020 Velva, ND Got it in some change at a gas station 2
5/13/2020 Granby, MO PASSED ON AT GAS STATION 1
5/13/2020 Modesto, CA Was given to me at a store. 1
5/12/2020 Tempe, AZ Received it as change from the 99 cent dollar store off of Gilbert and southern in Mesa Arizona if you want you can have the photo posted on their website with and social media if you send him a photo with you in the Bell cuz some people are really into this organization and really want to support it I guess 1
5/12/2020 Fort Pierce, FL I was walking in my bathroom and I find it on the floor 1
5/12/2020 Albuquerque, NM A friend let me barrow money 1
5/11/2020 Pepperell, MA 1
5/11/2020 Madison, WI I went to the gas station in madison ,Wisconsin and got change back . I seen this on the back of the dollar and was curious to what it was so , I googled it . That's how I ended up here reporting the spotted dollar bill 3 View Bills
5/9/2020 Keene, NH In the cash drawer at the job I work at 1
5/9/2020 Long Beach, CA I was given it by buying at the grocery store 1
5/8/2020 Charlottesville, VA Someone give it to me to pay me back 1 View Bills
5/5/2020 Kansas, KS Gas station 1 View Bills
5/2/2020 Colonial Beach, VA 1 View Bills
5/1/2020 Kokomo, IN I received it for my change 1 View Bills
4/30/2020 Vashon, WA Change from local business 1
4/28/2020 Portland, ME 1
4/28/2020 Draper, UT Received as change from purchase. 1
4/27/2020 Brighton, CO 1
4/26/2020 Encinitas, CA 1
4/26/2020 Queens, NY Change from purchase 1 View Bills
4/25/2020 Hope Mills, NC I received the bill as change from a fast food restaurant 1
4/25/2020 Lewiston, CA I received this bill as change while buying Pot 1
4/24/2020 Saint Johnsbury, VT I received this bill while working drive thru at Taco Bell. 1
4/24/2020 Fort Collins, CO received bill as change 1
4/23/2020 Jersey City, NJ I received this bill from payment while working as a landscaper 1 View Bills
4/22/2020 Basking Ridge, NJ Given as change. 1
4/22/2020 effingham, IL 1
4/21/2020 Bakersfield, CA 1 View Bills
4/21/2020 Tempe, AZ Chick fi la 1
4/20/2020 Lincoln, NE In atm 1
4/20/2020 Hillsville, VA Good condition at a gas station 1
4/17/2020 Southfield, MI 1
4/15/2020 new york, NY on the sidewalk 1 View Bills
4/13/2020 Covina, CA Found it inside my Easter egg. Quite disturbed 1
4/12/2020 Bangor, ME Snow shoveling money 1
4/12/2020 Hardwick, VT 1
4/12/2020 Burbank, CA 1
4/11/2020 Atlanta, GA The lepercan 1
4/11/2020 Cottage Grove, OR in my pocket 1
4/10/2020 Phoenix, AZ Got back as change at circle k Been in wallet for many years 1
4/10/2020 Miami, FL I got it as a change in a CVS store. 1
4/7/2020 Las Vegas, NV 1
4/6/2020 Chandler, AZ I got it as change making a purchase. 1
4/6/2020 Burlington, WI got it as change at kwik trip. 1 View Bills
4/5/2020 Martell, NE Grandson got it in Lincoln, Ne at a store. 1
4/4/2020 Douglas City, CA In change at the store 1
4/4/2020 Madera, CA in a store 1
4/4/2020 Chula Vista, CA 1
4/2/2020 South Hill, VA 1
3/31/2020 Fond du lac, WI ATM withdrawl 1
3/31/2020 Crosby, TX I received this bill as change while shopping. 1
3/29/2020 Plaistow, NH I don’t even know I just was counting my money and realized I had it lol 1
3/26/2020 Evans, GA 1
3/24/2020 Sacramento, CA Dispensary change 1
3/22/2020 Portland, ME 1
3/21/2020 Theodore, AL It was gave to me at my work 1 View Bills
3/20/2020 Lowell, MA change at store 1
3/19/2020 Janesville, WI I was counting my money and saw the stamp. 1
3/18/2020 Rock Hill, SC Change from a food store. 1
3/18/2020 Saugus, MA I am a cashier at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Revere mass in the shell gas station 345 Bennett highway revere Ma 02151 2 View Bills
3/18/2020 Anchorage, AK 1
3/18/2020 Sunbury, PA 1
3/16/2020 Gilbert, AZ CHANGE OWED TO ME WHILE AT A BAR 1
3/15/2020 Cape Coral, FL My dad gave it to me 1 View Bills
3/14/2020 Providence, RI I was counting the draw at my job, after I was done I started counting everyone tips and some how I ended up with this dollar. 1
3/13/2020 Loveland, CO received in change from local Safeway 1 View Bills
3/13/2020 Martinsburg, WV It was given to me as change at walmart 1
3/13/2020 Salt Lake City, UT 1
3/12/2020 Bethlehem, PA 1
3/12/2020 Papillion, NE I was paid for walking a dog with this bill! 1 View Bills
3/12/2020 Walla Walla, WA Received it from the bank. 1
3/12/2020 Birmingham, AL Got change back from the store 1 View Bills
3/12/2020 San Francisco, CA 1
3/12/2020 Monticello, AR Got the one dollar bill in change at Burger King. 1
3/11/2020 Artesia, NM Bowling alley 1
3/11/2020 Fresno, CA change from purchase 1
3/11/2020 Tarpon Springs, FL work 1
3/10/2020 Bloomington, IN At work bartending. 1
3/10/2020 Madison, WI I just found it in my jar of money and noticed the stamp 1
3/10/2020 Wheatfield, IN Received as a tip through work 1
3/9/2020 Tampa, FL Frozen Yogurt 1
3/9/2020 Phoenix, AZ I received this bill as change while shopping 1
3/8/2020 Louisville, KY I work at a fruit market here in Louisville and came across this bill in my till. 1
3/8/2020 Lancaster, PA In my wallet. Must have been change. 1
3/7/2020 Raleigh, NC Got it from my dad 1 View Bills
3/7/2020 Fairfax, VA 1
3/7/2020 Wilmington, NC Change from shopping in Raleigh NC 1
3/6/2020 Vallejo, CA I received the bill as payment from a customer for their phone bill 1
3/6/2020 Albany, NY 1
3/5/2020 Sarasota, FL change from ppurchase 1
3/4/2020 Columbus, OH Cash back from self check out 1
3/4/2020 Columbus, OH Cash back from a Giant Eagle 1
3/4/2020 Hillsboro, OR There is a $20 w/ a red stamped. The Bat-symbol (Batman) 1 View Bills
3/4/2020 Half Moon Bay, CA I found it outside the 7 eleven 1 View Bills
3/4/2020 Redford Charter Township, MI I was tipped two of them at my job. 1 View Bills
3/3/2020 Lexington, KY It was left in a checkout as a tip I’m a housekeeper 1 View Bills
3/3/2020 Washington, DC Received several stamped bills as change from local coffee truck & later the book sellers. 1
3/3/2020 Columbus, OH Got a $10 bill form a cashier as a change of $100. 1
3/3/2020 Portola, CA I got this as change in quincy california which is a half hour north east of me 1 View Bills
3/2/2020 Granger, IN At a Martin's supermarket. I received it as change when I bought flowers. 1
3/2/2020 El Paso, TX It was given to me as change in a store 1
3/2/2020 Clearwater, FL I received bill as change at a restaurant 1
3/1/2020 Reno, NV Found at ski resort 1
3/1/2020 Syracuse, UT 1
3/1/2020 Valdosta, GA 1
2/29/2020 Grand Rapids, MI 1
2/29/2020 Minot, ND Getting change at the gas station 1
2/28/2020 Burke, VA I work as barista in a coffee shop. This is what I get for tip 2 View Bills
2/27/2020 Chicago, IL It was change I received at a McDonald's 1 View Bills
2/26/2020 Dawsonville, GA Change from store purchase 1
2/26/2020 Augusta, ME 1
2/26/2020 Portland, ME On the ground 1
2/26/2020 Scarborough, ME 1
2/26/2020 Oxford, ME received as change while shopinng 1
2/26/2020 Abbeville, LA 1
2/26/2020 Lafayette, IN Quality Inn & Suites 1
2/25/2020 Gig Harbor, WA Halftime sports saloon 1
2/25/2020 Blaine, MN Change 1
2/25/2020 Royse City, TX I was working at McDonald’s and saw that a bill was stamped and wanted to learn more 1 View Bills
2/24/2020 Blaine, WA I work at Hills Chevron in Blaine and found this bill in the till today. 1 View Bills
2/24/2020 Oakland, CA i received this bill as a tip at my restaurant job. 1 View Bills
2/24/2020 Teays Valley, WV CHANGE WHILE SHOPPING 1
2/24/2020 Richmond, CA I found this bill while searching for money in my backpack. The origins from where I got it from is unknown as I do not remember when I got it. 1
2/23/2020 New York, NY 1
2/23/2020 McCalla, AL I received it as change from the store. 1 View Bills
2/23/2020 Mesa, AZ Received it with change. 1
2/23/2020 Wanaque, NJ from bank 1
2/23/2020 Phoenix, AZ 1
2/23/2020 Kent, OH 1
2/22/2020 Philadelphia, PA In my moms wallet (she told me to grab money) 1 View Bills
2/21/2020 Portland, OR Cash back from buying a dildo 1
2/21/2020 Chateaugay, NY I’m a cashier and found this bill interesting! Set it aside and traded for it. 1
2/21/2020 Littleton, CO Counting drawers at Dunkin donuts 1
2/21/2020 Milwaukee, WI I received it at potowatiomi bingo casino at the food stand as my change. 1
2/21/2020 anaheim, CA given as payment 1
2/20/2020 Sunapee, NH change from the gas station, and it's not one of the 100s of thousands of one dollar bills that i stamped. it has the address on it! 1
2/20/2020 Cazenovia, NY Given to me as change when i bought cranberry juice for mixer at tops 1
2/20/2020 Lincoln, NE Won at a bingo game at community center. 1
2/19/2020 Bonners Ferry, ID got it for change at the coffee shop 1
2/19/2020 Parachute, CO Received the bill as change while shopping 1
2/18/2020 Newburyport, MA Received as change. 1
2/17/2020 Los Angeles, CA Change from a bike shop 1
2/17/2020 Lombard, IL Change received from coworker. 1
2/15/2020 Draper, UT It was handed to me at a maverick where I work. 1
2/15/2020 Whitney Point, NY Atm 1
2/15/2020 Tacoma, WA Recieved bill in restaurant I work in 1
2/14/2020 Phoenix, AZ I found it counting money for a fundraiser. 1 View Bills
2/14/2020 Plano, TX My mother gave it to me for my trip to Michigan. 1 View Bills
2/13/2020 Charleston, IL Got it in change somewhere. Have no clue where 1
2/12/2020 Los Angeles, CA 1 View Bills
2/12/2020 Baton Rouge, LA It was left as a tip 1
2/12/2020 Belmar, NJ In my change 1
2/11/2020 Elkton, MD 1
2/10/2020 Des Plaines, IL I received this bill as change while shopping 1 View Bills
2/9/2020 Las Vegas, NV received thru atm 1
2/9/2020 Dayton, OH 1
2/9/2020 Moreno Valley, CA 1 View Bills
2/9/2020 McKeesport, PA Received bill as change while shopping 1 View Bills
2/8/2020 Mount Ayr, IA 1
2/8/2020 Athens, OH In change from a restaurant 2
2/8/2020 Athens, OH In change from a restaurant 1
2/8/2020 Ada, OH I got it from Taco Bell 1 View Bills
2/7/2020 Dickinson, TX 1
2/7/2020 Oberlin, OH Student used it to pay for supplies. 1
2/7/2020 Salem, OR received in change from gas station 1
2/7/2020 South Bend, IN While shopping 1
2/6/2020 Fayetteville, AR Found it at a Napa auto parts. 1
2/6/2020 Oxford, NY 2
2/5/2020 Hemet, CA Change from shopping locally 1
2/4/2020 Glenpool, OK 1
2/4/2020 Fresno, CA I went to Starbucks ordered my drink and received the dollar as my change. 1 View Bills
2/2/2020 Marietta, GA My girlfriend received this bill at work as a waitress she gave it to me to pay for rent as I was putting it into the ATM it wouldn't accept it and spit it back out 1
2/2/2020 Three Rivers, CA Change 1
2/2/2020 Lewiston, ME I was digging through the landfill, as I do every Tuesday. No reason, just for kicks, when I found this craaaaazzzzzzyyyyy dollar bill. It had all this writing on it and I was like "woah what does this mean?". Then Darth Vader showed up and said "Give me the ring" and I said "Harry has already destroyed it on the Starship Enterprise." And then Vader said "woof, that's a bummer man. Didn't see that coming." Then he killed me. 1
2/1/2020 Piscataway, NJ 1
2/1/2020 Santa Rosa, CA It was given to me in Target as change. 1
2/1/2020 Milwaukee, WI in school when i bought snacks i saw this bill and it said corporations are not people 1
1/31/2020 Granite City, IL In my checkout at work 1
1/31/2020 Antioch, CA I bought an Ice cream and they gave me the $10 bill 1
1/31/2020 Davie, FL I was given this bill at a college cafeteria. 1
1/30/2020 Boston, MA I received this bill as change while shopping. 1
1/30/2020 Bridgeport, CT Change from a bakery 1
1/30/2020 Menands, NY Found it on the floor, someone must have dropped it 1 View Bills
1/29/2020 Williamsburg, VA 1
1/29/2020 Denver, CO ATM machine at a gas station. 1
1/28/2020 Boston, MA 1
1/27/2020 New Orleans, LA Was given as change at an apothecary 1 View Bills
1/27/2020 Sacramento, CA It was given to as change back at a store in Sacramento CA 1 View Bills
1/27/2020 Marshall, MI I work at a bank it came through on a deposit 1
1/26/2020 Anaheim, CA Four twenties were given to me for my 18th birthday. 1
1/26/2020 Keyport, NJ Received it in change 1
1/26/2020 Ridgecrest, CA Came from Starbucks 1
1/25/2020 Crested Butte, CO Change 1 View Bills
1/25/2020 Chicago, IL Change given to me when shopping at a Mexican Bakery today. 1
1/25/2020 Roseville, CA 1
1/25/2020 Visalia, CA Counting my end day money 1 View Bills
1/24/2020 Wofford Heights, CA Found in parking lot of a Vons grocery store. 1
1/24/2020 Gilbert, AZ 1
1/24/2020 Garberville, CA 1
1/24/2020 Lansing, MI Counting deposit at work 1
1/22/2020 Bellingham, WA Got it as change while shopping 1
1/22/2020 Madisonville, KY I received it as payment in a McDonald's drivethru 1
1/21/2020 East Carbon, UT I received this bill as change while shopping. 1 View Bills
1/18/2020 West Des Moines, IA I received this bills as a change at gas station 1
1/18/2020 Birmingham, AL Received it in change at local store 1 View Bills
1/17/2020 New York, NY 1
1/17/2020 Houston, TX 2
1/16/2020 Bryan, TX Was given it as change at my job. 1
1/16/2020 Norwich, CT In change. 1 View Bills
1/16/2020 Albany, NY Change in supermarket 1
1/15/2020 Vandergrift, PA Received as change. 1
1/14/2020 Buffalo, NY 1
1/10/2020 Stafford, TX I received this bill as change at the store. 1
1/9/2020 Chula Vista, CA I got it for change paying for my groceries at Aldi in Chula Vista, California 1 View Bills
1/9/2020 Cathedral City, CA My boss Pays me cash in there was the dollar bill . 1 View Bills
1/9/2020 Albany, NY 1
1/8/2020 West Jordan, UT at work counting down my drawer for close 1
1/8/2020 Utica, NY change 2
1/8/2020 Utica, NY received it as change 2
1/8/2020 Lafayette, LA 1
1/8/2020 Mason, MI Working at A&W drive thru, given as a tip 1
1/8/2020 Garland, TX receive as change 1
1/8/2020 Madison, WI I found the bill at a grocery store outside when I was walking bye and I picked it up and Then I looked at was on the bill and I looked it up and I went from there 1
1/8/2020 Chateaugay, NY 1
1/7/2020 Canton, GA I Got it in a gas station from change after a purchase 1 View Bills
1/7/2020 Milwaukee, WI 1
1/7/2020 Idanha, OR 1
1/7/2020 Albany, NY IN MY WALLET. 1
1/6/2020 Columbia, SC Change 1
1/5/2020 Dallas, TX 1
1/5/2020 Torrance, CA Change while shopping 1
1/4/2020 Wichita Falls, TX zed gave it to me at red river harley-davidson 1
1/4/2020 Arlington, TX At work 1
1/4/2020 New Orleans, LA Received as change. 1
1/4/2020 Salem, OR received in change from shopping 1
1/3/2020 Kingston, NY Change 1
1/3/2020 Lancaster, PA I don't remember 1
1/3/2020 College Station, TX 1
1/2/2020 Twinsburg, OH Received as change at lunch during work hours 1
1/2/2020 Phoenix, AZ Recibi esta factura en una casa de cambio 1
1/1/2020 Olympia, WA In change from Denny's 1
1/1/2020 Santa Fe, NM From ATM which is strange because often reduced bills are withheld. 1
1/1/2020 Boston, MA 1
12/31/2019 Mill Creek, WA Change at Fred Meyers in South Everett 1
12/31/2019 Bethlehem, PA I work as a sales associate at a party city, and after completing a transaction and giving the customer their change, I noticed one of the dollar bills in the register had red text on it. I exchanged it for one of my bills and now the stamped one is in my possession. 1
12/31/2019 Salem, OR I work at a Dairy Queen and this bill came in. I was intrigued by it so I replaced it with a different dollar and kept this one. 1
12/30/2019 Pueblo, CO buying A VR headset 1
12/30/2019 Keizer, OR Was given as change at store. 1
12/30/2019 Warner Robins, GA I received it as change from a Kroger Market. The denomination was a $2 bill. The serial number was A05352818A 1
12/29/2019 Lubbock, TX Cashier revived the bill 1
12/29/2019 Hilo, HI Change from a store 2
12/29/2019 Coos Bay, OR Was given as change . 1
12/28/2019 Denver, CO Change from breakfast 1
12/28/2019 Shelby Charter Township, MI Change back from 7-Eleven 1
12/28/2019 Fayetteville, AR I received it as a tip at a restaurant. 1
12/27/2019 Tecate, CA 1 View Bills
12/26/2019 Vernon, CT 1
12/25/2019 Morris, MN I received this bill as payment at the hotel I work at. 1
12/25/2019 St. Helena, CA 1
12/24/2019 Washington, DC 1
12/24/2019 Peoria, AZ I was at a bank and I got it. 1 View Bills
12/24/2019 Oxnard, CA Bill was used to purchase chainsaw chain 1
12/23/2019 Waterville, ME Walmart self checkout machine 1
12/22/2019 Sanford, ME 1
12/22/2019 Grand Rapids, MI Change while shopping 1
12/22/2019 Binghamton, NY Received as change at an Italian restaurant's take out counter. 1
12/21/2019 Amesbury, MA 1
12/21/2019 Apollo Beach, FL From McDonalds in Ruskin, FL 1
12/20/2019 Pearson, GA I received this bill while purchasing one gallon of gasoline for a stranger stranded with his car on the side of a county road out of gas. He was about 15 to 20 miles from the nearest town. I didn't have any money but earlier that day a friend of mine had sent me with $15 to buy his medication with since he couldn't drive nor does he own a vehicle. So, I stopped with the man and told him I would buy one gallon of gasoline for his car so he could get to town and be safe. He stated I was the only person that stopped out of numerous driver's that had rode passed him. 1 View Bills
12/20/2019 Aston, PA Received as change 1
12/20/2019 Mesa, AZ 1
12/19/2019 Red Hook, NY 1
12/19/2019 Rock Hill, SC change from a fundraiser 1
12/19/2019 Harrisburg, PA Got this when I was at RTC Great Lakes 1
12/18/2019 Smithfield, RI 1
12/18/2019 Ithaca, NY 1
12/16/2019 New York, NY I received this bill as tip 1 View Bills
12/16/2019 Alameda, CA Boba shop 1
12/15/2019 Austin, TX After a gig payout in a bar 1 View Bills
12/15/2019 Mooresville, IN I received the bill as change at a dollar general. 1 View Bills
12/15/2019 Hanover Park, IL i received this bill was change while paying gas 1
12/14/2019 Riverhead, NY I received it as change at big lots. 1
12/14/2019 Medford, OR Change while shopping 1
12/13/2019 Yuba City, CA I was at a new pizza place and i spotted the bill as I was getting change 🙂 1
12/12/2019 Irving, TX From a motel at DFW as a change. 1
12/12/2019 Lancaster, PA at work 1
12/10/2019 Santa Maria, CA Change 1
12/10/2019 Chicago, IL Given with change 1
12/10/2019 Wailuku, HI As change while shopping in Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii 1
12/10/2019 Grand Haven, MI 1
12/10/2019 Scranton, PA Through a cash register 1
12/9/2019 Schenectady, NY Change 1
12/9/2019 Bozeman, MT 1
12/8/2019 Vincennes, IN Change from walmart 1
12/8/2019 Apple Valley, CA 1
12/7/2019 Salem, OR I won it from Oregon lottery. 1
12/7/2019 Asheville, NC In change 1
12/7/2019 California City, CA Mother in law mailed it to us. She thought we would like to check it out. 1 View Bills
12/5/2019 Ramona, CA Got money out of my atm and saw the stamp 1 View Bills
12/5/2019 Murfreesboro, TN Gas station change 1
12/4/2019 Durango, CO At work 1
12/4/2019 Lander, WY It was given to me in my change 1
12/3/2019 Providence, RI bank 1
12/3/2019 West Sayville, NY 1
12/3/2019 Rigby, ID My dad gave it to me as lunch money 1 View Bills
12/1/2019 East St. Louis, IL Store 1
12/1/2019 Ona, WV I work a convenience store and recieved the bill 1
12/1/2019 Phoenix, AZ Got paid buy the store on 7st and basline at frys 1 View Bills
12/1/2019 Henderson, LA in a vending machine I own 1
11/30/2019 Minot, ND I picked it up from a local restaurant around the area. The $5.00 bill is in good shape. 1
11/29/2019 Brockton, MA On Thanksgiving day. Alone so i decided to go to a gentleman's club. Withdrew 140 dollars from atm. I needed change and didn't want to make change at the club so I stopped at a speedway gas station and was only able to get 15 singles. Long story short the club was closed for the holiday I finished a bottle of Remy Martin and passed out . Woke up to black Friday shop counted my pocket money and found this bill. 1 View Bills
11/29/2019 Baxley, GA I received as change at a 7/11 1
11/28/2019 Concord, NH Tip jar at Starbucks 🙂 1 View Bills
11/28/2019 North Port, FL Received the bill as change at the liquor store 1
11/27/2019 Fort Worth, TX got it during my shift at work. 1
11/27/2019 Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ At an Indian casino, on the White Mtn. Reservation 1
11/26/2019 Chandler, AZ received as change 2
11/26/2019 Vestal, NY Given as change at a local business while shopping. 1
11/26/2019 Kent, RI Change at local market 1
11/25/2019 Easthampton, MA In my tip jar at dunkin donuts! 1
11/25/2019 San Diego, CA Received from an ATM 1
11/25/2019 Pittsfield, MA 1
11/25/2019 Portland, OR I received this bill as change while shopping at McDonald's 1
11/24/2019 Vass, NC Received buying food at Hardee’s 1
11/24/2019 Waco, TX got canes 1
11/23/2019 Honolulu, HI Late night run to 7/11 aka coping from collonialism corruption of government and corporate greed 1
11/22/2019 Burlington, VT Returned from a purchase. 1
11/22/2019 Marion, OH Received from moto mart 1 View Bills
11/22/2019 Milan, IL As a tip on a delivery for my job. 1
11/21/2019 Yakima, WA Received change from a coffee stand. 1
11/20/2019 Cedar Rapids, IA 20 dollar front has Harriet Tubman printed over Andrew Jacksons face in black ink. 1
11/20/2019 Crozet, VA I can't remember exactly where, but I do know it was handed to me in Crozet, VA making my rounds. Maybe the Dairy Queen or the Dollar General. It even could have came from Sal's Pizza or Harris Teeter. Better yet the Green Olive thriftstore. Wait a minute, I forgot I had also visited Subway. What I do know is, I was the Lucky one of this bill. What should I spend it on to make sure it circulates? Two cans of CheerWine from the soda machine. 1 View Bills
11/20/2019 Trona, CA 1