Stamper ID: 7556

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 140

Number of Times Reported: 64

Estimated Impressions: 56,000 times

Number of States Reported In: 11

Stamped in All States Ranking: 213

Recent Sightings

Stamper: 7556

Sighted in: Ridgecrest, CA

Date Reported: November 24 at 6:08 am EST

Possession: Received it in change

Stamper: 7556

Sighted in: Bakersfield, CA

Date Reported: March 3 at 2:53 pm EST

Possession: Was given at a gas station

Stamper: 7556

Sighted in: Huntington Beach, CA

Date Reported: July 22 at 12:54 am EST

Stamper: 7556

Sighted in: Rosamond, CA

Date Reported: June 21 at 6:47 pm EST

Possession: Tip jar

Stamper: 7556

Sighted in: Santa Fe, TX

Date Reported: May 26 at 1:42 am EST

Possession: I received this bill from change at Sonic

Maria's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
11/24/2022 Ridgecrest, CA Received it in change 2
3/3/2022 Bakersfield, CA Was given at a gas station 1
7/22/2021 Huntington Beach, CA 1
6/21/2021 Rosamond, CA Tip jar 1
5/26/2021 Santa Fe, TX I received this bill from change at Sonic 1
4/20/2021 Ridgecrest, CA Found it in my wallet after getting change from shopping 1 View Bills
4/20/2021 Ridgecrest, CA 1 View Bills
4/2/2021 Santa Fe, TX Strip club 1
2/27/2021 San Antonio, TX in the tip jar at my work 1 View Bills
2/7/2021 Los Angeles, CA 1
1/14/2021 Boron, CA Given to me as change. 1
12/12/2020 Cathedral City, CA 1
11/30/2020 Ridgecrest, CA Given to me in change in Wal-Mart. 1
11/28/2020 San Francisco, CA 1 View Bills
11/15/2020 Glendale, AZ At work 1 View Bills
11/10/2020 Athens, WI As change while in the store 1 View Bills
11/6/2020 El Cajon, CA Brought in to Motoworld of El Cajon and used for a purchase. 1
11/1/2020 Bakersfield, CA Laundromat 1
10/17/2020 Ridgecrest, CA 1
10/6/2020 Norwalk, CA 1
10/1/2020 Ridgecrest, CA It was given to me as change at a gas station. I saw the stamp about a week after I got it, as I had not spent it yet. 1 View Bills
9/19/2020 Selma, CA I was doing DoorDash and a customer gave me this bill as a tip. 1 View Bills
9/15/2020 Ridgecrest, CA Getting change for a twenty dollar bill. 1
9/14/2020 Mojave, CA Came to me in change from legal weed shop. 1
8/16/2020 Bakersfield, CA Work 1
8/3/2020 Los Angeles, CA Found it in my jacket, had not worn it in a while 1
7/29/2020 Saint Leonard, MD Gas station ATM 1
7/20/2020 Ridgecrest, CA I received this bill at a local mini market. 1 View Bills
7/1/2020 Los Angeles, CA appears in wallet 1
6/30/2020 Bakersfield, CA Given by retail customer 1 View Bills
6/24/2020 Lancaster, CA 1
6/4/2020 Earlimart, CA 1
5/28/2020 Ridgecrest, CA Rec'd as change in a liquor store. 2
4/11/2020 Bakersfield, CA In my cousins truck 1
3/22/2020 Searles Valley, CA Change for a beet at the gas station 1
3/14/2020 Lancaster, CA I got it in my change when I was ordering Taco Bell 1 View Bills
3/14/2020 Davenport, FL I received this bill as change from a Walmart purchase 1
2/17/2020 San Francisco, CA Received it as changed 1 View Bills
2/5/2020 Ridgecrest, CA Got it as change. 1
2/1/2020 Ridgecrest, CA In a coloring book. 2
1/26/2020 Ridgecrest, CA Starbucks in Ridgecrest 1
1/20/2020 Phelan, CA received as change 2
1/15/2020 Ridgecrest, CA At dispensary 1 View Bills
11/27/2019 Los Angeles, CA I was given this bill at a liquor store 1
10/22/2019 Ridgecrest, CA Received as change in Ridgecrest, CA 1
10/11/2019 Las Vegas, NV wallet 1
9/18/2019 Ridgecrest, CA 1
6/26/2019 Ridgecrest, CA Bank note 1
6/22/2019 Snellville, GA 1
6/3/2019 San Jose, CA 1
6/2/2019 Ridgecrest, CA Starbucks change 1
5/20/2019 Dumfries, VA I'm a cashier. Saw it in my register 1 View Bills
5/17/2019 Pahrump, NV Work 1
4/29/2019 Inyokern, CA Change at Dollar General store 1
3/26/2019 Tustin, CA Work 1 View Bills
3/19/2019 San Diego, CA Give as change 1
2/3/2019 Ridgecrest, CA Pulled out of the bank 1 View Bills
1/29/2019 San Diego, CA Change from grocery store. 1
1/21/2019 Culver City, CA 1
1/8/2019 Ridgecrest, CA Store 1
12/29/2018 Los Angeles, CA 1
10/26/2018 Rio Rancho, NM gas station. do i get more money for doing this? me and my mom need a car. 1
6/8/2018 Mandeville, LA 1