Stamper ID: SAMM

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 23

Number of Times Reported: 368

Estimated Impressions: 322,000 times

Number of States Reported In: 27

Stamped in All States Ranking: 32

Recent Sightings

Stamper: SAMM

Sighted in: Lakeland, FL

Date Reported: September 23 at 3:44 pm EST

Possession: Change from 100 bill

Stamper: SAMM

Sighted in: Fort Valley, GA

Date Reported: September 12 at 6:48 pm EST

Possession: I was given some money and receive the stamped bull with it.

Stamper: SAMM

Sighted in: Springfield, IL

Date Reported: September 12 at 2:37 pm EST

Possession: Change from the dollar general

Stamper: SAMM

Sighted in: Waycross, GA

Date Reported: September 9 at 3:49 pm EST

Possession: Received back in a strap of 100 one dollar bills.. I will enter them into

Stamper: SAMM

Sighted in: Atlantic Beach, FL

Date Reported: September 6 at 3:47 pm EST

Possession: Received as change at the Winn Dixie at neptune beach, fl

SAMM's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
9/23/2021 Lakeland, FL Change from 100 bill 1 View Bills
9/12/2021 Fort Valley, GA I was given some money and receive the stamped bull with it. 1 View Bills
9/12/2021 Springfield, IL Change from the dollar general 1
9/9/2021 Waycross, GA Received back in a strap of 100 one dollar bills.. I will enter them into 1
9/6/2021 Atlantic Beach, FL Received as change at the Winn Dixie at neptune beach, fl 1
9/4/2021 Jacksonville, FL I received this as a tip at the salon 1
9/4/2021 Ocala, FL 7day store cash back 1 View Bills
9/3/2021 Americus, GA 1 View Bills
8/28/2021 Memphis, TN Received as a tip at a local small business. 1
8/23/2021 Pensacola, FL Change at a store 1
8/19/2021 Cherry Hill, NJ Tipped 1
8/17/2021 Princeton, WV 1
8/17/2021 Blackshear, GA I got it in change from a convenience store. 1 View Bills
8/14/2021 Escondido, CA I got is as change at a store 1
8/11/2021 Homerville, GA Change for a $5 1
8/9/2021 Houma, LA 1
8/8/2021 Jacksonville Beach, FL It was change giv8n in a flea market 1 View Bills
7/26/2021 Douglas, GA Refund while shopping 1
7/25/2021 Jacksonville, FL My change from a liquor store 1 View Bills
7/24/2021 Jacksonville, FL Received as change from purchase 1
7/24/2021 Eugene, OR i recieved this bill at my job 1
7/22/2021 Douglas, GA Some paid with it at work 1
7/20/2021 Martinez, CA Given to me 1 View Bills
7/20/2021 Dublin, GA Coworker gave to me 1
7/18/2021 Knoxville, TN Not sure 1
7/17/2021 Gainesville, FL I work at University Air Center, a private airport in north Florida. I found the stamp on one of our dollar bills! 1
7/16/2021 Fitzgerald, GA Change from a store 1
7/14/2021 Douglas, GA Im not sure. I pulled it out my purse. 1
7/12/2021 Alma, AR Macdonalds 1 View Bills
7/12/2021 Chincoteague, VA 1
7/12/2021 Hazlehurst, GA This bill was payment for a hair service 1
7/11/2021 Conroe, TX Tip money at work! 1
7/10/2021 Pembroke Pines, FL Found it at a chick fil la when worker gave cash back. 1
7/9/2021 Commerce, GA from a bank 1
7/6/2021 Augusta, GA At work and a customer handed it to me and I seen the stamp so I wanted to know what was it about. 1 View Bills
7/5/2021 Pomona, CA At 7 eleven on towne and foothill, I received this bill as change while purchasing snacks. 1
6/28/2021 Murfreesboro, TN got change 1 View Bills
6/21/2021 Thomasville, GA I received this dollar bill as a tip at a restaurant while working 1
6/19/2021 Augusta, GA It was in the cash register at my job. 1
6/13/2021 Hazlehurst, GA For my food 1
6/11/2021 Baxley, GA Drug Deal 1
6/7/2021 Longwood, FL at starbucks 1
6/4/2021 Green Cove Springs, FL ATM withdraw 1
5/25/2021 Orlando, FL It was the change I received at a bar in Volcano Bay 1
5/24/2021 Augusta, GA I received this bill as change while shopping. 1
5/23/2021 Jacksonville, FL Bought 2 sodas at a BP gas station and recieved it as change 1 View Bills
5/22/2021 Baxley, GA Change from softball tournament 1
5/20/2021 Starke, FL It was used as payment at Dunkin 1
5/19/2021 Douglas, WY In my wallet lol 1
5/15/2021 Albany, GA I got it from the store 1 View Bills
5/13/2021 Hawthorne, FL 1 View Bills
5/10/2021 Delray Beach, FL get it from a atm machine in a market 1 View Bills
5/10/2021 Orlando, FL I got change from a hotdog stand right outside a Lowe’s 1
5/9/2021 Palm Coast, FL 1
5/9/2021 Palm Coast, FL My son gave to me, from his tips 1
5/8/2021 Dublin, GA I received the bill as change while shopping. 1
5/5/2021 Waycross, GA Got this bill while working at Dollr General 1 View Bills
5/1/2021 Franklin, NC 1
4/27/2021 Newnan, GA Someone gave it to me as a tip at subway 1
4/27/2021 Baxley, GA 1
4/26/2021 Waycross, GA I got some socks for prom at ross n I got change to find this 1 View Bills
4/25/2021 Cleveland, OH Dollar General. Highway 129 N. White County Cleveland GA. 30528 1
4/25/2021 Las Vegas, NV 1
4/23/2021 Port Wentworth, GA In the laundromat bill changer 1
4/21/2021 Vonore, TN Givin as change 1
4/20/2021 Riceboro, GA I received this bill at walmart 1
4/15/2021 Darien, GA At a store 1 View Bills
4/14/2021 Jacksonville, FL Received as change from a Coin Star machine.. 1 View Bills
4/8/2021 Eatonton, GA outside 1
4/1/2021 Ray City, GA I received this bill as change while shopping at Dollar General in Ray City Georgia 1 View Bills
3/21/2021 Salem, VA Received at shop as payment. 1 View Bills
3/18/2021 Alma, GA Putting money in my purse 1
3/18/2021 Honea Path, SC I work at a gas station and a customer payed with the bill. 1 View Bills
3/11/2021 Alma, GA Change from convenience store 1 View Bills
3/10/2021 Alma, GA 1
3/10/2021 Cedartown, GA Change from restaurant 1
3/4/2021 Williamson, GA I dont really know i just looked in my wallet and saw it. 1
3/1/2021 Athens, GA I got this bill as part of my tips for the night from the pizzeria I work at 1
3/1/2021 Augusta, GA I received this bill as change at a gas station 1 View Bills
2/26/2021 Keystone Heights, FL Brought chips and it was in my change 1
2/25/2021 Chattanooga, TN I got change back from a $20 and it was on the $10 bill I got at the speedway. 1 View Bills
2/24/2021 Hazlehurst, GA At work 1
2/21/2021 Commerce, GA At a convenient store as an exchange 1
2/18/2021 Eastman, GA Change from Zaxby's. 1 View Bills
2/18/2021 Tennille, GA Somebody gave it to me 1
2/17/2021 Baxley, GA Convenience Store 1
2/12/2021 Cleveland, OH 1
2/11/2021 Wallingford, CT 1
2/6/2021 Jacksonville, FL I purchased something from the store and when they gave me my change back and the dollar bill was in the change i got back. 1 View Bills
2/2/2021 Dublin, GA I received this bill at a restaurant as payment. 1 View Bills
2/2/2021 Macclenny, FL I received this bill in change while shopping. 1
1/31/2021 Augusta, GA 1
1/28/2021 Merced, CA The change given to me at a store 1 View Bills
1/27/2021 Flowery Branch, GA I received this bill as change while shopping at Target. 2
1/22/2021 Altamonte Springs, FL I found this bill in the atm my dude 1 View Bills
1/22/2021 Blackshear, GA in my till at work 1
1/22/2021 Hazlehurst, GA 1
1/22/2021 Hazlehurst, GA I bought a mega millions lottery ticket at a gas station and got this bill as change 1
1/19/2021 Mission, TX I received this bill as change while shopping. 1
1/18/2021 Blackshear, GA It came in change from a deposit I made at my local bank. 1
1/18/2021 Dublin, GA Change from shoping 1
1/15/2021 Jacksonville, FL Restaurant 2 View Bills
1/5/2021 Jacksonville, FL received as change at a publix supermarket 1
1/3/2021 Jacksonville, FL 1
1/1/2021 Flowery Branch, GA I received this bill while shopping 2
12/30/2020 Lake City, FL I work at a coffee shop and it was used to pay for coffee. 2
12/29/2020 Alma, GA Change from a Dairy Queen purchase. 1
12/25/2020 Jacksonville, FL Got it at Target on Roosevelt Rd. 1
12/17/2020 Hazlehurst, GA Recived as change while shopping 1
12/11/2020 Kennesaw, GA I was given this bill as payment for goods 1
12/3/2020 Savannah, GA A tip for an Uber ride 1 View Bills
12/2/2020 Waycross, GA Got it from store, Roses in Blackshear Ga. 1
11/30/2020 Lakeland, FL As a tip at work 1
11/27/2020 Orange Park, FL Change from walmart 1
11/25/2020 Lyons, GA 1
11/24/2020 Charleston, SC I asked my mom for ten bucks 2
11/23/2020 Hazlehurst, GA I picked up medicine from my pharmacy I paid with cash and they gave me a $10 bill With a stamp on it 1 View Bills
11/21/2020 Douglas, GA In my wallet and noticed red marking on the back. 1 View Bills
11/21/2020 Fernandina Beach, FL Change while shopping 2
11/17/2020 Alma, GA Won it in a game of beer pong 1
11/15/2020 Augusta, GA 1
11/10/2020 Hazlehurst, GA um i was in the stall and this dude is like why my bill be stamped. I told the dude that i will take and i saw this website. I expect a million dollar profit. 1
11/7/2020 Orange Park, FL 1
11/5/2020 New Smyrna Beach, FL I received this bill as my change from a purchase. 1
11/4/2020 Jacksonville, FL 1
11/2/2020 Auburndale, FL I received this bill while on my lunch break. 1
10/31/2020 Madawaska, ME In my change from Tractor Supply 1
10/31/2020 Alma, GA It was change from a purchase 1
10/23/2020 Warner Robins, GA Tip from pizza delivery 1
10/23/2020 Augusta, GA Change from local Dairy Queen 1
10/16/2020 Jackson, MS Reciev3d as change at Cinco Demayo Restaurant 1
10/2/2020 Jacksonville, FL My getting paid me back money he owed me 1
9/26/2020 Hazlehurst, GA 1
9/26/2020 Cape Girardeau, MO 1
9/23/2020 Palm Coast, FL 1
9/23/2020 Baxley, GA Recieved from drive through 1
9/22/2020 Jacksonville, FL I was at school and I bought a dr.peper and paid with a 20 the stamped bill was in the change 1 View Bills
9/21/2020 Winter Park, FL Got change from starbucks, this bill was in my change 1
9/14/2020 Jacksonville, FL I was doing money for the business i work with. 1 View Bills
9/7/2020 Harrisburg, NC work at dominos 1
9/1/2020 Jacksonville, FL We are pawns in a chess game, wake up. 1
8/29/2020 Lincolnton, NC Got change when I bought something. 1
8/26/2020 Bradenton, FL I work at 711 and was handed this bill from a customer paying for their gas 1
8/26/2020 Lake City, FL Tips 1
8/24/2020 Macon, GA Guest gave to me 1 View Bills
8/23/2020 Brunswick, GA I received it in my change from a gas station where people from all over the U.S. stop. 1 View Bills
8/22/2020 Broxton, GA Atm 1
8/19/2020 Jensen Beach, FL Got change at store 1
8/19/2020 Callahan, FL I work at Winn Dixie and someone gave it to me to pay 1
8/17/2020 Gainesville, GA Payment from dog grooming 1
8/12/2020 Canton, GA My bf works at a golfcourse and got it in tips from someone and he paid me with it 1 View Bills
8/10/2020 Metter, GA I recieved this bill as change and my job 2
8/9/2020 Macon, GA 1
8/7/2020 Augusta, GA Received in change at fast food restaurant. 1
8/5/2020 Carthage, NC I received the bill as change from shopping 1
8/1/2020 Saint Johns, FL At work 1 View Bills
8/1/2020 McRae-Helena, GA Shopping 1
8/1/2020 Dothan, AL At the mall 1
7/31/2020 Louisville, KY 1
7/28/2020 Quitman, MS I got it from a store 1
7/26/2020 Hephzibah, GA Change 1
7/20/2020 Savannah, GA Store 1 View Bills
7/20/2020 Americus, GA Got it at the gas station 1 View Bills
7/18/2020 Knoxville, TN I received this bill from a local bank in Knoxville. Driving from Knoxville, TN to Portland, OR. I will spend this bill along the way. 1
7/17/2020 Columbia, SC 1
7/11/2020 Waycross, GA change from a fast food chain 1
7/7/2020 Cordele, GA Making a purchase at a fast food restuarant. It was given as change. 1 View Bills
7/5/2020 Alma, GA Revived as change 1
6/29/2020 Jacksonville, FL It was given to me as change from a dollar general 1
6/27/2020 Tallahassee, FL I purchased a McDonald’s Mac double and small fries. My total was 3.68 I paid with a 10$ got a 5 in return that was stamped. 1
6/27/2020 Thomasville, GA Bank 1
6/26/2020 Blackshear, GA Working at the liquor store 2 View Bills
6/25/2020 Gulf Shores, AL Walking it was in the grass 1 View Bills
6/25/2020 Du lin, GA One of the residents at the nursing home I work at Asked me to get a soda out the vending machine 1
6/23/2020 Omega, GA 1 View Bills
6/23/2020 Alma, GA I got change and that’s how I got it 1
6/22/2020 Valdosta, GA I received this bill as changed from a store. 1
6/20/2020 Vian, OK Dg 1
6/18/2020 Panama City Beach, FL In my tip money at work 1
6/18/2020 Jacksonville, FL 1
6/14/2020 Scotland, GA I received this bill as change while shopping. 1 View Bills
6/12/2020 Brunswick, GA I’ll receive the bill as change from Parkers in Sterling Brunswick Georgia 2
6/10/2020 Athens, GA Change from the store 1
6/8/2020 Baxley, GA I recieved this bill while shopping as change 1
6/7/2020 Uniontown, PA Through a tip at work 1
6/7/2020 Tifton, GA Change from gas station 1
6/4/2020 Cairo, IL Through work a customer gave it to me 1 View Bills
6/2/2020 Waycross, GA Spotted it in some change I got back from a auto parts store. 1
6/2/2020 Waycross, GA store 1 View Bills
5/31/2020 Baxley, GA Gas station gave it to me 1
5/31/2020 Douglas, GA I received this bill as change while shopping. 1
5/30/2020 Waycross, GA I revived this bill at work to make change for customers 1
5/27/2020 Greenville, SC From a gas station 1
5/24/2020 Waycross, GA The store change 2 View Bills
5/14/2020 Macon, GA 1
5/12/2020 Folkston, GA I received this bill as change 2
5/10/2020 San Antonio, TX 1
4/26/2020 Dalton, GA 1
4/22/2020 Green, OH 1
4/20/2020 Hazlehurst, GA Don’t remember 1 View Bills
4/18/2020 Jacksonville, FL Was given back as change at store 1 View Bills
4/16/2020 Augusta, GA Change from a super express on peach orchard Rd. 1 View Bills
4/16/2020 Tallahassee, FL From the grocery store 1
4/8/2020 Vidalia, GA I received it as change 1
3/25/2020 Waycross, GA Received in change. 1
3/19/2020 Miami, FL Went in to leilas store in the heart of over town miami florida bought some M&M gatorade and some peach ring gummies and got the dollar as change 1 View Bills
3/13/2020 Douglas, GA 1
3/11/2020 Macon, GA I received it during a purchase 1 View Bills
3/9/2020 Leesburg, FL Cash Back 1
3/6/2020 Dublin, GA Cashing check 1
3/5/2020 Bainbridge, GA I received this bill at a bank. Went to get change for my store. 1
3/4/2020 Statesboro, GA I work at Concessions at Georgia Southern University & received the bill during a basketball game 1 View Bills
3/3/2020 Gray, GA Got with change while shopping. 1
3/1/2020 North Richland Hills, TX Change at a store 1
2/28/2020 Hawkinsville, GA Selling tickets for fundraisers and came across it. 1
2/24/2020 Douglas, GA McDonalds 1
2/21/2020 McRae, AR At work in McDonald's 1 View Bills
2/21/2020 Screven, GA 1
2/21/2020 Augusta, GA tipped with it at Twin Peaks Augusta 1 View Bills
2/18/2020 Daytona Beach, FL 1 View Bills
2/18/2020 Youngsville, LA Shopping 1
2/18/2020 Waycross, GA received as change at discount convivence store 1
2/16/2020 Brooklet, GA I received this bill as change at the livestock sale. 1
2/16/2020 Homestead, FL change while shopping 1
2/15/2020 Thomasville, GA Received as change at Chick Fil A 1
2/15/2020 Thomasville, GA i got it from a store after a purchase. 1
2/9/2020 Irving, TX I received this bill as change while shopping. 1
2/8/2020 Alma, GA 1
2/3/2020 Hazlehurst, GA My husband cashed his check at a store then handed it to me 1
2/1/2020 Jacksonville, FL 1
2/1/2020 Panacea, FL Change from a purchase! 1
1/30/2020 Statesboro, GA At work 1 View Bills
1/29/2020 Ridgeville, SC I recieved this bill as change while shopping. 2 View Bills
1/22/2020 Clearwater, FL Given to me at a bar as a tip 1
1/17/2020 Hazlehurst, GA Received in change from store. 1
1/13/2020 Jesup, GA Convenient store/gas station 1
1/13/2020 Thibodaux, LA Recieved as change 1
1/13/2020 Pearson, GA At the convenient store, it was my change 1
1/13/2020 Baxley, GA In my work drawer 1 View Bills
1/11/2020 Blackshear, GA FOUND IT IN MY REGISTER AT WORK!!! 1
1/8/2020 Fleming Island, FL Working in a restaurant 1 View Bills
1/8/2020 Sanford, NC My wallet 1
12/31/2019 Dublin, GA 1
12/29/2019 Jacksonville, FL 2
12/28/2019 Baxley, GA I got it back as change from a store. 1
12/25/2019 Alma, GA It was given to me at my place of work. 1
12/23/2019 Baxley, GA 1
12/21/2019 Lampasas, TX Got it from change at Walmart self checkout 1 View Bills
12/19/2019 Indian Rocks Beach, FL At the kooky coconut 1
12/15/2019 Aiken, SC At work at sonic 1 View Bills
12/14/2019 Attalla, AL I received this bill while cashing my check at a gas station 1
12/14/2019 Sylvester, GA what type of money do you think?(; people buying dope. 1
12/14/2019 Bonaire, GA I recived as babysitting payment 1
12/12/2019 Douglas, GA I received this bill as change at a locally-owned convenience store. 1 View Bills
12/10/2019 Alma, GA Change while shopping 1
12/10/2019 Vidalia, GA Money withdrawal 1
12/10/2019 Vidalia, GA Money withdrawal 1
12/6/2019 Savannah, GA Found at a store 1 View Bills
12/2/2019 Atlanta, GA while shopping 1
11/22/2019 Lakeland, FL At a bank. 1
11/21/2019 Brunswick, GA I received it as change from the local Parker convenient store. 1 View Bills
11/20/2019 Orlando, FL Bought instant ramen from hotel and got the stamped bill for change 2
11/20/2019 Orlando, FL I bought ramen and got the money. 2
11/15/2019 Savannah, GA 1
11/13/2019 Dothan, AL customer brought it into store 1
11/6/2019 Ocilla, GA Change back from Local convenience store 1 View Bills
11/6/2019 Augusta, GA 1
11/5/2019 Augusta, GA I received this bill as change while shopping. 1
10/31/2019 Orange Park, FL It was change at a marijuana dispensary 1 View Bills
10/26/2019 Eastman, GA Was exchanging money at work and saw the red stamping and saw what it was. 1
10/21/2019 Lexington, SC 1
10/20/2019 Jacksonville, FL I'm a cashier for a local 76 Gas Station. Received from a customer receiving service 1
10/18/2019 East Dublin, GA I got it as change when I was buying gas 1 View Bills
10/15/2019 Blackshear, GA My family give it to me. 1 View Bills
10/14/2019 , GA I got it from a taco bell lmao 1
10/6/2019 Lakeland, FL Change from McDonald's on N. 98 in Lakeland, Fl 1
10/4/2019 Alma, GA Paycheck 1
9/29/2019 Waycross, GA Work 1
9/27/2019 Douglas, WY Received as change from convenience store 1
9/26/2019 Monticello, FL Business deposit 1
9/24/2019 Moss Point, MS Bought food products 1 View Bills
9/21/2019 Hazlehurst, MS As a waitress at a small family owned restaurant In the area. It was earned. 1
9/17/2019 Fort Pierce, FL Pot Belli deli 1
9/17/2019 Knoxville, TN The state fair 1
9/16/2019 Thomasville, GA Used to purchase Mexican Food, obtained from Flower Shop co-worker. 1
9/16/2019 West Hollywood, CA Delivery Driver Tip 1
9/16/2019 Madison, GA 1
9/13/2019 Lakeland, FL 1
9/11/2019 Ocala, FL Tips at work. 1
9/7/2019 perry, GA in a drawer at work 18
9/5/2019 Atlanta, GA Bank 1
9/4/2019 Port St. Lucie, FL 1
9/4/2019 Chattanooga, TN Taco Bell change 1
9/2/2019 Douglas, GA 1
8/26/2019 Baxley, GA 1
8/26/2019 Ambrose, GA Change at a store 1
8/24/2019 York, PA Found it 1
8/18/2019 Atlanta, GA Transactions 1
8/14/2019 Atlanta, GA 1
8/13/2019 Winston-Salem, NC 1
8/13/2019 Valdosta, GA I got change back at a restaurant. 1
8/12/2019 Spanish Fort, AL Gas station 1
8/11/2019 Douglas, GA My cousin payed me back 1
8/11/2019 Douglas, GA My cousin payed me back 1
8/3/2019 chauncey, GA 1
8/2/2019 Eastman, GA check 1
7/26/2019 Valdosta, GA Work 1
7/25/2019 Milledgeville, GA 1
7/22/2019 Blackshear, GA Work 1
7/21/2019 Fate, TX Playing LRC!! 1
7/20/2019 Mobile, AL 1
7/19/2019 Jesup, GA Gas station 1
7/18/2019 Douglas, GA 1
7/16/2019 Waycross, GA Kroger grocery store 1
7/14/2019 Lake Park, FL Tip as a server 1
7/12/2019 Douglas, GA At a store 2 View Bills
7/11/2019 Douglas, GA CHANGE AT A STORE 2
7/11/2019 Milledgeville, GA Store 1
7/9/2019 Alma, AR Change at a store 1
7/5/2019 Douglas, GA Store 1
7/4/2019 Griffin, GA Florida 1
7/2/2019 Fernandina Beach, FL Got it in change from McDonalds 1
6/29/2019 Hazlehurst, GA Restaurant 1
6/28/2019 Pooler, GA Gas station 1
6/28/2019 Eastman, GA McDonald’s 1
6/23/2019 Valdosta, GA 1
6/23/2019 Jacksonville, FL Change at the gas station 1 View Bills
6/19/2019 Dublin, GA FROM SMALL STORE 1
6/11/2019 Hazlehurst, GA Cashed my check in and the bank gave it to me! 1
6/9/2019 Helena, MT I was at a convenience store and received it and Helena Georgia 1
6/8/2019 Waycross, GA I was at Popeyes’s and it came with my change 1
6/7/2019 Dublin, GA I received change back at Roses. 1
5/25/2019 Jonesboro, AR Change 1
5/19/2019 Jacksonville, FL 1
5/17/2019 Dublin, GA Made a purchase at Flash Foods and got this bill back in my change. 1
5/11/2019 Milledgeville, GA Purchased an item and got change 1
5/10/2019 Mechanicsville, VA exchanged a dollars worth of change to get it 1
5/7/2019 Jacksonville, FL Bank 1
5/7/2019 Jacksonville, FL Bank 1
5/4/2019 Jacksonville, FL 1
4/25/2019 Milledgeville, GA Got change, and found it amongst the change 1 View Bills
4/24/2019 Jacksonville, FL FLORAL SHOP 1
4/22/2019 Waycross, GA 1
4/21/2019 Jesup, GA Gas station change 1
4/20/2019 Wrightsville Beach, NC 1
4/13/2019 Douglas, GA Given to me as change at a restaurant 1
4/12/2019 Douglas, AZ Store Purchase 1
4/5/2019 Hazlehurst, GA Gas station 1 View Bills
3/26/2019 Waycross, GA Bhumi found it in a money box 1 View Bills
3/16/2019 Gray, GA 1
3/16/2019 Hazlehurst, GA 1
3/9/2019 Lyons, GA The store 1
3/9/2019 Lyons, GA From the store 1
3/1/2019 Baxley, GA Gas station 1
2/22/2019 H, FL 1
2/22/2019 Alma, GA Change from the hardware store for 1
2/9/2019 Alma, GA Change from a purchase at a pharmacy 1
2/9/2019 Augusta, GA 1
2/7/2019 Augusta, GA I went to the store 14 View Bills
1/25/2019 Brunswick, GA Gas station 1
12/27/2018 Abbeville, SC Change from store 1
11/7/2018 Alma, GA Change from the Burger King in Douglas Ga 1
7/6/2018 Fort Myers, FL Just discovered this $5 bill in my wallet when I went to pull out my own bills for stamping with my "not to be used for bribing politicians" stamp! So not sure exactly where I got it, but it was here in Fort Myers. I've been stamping my bills for years, but this is the first time I've gotten a bill stamped by someone else, 1