Stamper ID: RMJR

Hometown: Westport, NY

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 36

Number of Times Reported: 87

Estimated Impressions: 76,125 times

Number of States Reported In: 13

Stamped in All States Ranking: 53

Why I Stamp:

Corporate money has corrupted our political system. This along with gerrymandering and voter suppression are serious threats to our democracy.

Started Stamping Date:

December 25, 2017

Tips for Fellow Stampers:

If you use a credit card for most purchases as I do you can get more bills into circulation by changing 20 stamped ones at an establishment such as a gas station for 4-$5 bills. Then stamp them and change them in for a $20 bill. I take 5-$20 bills to the bank and get a hundred $1 bills to start the process over.

Recent Sightings

Stamper: RMJR, Westport, NY

Sighted in: Tucson, AZ

Date Reported: February 7 at 6:24 pm EST

Stamper: RMJR, Westport, NY

Sighted in: Plattsburgh, NY

Date Reported: February 2 at 7:09 am EST

Stamper: RMJR, Westport, NY

Sighted in: Peru, NY

Date Reported: January 25 at 7:34 pm EST

Possession: I got this from a store as change, going to donate it to Elise for Congress!

Stamper: RMJR, Westport, NY

Sighted in: Port Henry, NY

Date Reported: January 18 at 7:16 pm EST

Possession: Went to dollar general and paid for something and got this back in change

Stamper: RMJR, Westport, NY

Sighted in: Corinth, MS

Date Reported: January 14 at 10:56 am EST

RMJR's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
2/7/2019 Tucson, AZ 1
2/2/2019 Plattsburgh, NY 1
1/26/2019 Peru, NY I got this from a store as change, going to donate it to Elise for Congress! 1
1/19/2019 Port Henry, NY Went to dollar general and paid for something and got this back in change 1
1/14/2019 Corinth, MS 1
1/11/2019 Port Henry, NY Friend bought weed with it 1
12/15/2018 Albany, NY It was change at the regal cinema in crossgates mall. 1
12/12/2018 Northampton, MA Walmart 1
12/4/2018 Broadalbin, NY From bank 1
11/17/2018 Massena, NY Used at an arena concession stand. 1
11/13/2018 Norfolk, NY Change return on a purchase 1
11/9/2018 Lincoln, NE Bartending 1
11/2/2018 Everett, WA Work 1
10/27/2018 Everett, WA Jack in the Box 1
9/23/2018 Elizabethtown, NY Change at Stewart's convenience store 1 View Bills
8/28/2018 Ticonderoga, NY I found it while working at s local ice cream stop. 1
8/25/2018 Au Sable Forks, NY CHANGE 2
8/25/2018 Plattsburgh, NY change at grocery store 2
8/22/2018 Medford, NY I’m a cashier and it was paid for with 1
8/21/2018 kew gardens, NY, NY working at a pharmacy 1
8/20/2018 Coventry, CT From work it was tip 1
8/19/2018 Keeseville, NY Got change 1
8/10/2018 Plattsburgh, NY Tip 1
7/31/2018 Albany, NY 1
7/29/2018 Ticonderoga, NY 1
7/29/2018 Greensburg, PA Road side corn stand 1
7/17/2018 Plattsburgh, NY 1
7/16/2018 Plattsburgh, NY 1
7/13/2018 Plattsburgh, NY Unknown 1 View Bills
7/8/2018 Plattsburgh, NY drug transaction 1
7/2/2018 CLIFTON PARK, NY Taco bell 1
6/27/2018 Saranac Lake, NY Noticed it in the register at work 1
6/24/2018 North Bangor, NY Received in change from store 1
6/23/2018 Coral Springs, FL used to pay for a movie ticket at the theater. Dollar tracked by manager doing nightly deposit. 1
6/2/2018 Tucson, AZ Paying for gas got it for change 1
5/29/2018 Wenatchee, WA Not sure, think it was at a place called Saddlerock pub in Wenatchee. Noticed it when I was paying for something the next day 1 View Bills
5/25/2018 Keeseville, NY Tips 1
5/17/2018 Queensbury, NY Change from a convenience store 1
5/16/2018 Whitehall, NY Got it in a cash return 4
5/15/2018 Brushton, NY Counting Cash 1
5/10/2018 Granville, NY change for purses 1
5/2/2018 Tempe, AZ Saw it at my work 1
4/29/2018 Lockport, NY Work pay 1
4/20/2018 Plattsburgh, NY Tip money 1
4/19/2018 New York, NY 1
4/13/2018 Bisbee, AZ I work at a medical marijuana dispensary and I saw it on one of the bills a patient provided 1
4/9/2018 Plattsburgh, NY Subway 1
4/1/2018 Bisbee, AZ 1
3/30/2018 South Lake Tahoe, CA Purchase 2
3/30/2018 Bisbee, AZ Got it as change while shopping. 1
3/29/2018 New Bedford, MA 1
3/29/2018 Bisbee, AZ In my tip jar! 1 View Bills
3/28/2018 North Bangor, NY Given as change 1
3/25/2018 Plattsburgh, NY Tip at pizza hit 1 View Bills
3/21/2018 Tucson, AZ 1
3/20/2018 Plattsburgh, NY Work 1
3/18/2018 Bisbee, AZ given as change 1 View Bills
3/16/2018 Naugatuck, CT It was a tip 1
3/13/2018 Plattsburgh, NY Change from price chopper 1
3/12/2018 Auburn, CA 2
3/11/2018 Atlanta, GA kid gave it to me 1
3/7/2018 Bombay, NY Received for purchase of gas at store 1 View Bills
3/4/2018 West chazy, NY From somebody borrowed money and payed me back 1
2/28/2018 Plattsburgh, NY From a gas station 1
2/28/2018 Norwalk, CT 1
2/25/2018 Rochester, NY 1
2/19/2018 Plattsburgh, NY 1
2/17/2018 Westport, NY A friend had it 1
2/14/2018 Crown Point, NY Someone dropped it at the store 1
2/6/2018 West chazy, NY 1
2/6/2018 Albany, NY 1
2/3/2018 Lake Placid, NY I traded a $5 bill for 5 $1 bills 1 View Bills
2/1/2018 Plattsburgh, NY 1
1/28/2018 Plattsburgh, NY Cashier 1
1/25/2018 Albany, NY Serial Code F 89867709 F 1
1/22/2018 Keeseville, NY Store 1
1/15/2018 Plattsburgh, NY chinese delivery 1
1/3/2018 Elizabethtown, NY Buying gas at the sunoco on river st. 1
12/30/2017 Westport, NY 1