Stamper ID: PIKA

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 432

Number of Times Reported: 22

Estimated Impressions: 19,250 times

Number of States Reported In: 5

Stamped in All States Ranking: 676

Why I Stamp:

Because money seems to speak louder than words in our country.

Relationship status:


Favorite Stamp(s):

“Not to be used to bribe politicians”  Especially on a $5 bill because it looks bad ass next to Lincoln. 🙂

I like that one better than my other one, “Stamp $$$ out of politics,” because that one seems to be misread often by people – they read it quickly as “Stamp out politics” which is not quite the same thing… 🙂

Started Stamping Date:

March 15, 2019

Favorite Place to Spend Stamped Money:

Restaurants, tip jars, festivals, concerts

General Comments:

I’m a member of The Young Turks and am optimistic that our country’s future is progressive! But I think that everyone pretty much agrees that we need to get big money out of politics, no matter how liberal or conservative you are.

Recent Sightings

Stamper: PIKA, Cleveland, OH

Sighted in: North Royalton, OH

Date Reported: November 29 at 3:12 pm EST

Possession: Received as change

Stamper: PIKA, Cleveland, OH

Sighted in: Philadelphia, PA

Date Reported: January 6 at 10:50 pm EST

Possession: Found in street

Stamper: PIKA, Cleveland, OH

Sighted in: Bucyrus, OH

Date Reported: November 22 at 2:31 am EST

Possession: On the ground walking to Kroger.

Stamper: PIKA, Cleveland, OH

Sighted in: Marion, OH

Date Reported: October 24 at 10:27 am EST

Possession: Got it for a tip at my job 🙂

Stamper: PIKA, Cleveland, OH

Sighted in: South Bend, IN

Date Reported: October 19 at 10:36 am EST

Possession: Starbucks change

Lia's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
11/29/2021 North Royalton, OH Received as change 1
1/7/2020 Philadelphia, PA Found in street 1
11/22/2019 Bucyrus, OH On the ground walking to Kroger. 1
10/24/2019 Marion, OH Got it for a tip at my job 🙂 1 View Bills
10/19/2019 South Bend, IN Starbucks change 1
9/28/2019 Bay Village, OH 1
9/17/2019 Solon, OH Working in a concession stand 1
9/11/2019 Cleveland, OH I got this bill during the Cleveland Browns home opener Sunday . Good job getting it into the hands of a beer guy, as thousands in cash go through my hands weekly. I also travel frequently to work events. 1
8/12/2019 Woodhaven, MI Waitressing at ihop 1
8/5/2019 Wakeman, OH Change from gas station 2
7/30/2019 Oberlin, OH Gas station clerk 2
7/24/2019 Crooksville, OH 1
7/22/2019 Stow, OH Cash back at meijer 1
7/21/2019 Cleveland, OH A gas station clerk gave it to me as change 1
7/19/2019 Ashtabula, OH Covered Bridge Pizza 1
6/19/2019 Fenton, MI Change from store 1
6/6/2019 Streetsboro, OH 1
6/5/2019 St. Louis, MO I don’t know 1
5/11/2019 Brecksville, OH My dad gave it to me. 1
4/27/2019 Lakewood, OH Change from a cash register at Luckys market in Lakewood 1
4/8/2019 Akron, OH I work as a stripper 1
3/25/2019 Mayfield, OH Starbucks 1