Stamper ID: NELM

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 107

Number of Times Reported: 90

Estimated Impressions: 78,750 times

Number of States Reported In: 18

Stamped in All States Ranking: 100

Recent Sightings

Stamper: NELM

Sighted in: Angola, IN

Date Reported: September 20 at 7:44 pm EST

Possession: Walmart

Stamper: NELM

Sighted in: Smyrna, DE

Date Reported: August 17 at 5:48 am EST

Possession: I received the dollar back from change when I went to Wawa

Stamper: NELM

Sighted in: Sarasota, FL

Date Reported: August 5 at 3:17 pm EST

Possession: a costumer gave it to me at McDonald’s

Stamper: NELM

Sighted in: Fishers, IN

Date Reported: May 4 at 11:50 am EST

Possession: My paycheck from Ocean Prime

Stamper: NELM

Sighted in: Aurora, IN

Date Reported: March 15 at 7:53 pm EST

Possession: Change from a gas station

NELM's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
9/20/2023 Angola, IN Walmart 1
8/17/2023 Smyrna, DE I received the dollar back from change when I went to Wawa 1 View Bills
8/5/2023 Sarasota, FL a costumer gave it to me at McDonald’s 1
5/4/2023 Fishers, IN My paycheck from Ocean Prime 1
3/15/2023 Aurora, IN Change from a gas station 1
9/2/2022 Louisville, KY On the street 1
8/13/2022 Hanover, IN got it back as change 1 View Bills
4/29/2022 Louisville, KY i was working and someone handed it to me 1
4/26/2022 Louisville, KY I was shopping at local corner store 1 View Bills
4/22/2022 Paoli, IN Found it in my wallet 1
3/26/2022 Louisville, KY I got it a change back from a store 1
3/9/2022 Buford, GA Bowlinf 1
1/18/2022 Somerset, PA about to use a vending machine when I spotted the bill 1 View Bills
1/6/2022 Louisville, KY A tip 1
12/30/2021 Louisville, KY I received this bill as a tip at work. 1
11/15/2021 Hickman, KY in change 2
10/8/2021 Shepherdsville, KY 1
10/1/2021 Union City, TN Tip at bar 2
9/28/2021 Pigeon Forge, TN At work old time photo on the island 1
8/22/2021 Somerset, KY Store purchase 1
7/15/2021 Kemp, TX I got it from the gas station 1 View Bills
5/9/2021 Columbus, OH I received this bill as change at a gas station. 1 View Bills
4/13/2021 Scottsburg, IN 1
3/31/2021 Staten Island, NY handed to me for change 1
3/28/2021 New Albany, IN was given to me as a tip at my job 1
3/17/2021 Tuscaloosa, AL It was a tip at the bar I work at! 1
3/13/2021 Lancaster, KY 1 View Bills
3/11/2021 St. Petersburg, FL change while shopping 1
3/8/2021 Jackson, OH 1
3/2/2021 Moss Point, MS Got it with change while shopping. 1 View Bills
2/28/2021 Bedford, IN I was given it by a cashier 1 View Bills
2/20/2021 Glasgow, KY Customer paid with this bill. 3
2/20/2021 Glasgow, KY Customer paid with this bill. 3
2/13/2021 Campbellsville, KY It was given to me out of a Walmart self check out machine as change. 3
2/10/2021 Louisville, KY Long time barber client paid me for a haircut. 1
1/28/2021 Corpus Christi, TX I received as change from a concession stand at a high school soccer game. 1
1/23/2021 Georgetown, IN 1
1/17/2021 Louisville, KY 1
1/14/2021 Campton, KY I was given this bill as a tip 1
1/1/2021 Lexington, KY I received this bill as change from pizza please 1 View Bills
12/29/2020 Clarksville, TN I got change from a Starbucks in a target 1 View Bills
12/19/2020 Louisville, KY Strip club then spent it at a hotel 1
12/5/2020 Sellersburg, IN PNC Bank 1
11/22/2020 Clarksville, TN Customer gave as change 1
11/12/2020 Brownsville, TX Got paid with it at a retail store 1
11/7/2020 Louisville, KY I honestly don’t know where I got it exactly, I was counting my money and found this in my stack. Most likely change from a store 1
11/4/2020 Knob Noster, MO I bought a sub at Casey's and used cash. That sub was so good. 1
10/19/2020 Louisville, KY First watch 1
10/18/2020 Marysville, OH I pulled it out of my wallet 1 View Bills
10/10/2020 Mount Sterling, KY Jumped an old woman’s car in a drug store parking lot. She asked me to follow her to make sure her car made it to her house. She gave me 12 bucks for helping her out- one of them being the stamped $1 bill haha 1
9/29/2020 Louisville, KY Unsure how i ended up with this found it in my bag. 1 View Bills
9/6/2020 Nashville, TN Was given as a tip. 1 View Bills
8/13/2020 Grayson, KY Gas station 1
7/26/2020 Wausau, WI 1
7/19/2020 Louisville, KY Tip jar at work 1 View Bills
7/18/2020 Bardstown, KY change from gas station 1
7/11/2020 Clarksville, TN Recieved as change. 1
7/8/2020 Shepherd, MI I work at Mc Donald’s 1 View Bills
6/28/2020 Columbia, MO It was given to me 1 View Bills
6/21/2020 Bowling Green, KY 1
6/20/2020 Cameron, MO Drive thru 1
6/6/2020 Lagrange, KY Someone used at our shop Rainy Day resale 1
6/5/2020 Louisville, KY Loose dollar from wherever I spent lunch on I think that day was taco bell. 1 View Bills
3/22/2020 Louisville, KY 1
3/1/2020 Louisville, KY I recieved this bill as payment while at work 1
2/20/2020 Louisville, KY On the ground 1
2/19/2020 Scottsburg, IN Good condition 1
2/19/2020 Louisville, KY I received this bill as tip at the restaurant I work at. 1
2/19/2020 Louisville, KY I received this bill as tip at the restaurant I work at. 1
2/2/2020 Abita Springs, LA I got tipped at my job and got it 1
1/26/2020 Louisville, KY 1
1/22/2020 Louisville, KY Got as a tip from change at Thorntons. 1 View Bills
12/30/2019 Louisville, KY Change while shopping 1 View Bills
12/25/2019 Louisville, KY I received this bill as change when I bought marshmallows from an international grocery store. 1 View Bills
12/14/2019 Henryville, IN A customer left it 1
12/14/2019 Elizabethtown, KY Change 1 View Bills
11/23/2019 Pikeville, NC Change 1
11/23/2019 Pikeville, NC Change 1
11/2/2019 Louisville, KY I received this bill as a tip from a customer. 1
10/24/2019 Louisville, KY In tips from a restaurant 1
10/20/2019 Louisville, KY I got it from my change due after a purchase at target 1
10/20/2019 Louisville, KY McDonalds gave us it back 1
10/12/2019 Louisville, KY 1
10/3/2019 Louisville, KY IT WAS GIVEN TO BE AT A BANK ATM 1
10/2/2019 Washington, DC Bank strap from PNC in Crestwood, KY. Entering this on my Wheres George account. 1
9/29/2019 Louisville, KY 1
8/17/2019 Crestwood, KY I got it at a cvs 1
8/8/2019 Crestwood, KY Change from a $20 bill from buying a gatorade at Speedway gas station. 1
8/5/2019 Crestwood, KY Nelm is my barber client. Hes been w me from when I first got out of school. He is a crazy sob but an amazing person w good advice for a young entrepreneur. I used the money to buy weed. Yikes. 1
7/8/2019 Louisville, KY 1