Stamper ID: MJOX

Hometown: Hopkinton, MA

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 62

Number of Times Reported: 98

Estimated Impressions: 85,750 times

Number of States Reported In: 26

Stamped in All States Ranking: 25

Why I Stamp:

To take our elections back from big money interests

Started Stamping Date:

January 1, 2018

Recent Sightings

Stamper: MJOX, Hopkinton, MA

Sighted in: Modesto, CA

Date Reported: November 23 at 3:25 pm EST

Possession: I received this bill at a smoke shop.

Stamper: MJOX, Hopkinton, MA

Sighted in: Cumberland, RI

Date Reported: November 12 at 1:25 pm EST

Possession: At a shake shop

Stamper: MJOX, Hopkinton, MA

Sighted in: Old Town, ME

Date Reported: November 7 at 9:18 am EST

Possession: I got it as a tip I am a pizza delivery driver

Stamper: MJOX, Hopkinton, MA

Sighted in: Clayton, NC

Date Reported: October 27 at 4:28 pm EST

Possession: Change from a lunch at Arbys.

Stamper: MJOX, Hopkinton, MA

Sighted in: Cranston, RI

Date Reported: October 26 at 8:35 pm EST

Possession: I work at the concessions stand for the Haunted Labyrinth in Cranston, Rhode Island!

Mary O's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
11/23/2019 Modesto, CA I received this bill at a smoke shop. 2
11/12/2019 Cumberland, RI At a shake shop 1
11/7/2019 Old Town, ME I got it as a tip I am a pizza delivery driver 1
10/27/2019 Clayton, NC Change from a lunch at Arbys. 1
10/27/2019 Cranston, RI I work at the concessions stand for the Haunted Labyrinth in Cranston, Rhode Island! 1
10/27/2019 , MA GOT FROM BANK 1
10/20/2019 Chicopee, MA change at grocery store 1
10/16/2019 Dartmouth, MA store 1
10/6/2019 Huntington Park, CA Counting box registers at my job. McDonald’s 1 View Bills
9/22/2019 Concord, NH Beefside Restaurant. 1
9/19/2019 Sisters, OR Change from vacation. 1
9/17/2019 Rehoboth, MA I work at j&j materials in Rehoboth Ma, the bill was used to pay for materials 2
9/15/2019 Mansfield, OH Customer paid for food with bill 1
9/1/2019 Stillwater, NY Valet at Sartoga Hilton...I visit the sled dog fair every fall in Hopkinton 1
8/28/2019 Boston, MA Dunkin Donut drive thru purchase. 1
8/26/2019 Revere, MA Change from an autoparts store 1 View Bills
8/23/2019 Rosemount, MN I believe I received it as change in either Rosemount, Mn or Mpls. 1
8/21/2019 Ceres, CA school 2
8/19/2019 Lincoln, NH Cash back from a pizza 1
8/10/2019 Anchorage, AK I got it as my tips, at my job. 1
8/5/2019 Lincoln, NH was at a gift shop in nh and the guy in the front asked if i wanted a differ bill, i wanted to read it so i took it 1
7/31/2019 Providence, RI Change from $20 a downtown Providence Starbucks. 1
7/1/2019 San Diego, CA Tip jar 1
6/24/2019 Boston, MA 1
6/16/2019 Everett, WA I was cashing my check and received the dollar bill 1
6/9/2019 Napa, CA Tips 1
6/7/2019 Dover, DE 1
6/3/2019 Las Vegas, NV Taco bell 1
5/31/2019 Alexandria, VA 1
5/27/2019 Los Angeles, CA 1
5/2/2019 Boston, MA 1
4/16/2019 Worcester, MA Through a Business/Paddle Boston 1
4/12/2019 Everett, WA Outside Texas Roadhouse restaurant. 2
4/12/2019 Everett, WA Found outside Texas Roadhouse restaurant. 2
4/11/2019 Statesville, NC I bought a drink at a gas station 1
4/9/2019 Portland , ME 1
4/7/2019 Wrentham, MA Payed for a meal at Cracker Barrel near the Wrentham Outlets. 1
3/26/2019 Hendersonville, NC Work 1
3/16/2019 Newton, MA 1
3/16/2019 Newton, MA It was used as tender for a purchase made in a retail store 1
3/16/2019 Dania Beach, FL Someone bought some food at h 1
3/2/2019 Warwick, RI 1
3/1/2019 Sheffield, OH Someone gave it to me to play in our group lottery 1
2/15/2019 Quincy, MA It was change back from a small café in the building I work in. 1
2/10/2019 Perry,, MI Gas station 1
2/5/2019 Lemon Grove, CA Left as a tip 1
2/5/2019 San Mateo, CA Cashier handed it to me. 1
1/29/2019 San Diego, CA 1
1/26/2019 Boston, MA Change from a store purchase. 1
1/13/2019 Rockford, IL Walmart 1
12/24/2018 Boston, MA I am a bartender 1
12/4/2018 Hopkinton, MA Tip at Supercuts 1
11/24/2018 Gainesville, GA Payment at Chick-Fil-A 1 View Bills
10/31/2018 Denver, CO 1
10/31/2018 Providence, RI A store 2
10/30/2018 Woonsocket, RI 1
10/22/2018 San Antonio, TX 1
10/17/2018 Natick, MA It's in a store's register 1
10/13/2018 San Francisco, CA 1
10/11/2018 Brea, CA From a coworker paying a tip after splitting dinner 1
10/10/2018 Moore, OK Oklahoma popcorn in Moore Oklahoma I received it as change 1
10/9/2018 Marysville, WA Getting change 1 View Bills
9/22/2018 Bellingham, WA 1
9/15/2018 Sudbury, MA 1
9/8/2018 Worcester, MA 1
9/8/2018 Boston, MA Change 1
9/6/2018 Tiverton, RI My friend gave me it 1
8/31/2018 Austin, TX found it in my wallet 1
8/14/2018 Little Falls, MN In the register when I counted down at the end of the night 1
7/31/2018 Modesto, CA Recieved as change after a purchase 1
7/27/2018 Waltham, MA Change received 1
7/18/2018 El Centro, CA was received as change 1
7/17/2018 Boston, MA From a bank 1
7/14/2018 Franklin, MA 1
7/3/2018 Boston, MA Change from resturent 1
6/22/2018 Leominster, MA 1
6/6/2018 Miami, FL 1
5/19/2018 Waltham, MA From a store cash register 1
5/17/2018 Greenwich, OH I was getting change so I could do laundry at my hotel. 1
5/7/2018 Broadview Heights, OH My change at Steak n Shake 1
5/5/2018 Rochester, NY was visiting Salem and Boston MA 1
4/28/2018 San Diego, CA As change from a bigger bill 1
4/27/2018 Phoenix, AZ Got change for tip @ American AIRLINES Admirals Club A Pier @ PHX Airport. 1
4/21/2018 Buena Park, CA Change from the store 1
4/21/2018 Phoenix, AZ I work at a restaurant, someone left a 10 dollar tip since it was a big order. 1
4/18/2018 Orange, CA Got it as change at Jack in the box 1
4/3/2018 Stonington, CT Received as tip while working at hotel. 1
3/16/2018 Boston, MA Change 1
2/7/2018 Norfolk, MA my mom gave it to me to buy some pizza 1
1/19/2018 Bairoil, WY bought something for $100 at Target in Kona Hawaii and received this $10 back in change. 1
1/19/2018 Schofield Barracks, HI bought something at Target with 100 dollars then got this ten dollar in change 1
1/9/2018 Boston, MA Change from a fast food outlet 1