Stamper ID: MIKE

Hometown: Fresno, CA

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: Unranked

Number of Times Reported: 54

Estimated Impressions: 47,250 times

Number of States Reported In: 8

Stamped in All States Ranking: 230

Why I Stamp:

Wealth should not equal power. Our system is flawed. The people have no representation. The Republican Party is crumbling under the influence of its donors. The Democratic Party is complacent with talk and no action to keep its donors happy. We need change and it can only begin to happen if the people get their voice back.



Favorite Stamp(s):

It’s like you’re asking me to choose a favorite child.

Favorite Place to Spend Stamped Money:

Anyplace. Really.

General Comments:

Professional Host. Dreamer. Optimist. Obstacles are just opportunities for which you have to work.

Recent Sightings

Stamper: MIKE, Fresno, CA

Sighted in: Long Beach, CA

Date Reported: January 16 at 12:27 am EST

Possession: No idea

Stamper: MIKE, Fresno, CA

Sighted in: Oroville, CA

Date Reported: February 4 at 11:18 pm EST

Possession: Counting drawer at taco bell

Stamper: MIKE, Fresno, CA

Sighted in: San Antonio, TX

Date Reported: January 21 at 5:25 pm EST

Possession: Someone bought some weed off me

Stamper: MIKE, Fresno, CA

Sighted in: Ahwahnee, CA

Date Reported: September 10 at 12:32 pm EST

Possession: Change from market

Stamper: MIKE, Fresno, CA

Sighted in: Tracy, CA

Date Reported: August 30 at 9:10 pm EST

Possession: Bank withdrawals

MIKE's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
1/16/2021 Long Beach, CA No idea 1
2/5/2020 Oroville, CA Counting drawer at taco bell 1
1/21/2020 San Antonio, TX Someone bought some weed off me 1
9/10/2019 Ahwahnee, CA Change from market 1
8/31/2019 Tracy, CA Bank withdrawals 1
8/23/2019 Fresno, CA 1
8/4/2019 Springfield, MO Through work. 1 View Bills
6/24/2019 Menlo Park, CA USED TO PAY A FINE AT THE LIBRARY 1
6/23/2019 Fresno, CA Working 1
6/14/2019 Tulare, CA I got it as change 1 View Bills
5/30/2019 Clovis, CA 1
5/9/2019 Fresno, CA 1
5/1/2019 Visalia, CA 1
4/30/2019 Mariposa, CA 1
3/25/2019 Fresno, CA I own a bar and this currency was given to me for a drink called a screwdriver and they told me they were a White Russian. 1
3/13/2019 Clovis, CA 1
3/7/2019 Madera, CA Change 1
2/13/2019 Fresno, CA A customer paid me with them. I have 11 stamped bills. 1
2/2/2019 Yucca Valley, CA From cash back at Walmart 1
1/30/2019 Selma, CA School 1
1/23/2019 Fresno, CA He paid with this bill at out restaurant Robertitos taco shop 1
1/16/2019 Las Vegas, NV 1
10/7/2018 Clovis, CA 1
7/31/2018 Fresno, CA 1
7/19/2018 Fresno, CA Work at a local record store, was passed to me by a customer. You're fuckin HOT Mike, woof. 1
6/25/2018 Oakland, CA 1
6/15/2018 Millbrae, CA Change for a 100 dollar bill 1
6/15/2018 Tulare, CA Drive thru 1
6/1/2018 Madera, CA I came across it when someone paid for their meal at my shop 1 View Bills
5/12/2018 Fresno, CA I am a Pizza delivery driver. Customer gave me this bill. 1
4/25/2018 Rio Linda, CA Tip from a client! 1
4/19/2018 Selma, IA Change from save mart 1
4/18/2018 San Francisco, CA Bank 1
1/13/2018 Overland Park, KS Store 1
11/26/2017 Kansas City, KS My wife got it as change from a vending machine at work 1
10/6/2017 Independence, MO Took money out of the ATM 1
9/18/2017 Des Moines, IA At a Resturant 1
9/11/2017 Overland Park, KS 1
8/10/2017 Topeka, KS 1
7/4/2017 Kansas City, MO 1
5/1/2017 Overland Park, KS 1
3/16/2017 , 1
2/23/2017 Liberty, MO 1 View Bills
2/23/2017 Liberty, MO 1 View Bills
6/16/2016 Ridgewood, NY ATM Machine on the corner of Palmetto and Cypress 1 View Bills
3/23/2016 Kansas City, MO Chico's 1 View Bills
12/8/2015 Wichita, KS 1
9/7/2015 Blue Springs, MO 1
8/22/2015 Kansas City, MO 1
8/22/2015 Kansas City, MO 1