Stamper ID: LP69

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 201

Number of Times Reported: 49

Estimated Impressions: 42,875 times

Number of States Reported In: 12

Stamped in All States Ranking: 197

Recent Sightings

Stamper: LP69

Sighted in: La Porte, IN

Date Reported: March 1 at 7:58 pm EST

Possession: I got this bill from Walmart , as change.

Stamper: LP69

Sighted in: Chicago, IL

Date Reported: February 22 at 12:53 am EST

Possession: Me lo dieron como tip de mí trabajo

Stamper: LP69

Sighted in: Parkesburg, PA

Date Reported: January 30 at 11:00 pm EST

Possession: It was in my change from a food store.

Stamper: LP69

Sighted in: Fullerton, CA

Date Reported: January 24 at 9:41 am EST

Stamper: LP69

Sighted in: Englewood, OH

Date Reported: December 4 at 10:20 am EST

Possession: change while shopping

LP69's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
3/2/2024 La Porte, IN I got this bill from Walmart , as change. 1 View Bills
2/22/2024 Chicago, IL Me lo dieron como tip de mí trabajo 1
1/31/2024 Parkesburg, PA It was in my change from a food store. 1
1/24/2024 Fullerton, CA 1
12/4/2023 Englewood, OH change while shopping 1
8/7/2023 Gary, IN Gas station 1 View Bills
12/8/2022 Chicago, IL 1
11/26/2022 Benton Harbor, MI 1
11/13/2022 La Porte, IN Received a change 1
9/9/2022 San Antonio, TX At my work when a customer handed me a 10 dollar bill 1
9/7/2022 La Porte, IN Received for payment. 1
9/2/2022 La Porte, IN Change from a store in La Porte 1
8/17/2022 Fort Wayne, IN Bank cash withdrawal 1
7/5/2022 Chicago, IL Found it 1
6/12/2022 Grand Rapids, MI Someone bought a mower from me and paid with it 1
2/5/2022 South Bend, IN I received this bill from my grandfather. 1
12/19/2021 La Porte, IN Mexican Store 1 View Bills
11/13/2021 Lakeport, CA I received this bill as change while shopping 1
10/8/2021 LaPorte, IN I got it as a tip while i was working. 1
8/19/2021 Shawnee, OK Pay from employment 1
6/14/2021 Junction City, KS I received this bill as part of my withdrawal at a bank. 1 View Bills
6/3/2021 Elburn, IL Me uncle paid me 5$ after he fucked me 1 View Bills
4/2/2021 Laporte, IN I was going thru my wallet counting my money and found it. 1 View Bills
2/23/2021 Michigan City, IN Store 1
1/21/2021 South Bend, IN gift 1
1/16/2021 La Porte, IN I earned it. 1
12/20/2020 La Porte, IN change from Dunlin Donuts 1
12/3/2020 Indianapolis, IN 1
11/16/2020 West Lafayette, IN I received it as change 1
11/8/2020 South Bend, IN I got while shopping 2 View Bills
11/5/2020 LaPorte, IN In Dairy Queen 2 View Bills
10/24/2020 Milwaukee, WI 7/11 cashier 1
10/8/2020 Portage, IN Taken as payment at my work. 1
9/30/2020 Hamlet, IN I work at a gas station and someone used it to buy gas 1
9/27/2020 Culver, IN Revived as change 1
9/18/2020 Tully, NY Withdrew money from my check king account 1
9/18/2020 Chicago, IL Withdrawal from Bank of America. 1
8/12/2020 Wilmette, IL Working at a fast food job. 1 View Bills
8/4/2020 LaPorte, IN It was a change from a purchase I made at a family express 1 View Bills
8/4/2020 LaPorte, IN Someone paid for their food with it. 1
7/23/2020 La Porte, IN Got it back in change at a bank 1 View Bills
6/19/2020 Bartlett, IL Dude gave 10 for a burrito 1
11/30/2019 Mokena, IL 1
7/30/2019 Indianapolis, IN At a store 1
7/23/2019 Humboldt, IA Paid for working at food stand 1
12/9/2018 La Porte, IN Archies restaurant 1
11/11/2018 Michigan City, IN Change from a gas station 1
11/4/2018 La Porte, IN Gas station 1