Stamper ID: KLOE

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 88

Number of Times Reported: 111

Estimated Impressions: 97,125 times

Number of States Reported In: 14

Stamped in All States Ranking: 149

Recent Sightings

Stamper: KLOE

Sighted in: New York, NY

Date Reported: March 15 at 1:33 pm EST

Possession: Received at The Oyster Bar, Grand Central Terminal

Stamper: KLOE

Sighted in: Atlanta, GA

Date Reported: January 7 at 12:58 am EST

Possession: Stripclub

Stamper: KLOE

Sighted in: Montclair, CA

Date Reported: August 21 at 8:51 pm EST

Possession: Change at a bank

Stamper: KLOE

Sighted in: Chandler, AZ

Date Reported: May 21 at 5:43 pm EST

Stamper: KLOE

Sighted in: Henderson, NV

Date Reported: May 9 at 11:31 am EST

Possession: I got change from a prostitute

Kristina's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
3/15/2024 New York, NY Received at The Oyster Bar, Grand Central Terminal 1
1/7/2024 Atlanta, GA Stripclub 1 View Bills
8/22/2023 Montclair, CA Change at a bank 1
5/21/2023 Chandler, AZ 1
5/9/2023 Henderson, NV I got change from a prostitute 1
2/27/2023 Ventura, CA farmers market 1 View Bills
9/30/2022 Cayucos, CA 1
8/6/2022 Los Angeles, CA 1
6/23/2022 Livermore, CA It came from a walmart self checkout as change. 1 View Bills
4/24/2022 Austin, TX It was a tip at a car wash 1
1/31/2022 Kailua, HI RECEIVED FROM MY BANK 1
11/18/2021 Baldwin Park, CA street 1 View Bills
10/24/2021 Mount Pleasant, WI 1
7/14/2021 Escondido, CA At work 1
5/4/2021 East Los Angeles, CA At a restaurant called tacos baja in East LA, i got it in my change. 1 View Bills
4/30/2021 Bell Gardens, CA I am a cashier at a car wash it was found in the tip jar 1
4/7/2021 Los angeles, CA Change from a restaurant 1
4/1/2021 Anza, CA Got it in Tips where I work 2
2/13/2021 Templeton, CA From the bank 1
2/5/2021 Los Angeles, CA at a corner store 1 View Bills
11/30/2020 Medford, OR Store 1
10/18/2020 Los Angeles, CA change from a store 1
10/11/2020 Anaheim, CA some dude gave it to me when I sold him tooth paste 1
7/19/2020 Los Angeles, CA Food truck 1
7/4/2020 Los Angeles, CA Bought some beer at my local store and recieved a bill and responded to it 1
4/22/2020 Santa Ana, CA Someone gave it to me I believe on Garnsey st but not sure because I was still on shock from my razor scooter accident earlier .. I know a man gave to me just not sure if was on garnsey. 1
3/25/2020 Henderson, NV My son received this bill as change at our local gas station. 1
3/8/2020 Lancaster, CA Tip 1
2/27/2020 Culver City, CA Change at starbucks 1 View Bills
2/24/2020 Los Angeles, CA I received it as change from a marijuana dispensary 1
2/22/2020 Santa Rosa, CA While stripping 1
2/13/2020 Los Angeles, CA I received this bill as change while shopping. 1 View Bills
2/1/2020 venice, CA Shopping 1
1/26/2020 Camarillo, CA 1
1/19/2020 Los Angeles, CA I received this bill as change while shopping. 1
12/18/2019 Oklahoma City, OK Received as change for a $5 in a hotel. 1
12/11/2019 Los Angeles, CA My friends dad gave it to my friend and he doesn't think he can use it so he gave it to me 1 View Bills
11/16/2019 Los Angeles, CA 1
11/9/2019 Rialto, CA I found it on Stage at a strip club. 1
11/6/2019 Covina, CA 1
10/8/2019 Henderson, NV 1
10/3/2019 Moab, UT IM A CASHIER 1
9/10/2019 Los Angeles, CA Jack n the box order 1
8/18/2019 Phoenix, AZ At a Taco Bell drive thru 1
8/18/2019 West Hollywood, CA I got it as change at a local eatery. 1
8/15/2019 La Puente, CA I own a food truck and i received it by a client 1
7/29/2019 Venice, CA Given change in store 1
7/26/2019 Riverside, CA Husband 1
7/13/2019 Victorville, CA I was babysitting and when I got paid by my parents they handed me the money and one of the bills was there and I didn’t think much of it at first but I saw a link and clicked on it and I find this 1 View Bills
7/3/2019 West Hollywood, CA Tip 1 View Bills
7/3/2019 West Hollywood, CA By Tip 1
6/24/2019 Los Angeles, CA 1
6/21/2019 Long Beach, CA I bought lunch and ot was given to me as change due. 1 View Bills
6/9/2019 Long Beach, CA Store change 1
6/7/2019 West Hollywood, CA got it as change 1
5/16/2019 Los Angeles, CA As change 1
5/11/2019 Anaheim, CA I’m a server at a restaurant 1
4/30/2019 Los Angeles, CA At a coffe house 1
4/17/2019 Mountlake Terrace, WA At the Student Store 1
4/9/2019 Bellmore, NY Business 1
4/8/2019 Long Beach, CA Store 1
3/2/2019 Los Angeles, CA Work 1
2/25/2019 Los Angeles, CA 1
1/28/2019 Bellingham, WA Popped up at my work 1
1/11/2019 Flagstaff, AZ Change at museum 1
1/9/2019 Santa Monica, CA change from store 1
12/29/2018 Rome, NY Bartending 1 View Bills
12/26/2018 San Luis Obispo, CA cash back 1
12/23/2018 Blue Lake, CA 1
12/21/2018 Los Angeles, CA In n out burger 1 View Bills
12/20/2018 Glendale, CA I'm a teller at a bank in Glendale 1
12/15/2018 Santa Monica, CA Given as change at Samosa House on Main St. 1
12/3/2018 Palmdale, CA Chevron gas station 1 View Bills
11/6/2018 Los Angeles, CA Asking for Change 1
11/3/2018 Los Angeles, CA Change At UCLA 1
10/23/2018 Los Angeles, CA It was given as class tzedakah (charity/donation) in Hebrew school. I work in the school office. 1
10/21/2018 Redlands, CA 1
10/16/2018 Hawthorne, CA Found it 1
10/13/2018 Pasadena, CA I got food at Taco Bell and it was my change. 1
9/13/2018 Los Angeles, CA Market Chage 1
8/5/2018 Corona, CA 1
8/1/2018 Paterson, NJ I got change back and I got in my possession 1
7/25/2018 Bellingham, WA grocerie store 1 View Bills
7/14/2018 Los Angeles, CA Change from somewhere - I don’t remember the store. Oh! I think it was the coffee shop,Venice Grind. 1
6/10/2018 Los Angeles, CA I got it in change from Mao's Kitchen restaurant in Venice beach, CA. 1
6/10/2018 Half Moon Bay, CA Change at Mao\'s Kitchen in Venice, CA 1
4/24/2018 Aliso Viejo, CA I was at work and someone paid me with it so I changed it for a bill in my wallet 1
3/24/2018 LA, CA It was given as change 1
3/10/2018 Los Angeles, CA I whored my ass out, and Big Poppa Jerry gave me this as a tip. 1
1/22/2018 Orange, CA Gratuity 1
1/12/2018 Camarillo, CA 1
11/23/2017 Fillmore, CA 2
9/17/2017 Santa Monica, CA Asked a man for change 1
9/3/2017 La Habra, CA Liqour Store 1
9/3/2017 Corona, CA I\'m a waitress and it was a part of my tip left by a customer! 1
9/2/2017 Hemet, CA 1
8/26/2017 Granville, NY 1
8/12/2017 Orange, CA Got change after purchasing food 1
8/12/2017 Culver City, CA Given as Change in the store. 1
8/1/2017 Los Angeles, CA 1
7/31/2017 Santa Monica, CA I got it as change. 1
7/5/2017 Fullerton, CA 1
6/6/2017 Santa Monica, CA 1
5/22/2017 San Luis Obispo, CA got it back as change from mcdonalds 1 View Bills
5/17/2017 El Segundo, CA Won it in a golf bet 1 View Bills
3/9/2017 Nashville, TN 1
3/4/2017 Santa Monica, CA 1
2/22/2017 Marina del Rey, CA 1
2/15/2017 Marina del Rey, CA 1
1/19/2017 Marina del Rey, CA 1