Stamper ID: KIDD

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 147

Number of Times Reported: 61

Estimated Impressions: 53,375 times

Number of States Reported In: 11

Stamped in All States Ranking: 212

Recent Sightings

Stamper: KIDD

Sighted in: Ashland, KY

Date Reported: January 3 at 10:19 am EST

Possession: I got it back in change.

Stamper: KIDD

Sighted in: Columbus, OH

Date Reported: September 19 at 9:55 pm EST

Stamper: KIDD

Sighted in: Gatlinburg, TN

Date Reported: June 15 at 5:01 pm EST

Possession: At my job someone used it to buy their food.

Stamper: KIDD

Sighted in: Charleston, WV

Date Reported: June 3 at 6:55 am EST

Stamper: KIDD

Sighted in: Huntington, WV

Date Reported: May 18 at 7:41 pm EST

Possession: Got it back after I paid for my pizza

KIDD's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
1/3/2022 Ashland, KY I got it back in change. 2
9/20/2021 Columbus, OH 1
6/15/2021 Gatlinburg, TN At my job someone used it to buy their food. 1 View Bills
6/3/2021 Charleston, WV 1
5/18/2021 Huntington, WV Got it back after I paid for my pizza 1 View Bills
5/14/2021 Matewan, WV We were eating at the Mexican restaurant in Matewan, WV and was given the bill as change. 1 View Bills
3/14/2021 Cross Lanes, WV Working at Dominos haha 1
12/15/2020 Huntington, WV I received the $1 bill as my change from purchasing hair color from Sally’s! 2
11/17/2020 Charleston, WV 1
11/8/2020 Barboursville, WV Shopping at dollar general purchasing tampons. 2 View Bills
10/31/2020 Catlettsburg, KY 2
10/7/2020 Marion, OH 1
9/19/2020 Ironton, OH Received it as change at McDonald’s 2
8/21/2020 Parkersburg, WV Speedway gas station change 1
8/18/2020 Buckhannon, WV i received this bill as change while shopping 1
8/1/2020 Lesage, WV Eating dinner at Hillbilly hot dog 1 View Bills
7/4/2020 Columbus, OH A purchase was made for some gas gas 1 View Bills
6/7/2020 Asheville, NC 1
6/2/2020 Branchland, WV Got it in change 3
5/17/2020 Mason, WV I received this bill at work. 1
5/17/2020 Silver Spring, MD I found this bill in my cabinet and it said not to be used to buy elections and I did not know what that meant 1
4/14/2020 Milton, WI Received it in change 3
3/7/2020 Huntington, WV At my work. 1
2/28/2020 Logan, OH From a client payment. 1
2/14/2020 Barboursville, WV Received it as a tip at work 3
2/10/2020 Lancaster, OH I recieved this bill in a money exchange 1
1/24/2020 Pinetta, FL Received bill as change 1 View Bills
1/24/2020 Ashland, KY I buy bundles of $100s once a month , I use them for petty cash and I stash what I don’t use away for a rainy day. 2
1/18/2020 Worthington, OH Have to me in store 1
1/15/2020 Washington Court House, OH Bank, we got this bad boy outta da bank mama Jo wemba. 1 View Bills
1/1/2020 Logan, WV 1
12/10/2019 Huntington, WV found it in the register at work and the stamp on it caught my eye 1
12/1/2019 Hamilton, OH Gas station 1
11/9/2019 Louisville, KY Customer 1
11/9/2019 Louisville, KY Customer 1
10/8/2019 Gallipolis, OH got paid for working 1
10/1/2019 Buffalo, NY Got it as change from my delivery 1 View Bills
9/17/2019 Barbourville, KY I work at a convenient store. It came through a customer. 1
8/11/2019 Amelia, OH From a strippers thong 1 View Bills
8/3/2019 Boonville, NC someone used to pay garage bill 1
7/20/2019 north myrtle beach , SC 1
7/8/2019 Huntington, WV Bank 1
7/3/2019 Lexington, NC retail store 1
6/29/2019 Point Pleasant, WV Coffee shop 1
6/29/2019 Paintsville, KY Shopping 2
6/29/2019 Fairmont, WV 1
6/15/2019 Las Vegas, NV Carl's JR fast food restaurant 1 View Bills
6/7/2019 Marlinton, WV 1
6/7/2019 Marlinton, WV Received in change at State Farm Insurance of Marlinton, WV 1
6/3/2019 Wellston, OH Gas station 1 View Bills
5/17/2019 Olive Hill, KY Work 1
5/11/2019 Pomeroy, OH 1
5/6/2019 Ashland, KY Bank 1
4/30/2019 Mason, WV 1
4/30/2019 Point Pleasant, WV 1
4/30/2019 Middleport, OH My stoned friend let me look at this weird dollar he got from the hospital. 1 View Bills
4/29/2019 Hurricane, WV 1
4/22/2019 Parkersburg, WV 1