Stamper ID: K9KM

Hometown: Long Beach, CA

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 53

Number of Times Reported: 115

Estimated Impressions: 100,625 times

Number of States Reported In: 11

Stamped in All States Ranking: 124

Why I Stamp:

To wake people up to the destruction of our democracy by the oligarchs.

Favorite Place to Spend Stamped Money:

Everywhere, especially the larger bills.

General Comments:

Bernie Sanders supporter, well educated and financially independent, so I will be voting against my financial interests, ; which is less important then wanting a world that works for everyone. I believe love is the strongest force in the Universe and try to live my life from that place. I love animals,especially dogs and lions. I. Eleven if we don’t turn things around,get money out of politics, the middle class will cease to exist. I have watched the shrinking of the middle class since 1976.

Recent Sightings

Stamper: K9KM, Long Beach, CA

Sighted in: Long Beach, CA

Date Reported: June 2 at 1:36 am EST

Stamper: K9KM, Long Beach, CA

Sighted in: Colton, CA

Date Reported: June 1 at 11:23 pm EST

Possession: found on street by store

Stamper: K9KM, Long Beach, CA

Sighted in: Santa Ana, CA

Date Reported: May 31 at 9:03 pm EST

Possession: Playing bingo

Stamper: K9KM, Long Beach, CA

Sighted in: California City, CA

Date Reported: May 29 at 3:16 pm EST

Possession: MCDONALDS

Stamper: K9KM, Long Beach, CA

Sighted in: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Date Reported: May 14 at 11:29 am EST

Possession: From Wells Fargo bank in Upland Colonies (210 Freeway and Campus).

K9KM's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
6/2/2020 Long Beach, CA 1
6/2/2020 Colton, CA found on street by store 1
6/1/2020 Santa Ana, CA Playing bingo 1
5/29/2020 California City, CA MCDONALDS 1
5/14/2020 Rancho Cucamonga, CA From Wells Fargo bank in Upland Colonies (210 Freeway and Campus). 1 View Bills
5/12/2020 Phelan, CA At work as a cashier 1
5/5/2020 Los Angeles, CA Change at restaurant 1
4/29/2020 Thousand Oaks, CA Counting the day’s earnings at ace hardware on AVENIDA de las Arboles 1 View Bills
4/25/2020 Roseville, MN in my purse 1
3/17/2020 Irvine, CA At a starbucks 1
3/12/2020 La Habra, CA Change from the lunch truck. 1
3/4/2020 El Monte, CA I found it on the floor,by a school 1 View Bills
2/25/2020 Temecula, CA I received this bill from a bank here in town. 1
2/20/2020 Seal Beach, CA i received this bill as change at mcdonald’s 1
2/19/2020 West Covina, CA 1
2/12/2020 Fontana, CA A tip (ihop) 1
2/11/2020 Laguna Niguel, CA Got it in change at Albertson Grocery in Laguna Niguel. 1
2/9/2020 Oceanside, CA 1
2/8/2020 San Juan Capistrano, CA Dad gave to me to pay for lunch 1
1/28/2020 Perris, CA 1
1/27/2020 Thousand Palms, CA Change from gas station in delano California. 1 View Bills
1/21/2020 Rialto, CA I received this money while shopping 1
1/19/2020 Irvine, CA 1
1/11/2020 Norwalk, CA Got it from a store 1 View Bills
1/4/2020 San Diego, CA It was my change of hobby lobby store 1 View Bills
12/28/2019 Los Angeles, CA 1
12/25/2019 Long Beach, CA 1
12/22/2019 Evanston, IL Working as a cashier, I received it as a bill from the customer and took a picture before putting it in the cash drawer. 1
12/17/2019 Long Beach, CA My young daughter received 4 $1 bills for helping her grandmother. Grandma received from a Ralph's grocery store. 1
11/22/2019 Santa Ana, CA Customer paid with it at my cafe. 1
11/16/2019 Long Beach, CA I purchased a drink and paid with 100$ bill and got this bill in my change 1
11/12/2019 Long Beach, CA Was given to me at Eggs Etc., in Long Beach 1
11/8/2019 Garden Grove, CA I received this bill while working the register at a gas station. 1
11/2/2019 Buena Park, CA Birthday money 1
10/27/2019 , CA I was shopping for spaghetti sauce at Walmart and this came out of the self-checkout area, I thought it was strange, but then I realized it stood for a movement I can stand for! 1
10/6/2019 , CA I received this bill as cash back while shooting at Walmart 1 View Bills
9/29/2019 Los Alamitos, CA 1
9/26/2019 St. George, UT 1
9/19/2019 Big Bear, CA I work at carls jr as a cashier and i got this bill as change and thought it was funny so i exchanged my dollar for it 1
9/17/2019 Beverly Hills, CA At a hair salon in Beverly Hills. 1
9/12/2019 West Hollywood, CA change at 7/11 1
9/11/2019 Anaheim, CA At work 1
9/5/2019 San Diego, CA I sell crystals at La Jolla Cove park area and a women handed me 10 ones for $10. It was unusual and it exactly equaled the purchase and all the money on her. I started to unfold the dollar bill when I saw the red markings. As recently I’ve been looking into serial numbers and such. 1 View Bills
9/2/2019 Orange, CA 1
8/30/2019 San Diego, CA I forgot, but I found it in my pocket! 1
8/26/2019 Thousand Oaks, CA Pet store change 1
8/20/2019 Prescott, AZ Through a public library cash register 1
8/20/2019 Bell, CA Dominos delivery 1
8/19/2019 Long Beach, CA 1
8/1/2019 El Cajon, CA 1
7/31/2019 Riverside, CA 1
7/26/2019 Long Beach, CA Change for RockStar @ CVS 1
7/26/2019 Pomona, CA Store 1
7/24/2019 Seal Beach, CA tips at work 1
7/5/2019 Los Alamitos, CA Cashier 1
6/22/2019 Modesto, CA Buying a book 1
6/2/2019 Anaheim, CA Change from a store 1
6/1/2019 Bellflower, CA Bought a shake 1
5/28/2019 Gresham, OR 1
5/20/2019 Commerce City, CO 1
5/19/2019 Norco, CA 1
5/16/2019 Palmdale, CA Bank ATM 1
5/14/2019 San Bernardino, CA Change 1
5/1/2019 Long Beach, CA 1
4/30/2019 Pico Rivera, CA Withdrawn from Wells Fargo ATM 1
4/11/2019 Long Beach, CA 1
4/11/2019 Long Beach, CA Store 1
4/8/2019 Winchester, VA Change for buying food. 1
3/29/2019 Long Beach, CA 1
3/29/2019 Long Beach, CA My girlfriend found it 1
3/23/2019 Denver, CO Pumpkin Patch in Denver Colorado. 1
3/16/2019 Ogden, UT Tip at a bar 1
3/12/2019 Burbank, CA Paid for job. 1
3/1/2019 Long Beach, CA Was change given at a liquor store. Two singles with the same stamp. 1
2/25/2019 Anaheim, CA work, i think? 1
2/21/2019 Placentia, CA crunch gym 1
2/21/2019 Placentia, CA Crunch Gym 1
2/5/2019 Bell Gardens, CA 1
1/28/2019 Downey, CA Store 1
1/18/2019 Chula Vista, CA 1
1/12/2019 Long Beach, CA Change from a $20 1
1/8/2019 Long Beach, CA Change from a store 1
12/20/2018 Long Beach, CA Change from pumping gas 1 View Bills
12/13/2018 Huntington Beach, CA 1
11/24/2018 Los Angeles, CA Northridge CA found it then used it for a tip at bret deli. 1
10/16/2018 Long Beach, CA 1
9/16/2018 Santa Ana, CA Out of wells Fargo ATM 1 View Bills
7/10/2018 Montebello, CA Igot it while selling cans and bottles 1
3/16/2018 Los Angeles, CA 1
2/14/2018 San Antonio, TX Customer at bank gave it to me 1
1/9/2018 Los Angeles, CA Received this bill as change for pizza purchase. 1
12/20/2017 Johnson City, NY 1
11/9/2017 Orange, CA 1
11/8/2017 Long Beach, CA Received it as change in The Salon 1
11/3/2017 Jacksonville, AR 1
10/24/2017 Oak Forest, IL Change from store 1
9/11/2017 West Hollywood, CA Drug deal 1
8/7/2017 Goodyear, AZ Was used for an office co-pay 1
6/30/2017 Lakewood, CA Got it as change at a mcdonalds 1 View Bills
6/25/2017 Santa Monica, CA Hollywood farmers market 1 View Bills
5/3/2017 Long Beach, CA Change 1 View Bills
3/13/2017 San Bernardino, CA 1
2/22/2017 Mission Viejo, CA 1
2/13/2017 San Diego, CA 1
2/3/2017 Long Beach, CA 1
1/28/2017 La Habra, CA 1
12/27/2016 Corning, CA 1
12/16/2016 Long Beach, CA 1
10/31/2016 Corona, CA 1
9/16/2016 Bell, CA 1
9/16/2016 Bell, CA 1
8/24/2016 Seal Beach, CA 1
4/21/2016 Long Beach, CA 1