Stamper ID: JERM

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 37

Number of Times Reported: 137

Estimated Impressions: 119,875 times

Number of States Reported In: 19

Stamped in All States Ranking: 49

Why I Stamp:

I stamp for fun, to make a statement, to raise awareness, and to hopefully encourage others to become more involved.

Get money out of politics!


Favorite Stamp(s):


Favorite Place to Spend Stamped Money:

Tip jars

Tips for Fellow Stampers:

Stamp the front, stamp the back, especially cover that ugly president’s face.

Recent Sightings

Stamper: JERM

Sighted in: Denver, CO

Date Reported: January 6 at 7:02 pm EST

Possession: from purchase at king soopers

Stamper: JERM

Sighted in: Louisville, CO

Date Reported: December 29 at 3:18 pm EST

Possession: I got it at a store for change

Stamper: JERM

Sighted in: Cincinnati, OH

Date Reported: December 23 at 10:12 pm EST

Possession: I dont know might have gotten it from the bank randomly found it

Stamper: JERM

Sighted in: Plymouth, MN

Date Reported: November 12 at 11:04 pm EST

Stamper: JERM

Sighted in: Boston, MA

Date Reported: September 17 at 4:22 am EST

JERM's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
1/7/2020 Denver, CO from purchase at king soopers 1
12/29/2019 Louisville, CO I got it at a store for change 1 View Bills
12/24/2019 Cincinnati, OH I dont know might have gotten it from the bank randomly found it 1 View Bills
11/13/2019 Plymouth, MN 1
9/17/2019 Boston, MA 1
9/15/2019 Gilbert, AZ Purchase of medication 1
9/9/2019 St. Louis, MO Cashier at a gas station 1
9/2/2019 Longmont, CO Tip cash at jefes (restaurant) 1
9/1/2019 Westminster, CO 1
8/30/2019 Roseville, CA 1
8/25/2019 Longmont, CO 1
8/23/2019 Indianapolis, IN Speedway gas station 1
8/21/2019 Orlando, FL 1
8/17/2019 Longmont, CO Change at a taco place! 1
8/12/2019 Colorado, CO Fuck this stamping shit, my bank won\'t accept the bill now cause there\'s bullcrap all over it. 1
8/6/2019 Broomfield, CO Change 1
7/23/2019 Deer Park, TX I am a teller at Lubrizol Employees Credit Union. One of our members has a vending machine business and it was with all his 1s. 1 View Bills
7/23/2019 Denver, CO Change That\'s it 1
7/20/2019 Fort Collins, CO 1
7/19/2019 Colorado Springs, CO A smash brothers tournament that I won gave me around 48 dollars in winnings, and one of the 10 spots was this guy. Good luck with your movement, I support you ~C 1 View Bills
7/13/2019 Thornton, CO 1
7/13/2019 Fort Collins, CO Bank 1
7/7/2019 Erie, CO I got this bill as part of a tip after delivering a pizza. FUCK THE SYSTEM! 1
7/5/2019 Pueblo, CO 1
7/3/2019 Vail, CO Tips 1
5/24/2019 Colorado Springs, CO 1
5/20/2019 Lafayette, LA 1
5/19/2019 Gulf Shores, AL Bought a snowball after Hangout Festival 1 View Bills
5/15/2019 San Bernardino, CA Store 1
5/13/2019 Loveland, CO 1
5/10/2019 Little Falls, MN I found it while selling flowers in my school parking lot 1 View Bills
5/2/2019 Highlands Ranch, CO Found it 1
4/18/2019 Cape Coral, FL Work 1
4/17/2019 Black Hawk, CO At a casino 1
4/11/2019 San Antonio, TX 1
4/9/2019 Denver, CO In was shopping at a Wal-Mart and got it as change 1 View Bills
4/8/2019 Westminster, CO Change from Starbucks 1 View Bills
4/5/2019 Lafayette, LA 1
3/24/2019 Pearland, TX Spent at office supply store by customer, in register at end of night 1
3/24/2019 Poncha Springs, CO I found it 1
3/16/2019 Denver, CO 1
3/16/2019 Arvada, CO Work, cash in, opening my drawer 1
3/14/2019 Sandy, UT Tip jar 1
3/12/2019 Greeley, CO Restaurant 1
3/9/2019 Pueblo, CO 1
3/7/2019 Aurora, CO 1
3/7/2019 Montebello, CA I was a cashier at the Montebello Mall's food court, I was putting in a stack of dollar bills when I saw the stamp. I swapped this bill for one of my own and decided to follow up. 1
3/7/2019 Montebello, CA I was a cashier at a Mediterranean Grill in the Food Court at Montebello Mall. I saw the stamp, swapped this bill for one of my own and decided to follow up with the website on the bill. 1
3/3/2019 Julesburg, CO Randomly, through passing. 1
2/22/2019 Arvada, CO paid for merchandise 1
2/20/2019 Estes Park, CO Tips 1
2/19/2019 Longmont, CO Refund at king soopers 1
2/18/2019 Boulder, CO Tip jar. 1 View Bills
2/18/2019 Longmont, CO Change 1
2/16/2019 Kansas City, MO 1
2/6/2019 Broomfield, CO 1
1/30/2019 San Angelo, TX Found 1
1/22/2019 Cheyenne, WY 1
1/15/2019 Littleton, CO 2
1/10/2019 College Station, TX It was given as change from a purchase 1
12/31/2018 Work, CO I was working and some one payed with it 1
12/19/2018 Denver, CO At school 1
12/11/2018 Colorado Springs, CO Hair Salon change 1
12/5/2018 Parachute, CO Retail Store 1
12/5/2018 Eagle, CO my husband and I manage a small local motel and it was from guest paying with cash 1
12/4/2018 Arvada, CO from work 8
11/12/2018 Denver, CO 1
11/11/2018 Brighton, CO Found 2
10/26/2018 Boulder, CO 1
10/21/2018 Georgetown, CO Fundraiser 1
10/21/2018 Arvada, CO Wells Fargo atm 1
10/20/2018 Anaheim, CA Grocery store 1
10/18/2018 Boulder, CO 1
10/10/2018 Grand Junction, CO 1
10/3/2018 Denver, CO Change 1
10/2/2018 Denver, CO Change from a store 1
9/29/2018 Cincinnati, OH At my Job 1
9/29/2018 Laramie, WY 1
9/26/2018 Littleton, CO 1
9/6/2018 Greeley, CO I work at a bank 1
9/2/2018 Chillum, MD 1
9/2/2018 Thornton, CO 1
8/30/2018 Denver, CO Tip 1
8/23/2018 Englewood, CO Found shoved into the change dispenser in a soda machine 1
8/9/2018 Wheat Ridge, CO Cash purchase. 1
8/8/2018 Denver, CO As atip 1
8/8/2018 Steamboat Springs, CO 1
8/3/2018 Pueblo, CO ATM 1
7/22/2018 Denver, CO After I paid food I received this as change back 1
7/21/2018 Glenwood Springs, CO Retail 1
7/11/2018 Greeley, CO Charge a 20 doller bil 1
7/10/2018 San Diego, CA Change from a store 1
7/9/2018 Grand Junction, CO stripping 1
7/1/2018 Denver, CO I work at Dairy Queen and found it here 1 View Bills
6/30/2018 Loveland, CO I was eating out with family at tres margaritas and we got that for our change. Kinda was confused until I looked it up 1
6/28/2018 Valrico, FL 1
6/23/2018 Wisconsin Dells, WI 1
6/23/2018 Denver, CO Atm machine at walmart 1
6/19/2018 Denver, CO 1
6/16/2018 Denver, CO 1
6/14/2018 Omaha, NE 1
6/6/2018 Brighton, CO Bank 1
6/3/2018 Pueblo, CO I am a barista at the hanging tree café and i kept it because it says: in science we trust. it is now taped to my bedroom wall. 1
5/22/2018 Northglenn, CO It was in a register drawer 1
5/20/2018 Denver, CO ATM 1
5/7/2018 Denver, CO Got the 5$ bill from send it to spend it (BMX jam) 1
5/4/2018 Pueblo, CO Purchased a few cans of Monster and a bearclaw on my lunch break last night at Loaf n Jug on 4th St and Abriendo in Pueblo, CO around 9:45 pm 1
4/24/2018 Brighton, CO Through our Store K & K Surplus Inc. 1
4/20/2018 Colorado Springs, CO Yeah my friend and I tried to get a soda using the bill but it didn’t work thanks to your bullshit illegal movement going on. There are other ways to make change, do it right or don’t do it at all. 1
4/20/2018 Tremonton, UT Change 1
4/18/2018 Sheridan, CO 1
4/16/2018 Denver, CO Sold a sack of herb 1
3/31/2018 Colorado Springs, CO Friend gave it to me 1
3/29/2018 Highlands Ranch, CO Given as a tip 1
3/25/2018 Broomfield, CO Modern Market 1
3/22/2018 Denver, CO Tip jar 1
3/5/2018 Santa Ana, CA 1
3/3/2018 Albuquerque, NM Atm 1
3/2/2018 Arvada, CO 1
2/28/2018 Brighton, CO Change at store 1
2/26/2018 Denver, CO 1
1/29/2018 Denver, CO Received as a tip for delivering food. 1
1/28/2018 Kersey, CO 1
1/27/2018 Denver, CO Stamped these and more 1 View Bills
12/24/2017 Denver, CO Are we now "reporting" the bills we stamp ourselves? lol 1 View Bills
12/24/2017 Denver, CO Are we now \"reporting\" the bills we stamp ourselves? lol 1
12/24/2017 Denver, CO Are we now reporting the bills we\'ve stamped ourselves? Lol 1
12/16/2017 Longmont, CO At tokyo Joe’s 1