Stamper ID: G241

Hometown: Lafayette, CO

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 383

Number of Times Reported: 24

Estimated Impressions: 21,000 times

Number of States Reported In: 9

Stamped in All States Ranking: 280

Why I Stamp:

Our democracy has been bought by wealthy contributions.  I risked my life in Korea to defend democracy.  Turns out that was a 17 year old dream also.  This is a better way to struggle.

Relationship status:


Favorite Stamp(s):

Have one.  Correcting address.

Recent Sightings

Stamper: G241, Lafayette, CO

Sighted in: Brighton, CO

Date Reported: March 22 at 10:12 pm EST

Possession: Used to but a coffee at my place

Stamper: G241, Lafayette, CO

Sighted in: Arvada, CO

Date Reported: December 29 at 9:24 pm EST

Possession: Tiped

Stamper: G241, Lafayette, CO

Sighted in: Phoenix, AZ

Date Reported: December 27 at 8:53 pm EST

Stamper: G241, Lafayette, CO

Sighted in: Eugene, OR

Date Reported: May 24 at 11:01 pm EST

Possession: yo mommas wallet

Stamper: G241, Lafayette, CO

Sighted in: Westminster, CO

Date Reported: December 19 at 11:35 pm EST

Possession: I got this bill at a lunch truck.

Gary A Cox's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
3/23/2023 Brighton, CO Used to but a coffee at my place 1
12/30/2021 Arvada, CO Tiped 1 View Bills
12/28/2021 Phoenix, AZ 2
5/25/2021 Eugene, OR yo mommas wallet 1 View Bills
12/20/2020 Westminster, CO I got this bill at a lunch truck. 1
7/28/2020 Vancouver, WA Received as change from a convenience store 1
6/1/2020 Boulder, CO tips 1
10/9/2019 Lake Charles, LA From the bank 1
10/2/2019 Costa Mesa, CA I was delivering food & received it as my tip. 1
10/2/2019 Louisville, CO I work at a bank. Added the bill to our MUTE pile to go back to the federal reserve 1
9/30/2019 Colorado Springs, CO As a tip being a Starbucks barista. 1
8/14/2019 Lafayette, LA Change 1
8/13/2019 Denver, CO At stinker gas sation 1
7/19/2019 Boulder, CO 1
7/2/2019 Woburn, MA change when I bought food 1
6/11/2019 Chadron, NE received as change at a convenience store 1
6/9/2019 Phoenix, AZ 1 View Bills
3/29/2019 Boulder, CO 1
3/11/2019 Brighton, CO Change from store 1
3/2/2019 Lafayette, LA I asked for change at the Elevation Credit Union bank 1
1/20/2019 Larkspur, CA Given in change. 1
11/24/2018 Lafayette, CO 1
10/21/2018 Ouahu, HI Change 1
7/20/2018 Northglenn, CO I'm a server and I got it as a tip. 1 View Bills