Stamper ID: ESEM

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 51

Number of Times Reported: 201

Estimated Impressions: 175,875 times

Number of States Reported In: 28

Stamped in All States Ranking: 45

Recent Sightings

Stamper: ESEM

Sighted in: Baltimore, MD

Date Reported: March 7 at 2:19 pm EST

Possession: Found at my job. It’s in normal condition.

Stamper: ESEM

Sighted in: Wallace, SC

Date Reported: February 15 at 10:09 pm EST

Possession: A customer used it to pay for his black and milds.

Stamper: ESEM

Sighted in: Frederick, MD

Date Reported: November 26 at 12:28 pm EST

Possession: From a local grocery store, as change

Stamper: ESEM

Sighted in: New Windsor, MD

Date Reported: October 1 at 9:43 pm EST


Stamper: ESEM

Sighted in: Estes Park, CO

Date Reported: September 20 at 10:40 pm EST

Possession: As a tip

ESEM's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
3/7/2024 Baltimore, MD Found at my job. It’s in normal condition. 1 View Bills
2/16/2024 Wallace, SC A customer used it to pay for his black and milds. 1
11/26/2023 Frederick, MD From a local grocery store, as change 1
10/2/2023 New Windsor, MD CHANGE FOR SHOPPING 1
9/21/2023 Estes Park, CO As a tip 1
9/20/2023 Estes Park, CO As a tip 1
9/9/2023 Jennings, MD The store was giving me change 1 View Bills
7/22/2023 Long Pond, PA I run a booth at Pocono raceway 1 View Bills
7/16/2023 District Heights, MD 1
7/6/2023 Columbia, MD received as tip while serving 1 View Bills
7/4/2023 Granbury, TX Given to me as change from a pizza order. 1 View Bills
6/13/2023 Indian Head, MD Got out of ATM in Indian Head MD. 1
6/4/2023 Ellicott City, MD Tips 1
5/29/2023 Palmerton, PA It was in my wallet 1 View Bills
3/25/2023 Fredericksburg, VA Delivery tip 1
2/28/2023 Columbia, MD I was working at dunkin and a customer payed with it’ 2 View Bills
2/23/2023 Baltimore, MD I work at McDonald’s and it was a tip 1 View Bills
2/22/2023 Trenton, NJ Change from gas 1
2/19/2023 Ellicott City, MD My tips from working at a restaurant. 2
2/18/2023 Glenarden, MD Change-of Walmart 1
2/1/2023 Red Hook, NY 1
1/10/2023 Jackson, WY 1
12/16/2022 State College, PA I got it from a bar giving me change for cover 1
9/15/2022 Baltimore, MD I was given the bill as change at a local store 1
9/11/2022 Taneytown, MD Gift 1 View Bills
9/2/2022 York, PA 1
8/17/2022 Sterling, VA cash back 1 View Bills
8/15/2022 Sebastian, FL At work 1 View Bills
8/10/2022 Sterling, VA I work retail! 1
8/7/2022 Baltimore, MD I received this bill shopping 1
7/26/2022 Chester, VA 1
7/25/2022 Baltimore, MD I was unpacking my room and found it in my jacket pocket don’t remember how it got there 1
7/11/2022 Miami, FL 1
5/15/2022 Indianapolis, IN 1
5/14/2022 Baltimore, MD atm 1
5/6/2022 Stafford, VA change back from dunkin’ donuts 1 View Bills
4/19/2022 21090, MD 1
3/19/2022 Baltimore, MD Came through my bank atm 1 View Bills
3/2/2022 Monrovia, MD Customer gave us bill 1
2/12/2022 Mullins, SC At my job in the register 1 View Bills
2/10/2022 Shawnee, OK At work 1
1/31/2022 Gettysburg, PA Showed by family member 1
12/31/2021 Baltimore, MD 1 View Bills
12/24/2021 Miami, FL I work At a cold stone creamery and someone used this bill to pay 1 View Bills
12/14/2021 Ellijay, GA I received the bill while shopping. 1
11/24/2021 Clark, NJ 1
11/12/2021 Baltimore, MD 1
10/11/2021 Smyrna, DE Got as change 1
8/12/2021 Ellicott City, MD At dunkin 1
8/5/2021 Warrenton, VA in cash register at my work place 1 View Bills
8/1/2021 Baltimore, MD It was tipped to me by a customer at a strip club 1
7/30/2021 Brunswick, GA Received as change when shopping 1 View Bills
7/30/2021 Baltimore, MD 1
7/30/2021 Crofton, MD Was tipped it at work 1
7/16/2021 Ocean City, MD I work at Fractured Prune, and it was left in the tip jar. 1 View Bills
7/14/2021 Manassas, VA Received it in change from somewhere. Didn't notice where at the time but found it in wallet. 1
6/27/2021 Baltimore, MD The bank gave it to me 1
6/19/2021 Philadelphia, PA given for a purchase 1
6/6/2021 Whiteford, MD Change from somewhere, I don't know exactly where. 1
5/14/2021 Ellicott City, MD At a supermarket 1
5/9/2021 Baltimore, MD 1
5/5/2021 Columbia, MD Recieved bill as tip from work 1 View Bills
4/29/2021 Glenelg, MD I was working as a cashier at Royal Farms when a customer gave it to me to pay for their stuff 1
4/25/2021 Murray, UT 1
4/18/2021 Eldersburg, MD In my tip jar at work 1
4/12/2021 Gambrills, MD Server 1
4/12/2021 Ellicott City, MD Tips at work 1
4/12/2021 Ellicott City, MD Tips at my work 1 View Bills
4/8/2021 Laurel, MD Was counting cash at my job and spotted it 1
4/6/2021 Waukesha, WI Easter egg hunt 1
3/31/2021 Taunton, MA 1
3/30/2021 Frederick, MD Received as payment for a smoothie 1
3/22/2021 Silver Spring, MD I received this as change from 7-11. 1 View Bills
3/17/2021 Martinsburg, WV Change while shipping e 1
3/14/2021 Myersville, MD McDonald's change 1
3/9/2021 Boston, MA received while shopping 1
3/7/2021 Baltimore, MD Received it as change while shopping 1 View Bills
3/2/2021 Delaplane, VA I work as a cashier in a little mom-and-pop shop named The Plains Market & Deli located in the plains Virginia and I noticed it and immediately want to be part of a part of the movement and I know what I need to do 1
2/27/2021 Wyoming, DE As change 1
2/23/2021 Peoria, IL received it as change when buying a drink 2
2/8/2021 Essex, MD Change 1
1/29/2021 Breaux Bridge, LA I got it as change from a checkers 1
1/23/2021 Linthicum Heights, MD I work at a bank. 1
1/22/2021 Fredericksburg, VA It was handed to me as tender at my place of business. 1
1/19/2021 Ellicott City, MD Got as change at Petco. 1
1/16/2021 Littlestown, PA Given as a tip. 1
1/12/2021 Baltimore, MD I work at Mario’s Original and was handed this beauty 1 View Bills
1/6/2021 Baltimore, MD Picked up off floor in store 1
1/6/2021 Lake City, FL I received the bill as change. 1
1/1/2021 Owings Mills, MD Taco Bell 1
12/20/2020 Ellicott City, MD Someone used it to purchase an item at the Petco in Ellicott City, 21042 1
12/16/2020 Severna Park, MD Dunkin 1
12/8/2020 Ellicott City, MD 1
12/4/2020 Zebulon, NC I was at Sheetz and I got money back 1
12/2/2020 Ellicott City, MD McDonalds as change 1
11/20/2020 Baltimore, MD My mom gave it to me 1
11/15/2020 Fairfax, VA 1
11/14/2020 Salisbury, MD Received the bill counting the cash drawer at work. 1
11/12/2020 Annapolis, MD Change will shopping 1
11/11/2020 Havertown, PA At a gas station 1 View Bills
11/8/2020 Halethorpe, MD I received this bill as change at a.gas station 1
11/2/2020 Westminster, MD Received as change. 1
10/28/2020 Monroe, GA It was in my wallet. I got my tips from my job 2 weeks ago saved up some cash and I saw this red stamp on it. 1 View Bills
10/26/2020 New York, NY Received from local grocery store. 1
10/14/2020 Houston, TX 1
10/8/2020 Pasadena, MD Received as change from The store 1
10/7/2020 Lutherville-Timonium, MD change 1
9/29/2020 Annapolis, MD I got this bill from Pizza Bolis 1
9/28/2020 Clinton, IL A costumer paid with it 2 View Bills
9/28/2020 Ellicott City, MD Giant Food grocery self checkout Dorsey's Search Village Center 1
9/18/2020 Halethorpe, MD got change from dunkin’, was giving this bill 1 View Bills
9/12/2020 Laurel, MD I purchased some candy at CVS and it was apart of my change. 1
9/10/2020 Oglesby, IL At the tavern 1
8/31/2020 Baltimore, MD I received three bills at my workplace and found it while counting the registers 1 View Bills
8/30/2020 Ellicott City, MD I was making it rain on my girlfriend’s husky and I saw a bill that looked like it had blood on it but it was just a funny quote 1 View Bills
8/26/2020 Baltimore, MD Was given to me 1
8/9/2020 Harwood, MD I received this bill from a restaurant. 1 View Bills
8/8/2020 Go Fuck Yourself, NJ go fuck yourself 1
8/8/2020 Morgantown, WV Received as a tip at ihop 1 View Bills
8/8/2020 Philadelphia, PA Got it as a tip. I’m a server. 1
8/5/2020 Baltimore, MD Change from a store 1 View Bills
7/30/2020 Clarksville, TN I work as a cashier 1
7/27/2020 Rehoboth Beach, DE I was buying something at a local shop 1 View Bills
7/27/2020 Baltimore, MD Someone gave it to me because they didn't think it was real. 1
7/15/2020 Petersburg, VA Given to me when buying food 1 View Bills
7/14/2020 Baltimore, MD Getting change 1 View Bills
7/13/2020 Baltimore, MD At work 1 View Bills
7/13/2020 Columbia, MD 1
7/10/2020 Los Angeles, CA Took out money from the bank and immediately noticed it when counting it. I thought it was a fake bill at first but then I realized it was Tubman’s name! I was ecstatic to say the least. 1 View Bills
7/9/2020 Ellicott City, MD A customer left this bill as a tip at my job. 1
7/1/2020 Laurel, MD I received this bill as change when i was shopping. 1
6/26/2020 Baltimore, MD 1
6/26/2020 Fredericksburg, VA 1
6/9/2020 Baltimore, MD 1
6/7/2020 Boston, MA I received this bill from the casino change machine 1
6/3/2020 Catonsville, MD Received as change at McDonalds Drive-thru 1
5/15/2020 Columbia, MD 1
5/11/2020 Dover, DE Client paid their insurance premium with it. 1
5/6/2020 Baltimore, MD Work 1
4/17/2020 Hartly, DE I received it back as change from a royal farms 1 View Bills
4/10/2020 Gaithersburg, MD 1
4/5/2020 Elkridge, MD I received this bill when I was being payed 1 View Bills
4/5/2020 Pawtucket, RI I had a stack of 10, 1 dollar bills and i was flipping through it and saw it, these ones came from my barber 1
4/3/2020 Winchester, VA I found it working at a corporation. 1
4/2/2020 Ellicott City, MD 1
3/26/2020 Wolcott, CT i work at dunkin donuts & i was doing drawers 1
3/18/2020 Herndon, VA Through my work till. 1
3/18/2020 Millington, TN I withdrew money from my banks's ATM. 1
2/28/2020 Washington, WA Capital one arena for the post Malone concert. I am from Massachusetts 1
2/27/2020 Westminster, MD Change at grocery store 1
2/26/2020 Staten Island, NY change at lunch 1
2/26/2020 Richmond, VA 1 View Bills
2/23/2020 Garden City, NY Got it as change 1
2/19/2020 Reisterstown, MD Not sure how she revived it but my mom gave me some cash and it was in their 1
2/17/2020 Richmond, VA Getting from the bank 1 View Bills
2/13/2020 Waldorf, MD I was getting money out of the atm 1
2/9/2020 Columbia, MD Payment from a spa transaction 1
2/7/2020 Frederick, MD Got it out of the ATM 1
2/6/2020 Green Bay, WI 1
2/1/2020 Elizabethville, PA 1
1/28/2020 Waldorf, MD From bank atm 2
1/27/2020 Elkridge, MD Change 1
1/27/2020 Waldorf, MD i found it while at work. 2
1/27/2020 Waldorf, MD I found this while at work. 1
1/27/2020 Waldorf, MD 1
1/25/2020 Alexandria, VA Cash back at 7/11 2
1/25/2020 Baltimore, MD On the ground 1
1/24/2020 Elkridge, MD 1
1/14/2020 Baltimore, MD Got it from the bank 1
1/13/2020 Perkasie, PA I got this bill as change at Country Time diner in Perkasie. 1
1/11/2020 Ellicott City, MD Bills 1
1/10/2020 Temple Hills, MD I received this bill as a payment at work. 1 View Bills
1/10/2020 Laurel, MD Work 1
1/8/2020 Manchester, CT I found this bill on my way to the local Klan meeting, and I thought “this is gay as hell, but I might as well let em know.” Then I went home to my life partner and gave him vigorous head. 1 View Bills
1/7/2020 Ellicott City, MD I work at a bank 1
1/5/2020 Jessup, MD Was passed around 1 View Bills
1/5/2020 Baltimore, MD From a friend. 1
1/1/2020 New Haven, CT Recieved at work from customer 1
1/1/2020 New Haven, CT Revieced at work from customer 1
12/29/2019 Ellicott City, MD 1
12/28/2019 Ellicott City, MD Tip money 1
12/27/2019 Baltimore, MD 1
12/20/2019 Greater Landover, MD Change from Chinese food 1
12/20/2019 Caldwell, ID I found it at a hilton property during my cash count. 1
12/19/2019 Fenwick Island, DE 1
12/16/2019 Dundalk, MD At work, a man was trying to use it on Self-Check Out and the machine was spitting it back out. 1
12/15/2019 Baltimore, MD 1 View Bills
12/11/2019 Laurel, MD 1
12/11/2019 North River Shores, FL I was given the bill as a tip at the clud 1
12/10/2019 Boston, MA I work at a check cashing place and a customer gave it to me. 1
12/9/2019 Littlestown, PA 1 View Bills
12/7/2019 College Park, MD Found in Laundry room 1
12/6/2019 Baltimore, MD Received this bill as change while shopping. 1
12/5/2019 Mount Airy, MD At work 1
11/16/2019 Baltimore, MD Change from a $100 bill at the bar Grand Central. 1 View Bills
11/10/2019 Washington, DC I found the bill at a gas station 1 View Bills
10/20/2019 Washington, DC Noodles and company safe 1