Stamper ID: AMY7

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 152

Number of Times Reported: 60

Estimated Impressions: 52,500 times

Number of States Reported In: 12

Stamped in All States Ranking: 174

Recent Sightings

Stamper: AMY7

Sighted in: Nutley, NJ

Date Reported: July 11 at 9:00 am EST

Possession: Received the bill as change after dining

Stamper: AMY7

Sighted in: The Bronx, NY

Date Reported: July 8 at 5:18 am EST

Stamper: AMY7

Sighted in: Great Neck, NY

Date Reported: July 1 at 10:06 pm EST

Possession: I received this bill as change while shopping.

Stamper: AMY7

Sighted in: Point Pleasant, NJ

Date Reported: June 25 at 7:33 pm EST

Possession: It was given to me as change when I opened up my ice cream store.

Stamper: AMY7

Sighted in: Bronx, NY

Date Reported: April 30 at 3:58 pm EST

Possession: Ecuador trip

Amy Plattsmier's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
7/11/2021 Nutley, NJ Received the bill as change after dining 1
7/8/2021 The Bronx, NY 1
7/2/2021 Great Neck, NY I received this bill as change while shopping. 1
6/25/2021 Point Pleasant, NJ It was given to me as change when I opened up my ice cream store. 1
4/30/2021 Bronx, NY Ecuador trip 1
4/30/2021 Bronx, NY Ecuador 2021 1
3/10/2021 Carle Place, NY 1
3/10/2021 Bayville, NY I got change ($5) at the gas station 1
3/6/2021 Plattsburgh, NY Change at grocery store 1
10/31/2020 Hempstead, NY Received as change 1
10/31/2020 Brooklyn, NY 1
9/23/2020 Freeport, NY I was working on my boat an received it as a tip. 1 View Bills
9/11/2020 Monroe Township, NJ My dad asked me to organize the money he had in his pocket so he handed me his wad of cash. In it, I found a five dollar bill with this stamp on it! 1
9/9/2020 Cranston, RI Counting drawer at end of night 1
6/27/2020 Los Angeles, CA 1
5/31/2020 Niles, OH Change at Speedway 1
3/16/2020 Galveston, TX Givivg. As change 1
1/25/2020 Appomattox, VA 1
1/19/2020 Celina, TX I received this bill as change while shopping. 1 View Bills
1/5/2020 New York, NY 1 View Bills
12/13/2019 Brooklyn, NY 1
12/5/2019 Brooklyn, NY Someone took 5 buck from ms and than returned this to me..btw what is that? 1 View Bills
12/3/2019 Richmond, VA Received as change at restaurant. 1
11/11/2019 Long Island, NY Got it as payment in a restaurant 1
10/30/2019 Aspen, CO found it from Alpine Bank getting change. 1
10/19/2019 , NY I got it from a vendor at a deli 1
10/17/2019 Riverside, CA Jack in the box change 1
9/7/2019 Carbondale, IL I not sure....where i take 1
9/7/2019 Carbondale, IL 1
7/3/2019 West Orange, NJ I just get it In a store 1
7/1/2019 Bronx, NY 1
6/25/2019 Bronxville, NY Shopping at Staples. 1
5/12/2019 New York City, NY I think someone paid with it at the boutique I work at 🙂 1
5/7/2019 Fleetwood, PA Change at a convenience store. 1
5/4/2019 Brooklyn, NY a customer came into the restaurant i work at and paid for their meal with this five dollar bill 1
4/26/2019 brooklyn, NY change 1
4/18/2019 Passaic, NJ 1
4/16/2019 OZONE PARK, NY change 1
4/10/2019 Brooklyn, NY I received for exchange when I ordered food 1 View Bills
1/13/2019 Chicago, IL convenience store change 1
12/4/2018 11360, NY Found in Register at Bay terrace shopping center Bayside New york 1
11/27/2018 Jacksonville Beach, FL A customer gave it to me 1
9/21/2018 East Rutherford, NJ Purchased Hot Dogs from me at a Flea Market. 1
9/7/2018 Brooklyn, NY Drug deal 1
8/30/2018 Brooklyn, NY I got it in change after buying a movie ticket at Cobble Hill Cinemas in Brooklyn. 1
8/25/2018 Cape May, NJ used to buy peanut butter 1
8/21/2018 Rego Park, NY From a diner 1
6/25/2018 staten island, NY tip from a customer 1
6/21/2018 New York, NY Waitress - given as a tip 1
6/13/2018 New York, NY 1
6/1/2018 New York, NY Change at a Mexican restaurant. 1
5/12/2018 Bayonne, NJ 1
3/13/2018 Brooklyn, MS Convenience Store 1
3/5/2018 Exton, PA change from $20 at WAWA store. 1
2/26/2018 Brooklyn, MS change back 1
2/25/2018 Garden City, NY drugs 1
2/24/2018 Trenton, NJ Idk 1 View Bills
2/3/2018 Brooklyn, MS Purchase at school 1
1/27/2018 Brooklyn, MS tip 1