Stamper ID: 9426

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 211

Number of Times Reported: 45

Estimated Impressions: 39,375 times

Number of States Reported In: 8

Stamped in All States Ranking: 315

Recent Sightings

Stamper: 9426

Sighted in: Raleigh, NC

Date Reported: September 28 at 11:36 am EST

Stamper: 9426

Sighted in: Burbank, CA

Date Reported: August 9 at 3:47 am EST

Possession: I received this bill as a tip working as a cashier.

Stamper: 9426

Sighted in: Los Banos, CA

Date Reported: February 17 at 8:58 pm EST

Possession: I received this bill as change while shopping

Stamper: 9426

Sighted in: Reno, NV

Date Reported: October 29 at 1:51 am EST

Stamper: 9426

Sighted in: Sparks, NV

Date Reported: October 9 at 6:21 pm EST

Possession: I got it from my tips at my restaurant job

9426's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
9/28/2022 Raleigh, NC 1
8/9/2022 Burbank, CA I received this bill as a tip working as a cashier. 1
2/18/2022 Los Banos, CA I received this bill as change while shopping 1 View Bills
10/29/2021 Reno, NV 1
10/9/2021 Sparks, NV I got it from my tips at my restaurant job 1
5/26/2021 Reno, NV 1
5/13/2021 Shelley, ID I recieved it in money back from my bank after i cashed a check. 1
5/1/2021 Weatherford, TX 1
4/13/2021 Hilo, HI got it in Hilo hi 1 View Bills
4/6/2021 Gardnerville, NV Casino 1
3/8/2021 Bishop, CA I’m a closing supervisor and it was in my drawer to count 1
1/17/2021 Reno, NV Got it from CVS as change 1
1/5/2021 Carson City, NV at work 1
8/13/2020 Gardnerville, NV 1
7/5/2020 Reno, NV 1 View Bills
6/22/2020 Carson City, NV At work found it in my register counting for opening shift 1 View Bills
3/8/2020 Wildomar, CA Found in used toothpicks container at fast food. 1
3/7/2020 Dayton, OH I don’t know I keep all my ones and fives to save money for something I want and then cash it all in. 1 View Bills
2/10/2020 San Francisco, CA 1
1/8/2020 Eastvale, CA Change at a gas station 1
8/27/2019 Carson City, NV We was at McDanalds and we got our change back and we searched up what was on the bill 1
8/27/2019 Carson City, NV Given to me as change. 1
8/23/2019 Carson City, NV Change from a liquor store 1
8/20/2019 Truckee, CA 1
8/9/2019 Auburn, CA Got it as change at cvs 1 View Bills
8/8/2019 Reno, NV It was change from a cocktail... Lol 1
7/30/2019 Reno, NV 1
6/27/2019 Carson City, NV I got it out of my work at Starbucks. 1
5/28/2019 Austin, TX 1
5/25/2019 Carson City, NV 1
5/24/2019 Stanford, CA Corner store 1
5/20/2019 Reno, NV 1
4/28/2019 Simi Valley, CA Gas station 1
4/26/2019 Reno, NV 1
4/15/2019 Ogden, UT Idk 1
4/15/2019 Utah, UT 1
4/5/2019 Los Angeles, CA Change from restaurant 1
4/5/2019 Reno, NV Bank... Wells fargo 1
2/6/2019 Carson City, NV 1
1/16/2019 Carson City, NV ME GOT PAID 1 View Bills
1/16/2019 Carson City, NV I was given it 1 View Bills
1/13/2019 Reno, NV Store 2
1/11/2019 Reno, NV Fast food 2
5/5/2018 Placerville, CA This was a $5 Bill given to me as change for. A $20 at Durangos Mexican restaurant in Placerville CA 1