Stamper ID: 8762

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 73

Number of Times Reported: 132

Estimated Impressions: 115,500 times

Number of States Reported In: 18

Stamped in All States Ranking: 95

Why I Stamp:

Just so sick and tired of Republican shenanigans. On the verge of leaving the US. This is my last effort to help the situation. Thanks for providing this opportunity!!



Relationship status:


Recent Sightings

Stamper: 8762

Sighted in: Cranston, RI

Date Reported: February 25 at 4:47 pm EST

Stamper: 8762

Sighted in: Seattle, WA

Date Reported: October 24 at 3:39 pm EST

Possession: Change at gas station market

Stamper: 8762

Sighted in: Billings, MT

Date Reported: October 23 at 1:46 am EST

Stamper: 8762

Sighted in: Bellevue, WA

Date Reported: August 6 at 6:15 pm EST

Stamper: 8762

Sighted in: West Point, NE

Date Reported: May 17 at 2:49 pm EST

Possession: Recieved as payment at a business

Michael Lorden's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
2/25/2024 Cranston, RI 1
10/24/2023 Seattle, WA Change at gas station market 1
10/23/2022 Billings, MT 1 View Bills
8/6/2022 Bellevue, WA 1
5/17/2022 West Point, NE Recieved as payment at a business 1
2/3/2022 Kirkland, WA It was given to me when I asked my friend for a dollar 1 View Bills
12/9/2021 Olympia, WA I received this after buying gasoline 1
6/21/2021 Mt. Juliet, TN Counting the registers at my job. 1
4/17/2021 Camano, WA 1
1/15/2021 Tacoma, WA Found it in the woods 1
11/27/2020 Renton, WA Can't remember. Pretty sure it was just change at a store. 1 View Bills
11/23/2020 Federal Way, WA Store 1
9/30/2020 Seattle, WA Change given to me from a store. 1
9/22/2020 Pullman, WA Do not remember 1
9/19/2020 Holbrook, MA I received this bill as change while shopping 1 View Bills
9/18/2020 Chehalis, WA 1
7/10/2020 Tacoma, WA 1
7/4/2020 East Ridge, TN I work at a bojangles and someone paid with it in my drivethru. 1
6/25/2020 Bothell, WA Someone handed it to me to pay in the drivethru 1 View Bills
5/18/2020 Freeland, MI Received this bill at wells Fargo on whidbey Island in WA state. 1
2/16/2020 Portland, OR Received as change from a Hollywood Farmers Market vendor booth. Bought local honey, huckleberry jam, and porcini mushrooms. It was a gray, rainy Saturday afternoon, about 45°. A perfect Portland day helping local farmers and farmers getting to do what they love. 1 View Bills
1/18/2020 Edmonds, WA Cashiering at a dance competition 1 View Bills
1/14/2020 Huntington, WV opened my mythology book 1
12/28/2019 Brooklyn, NY Customer at porky restaurant 1
12/2/2019 Tacoma, WA 1
11/16/2019 Seattle, WA 1
10/18/2019 Buckeye, AZ Change from a market 1 View Bills
10/15/2019 Bellingham, WA 1
9/30/2019 Prosser, WA 1
9/30/2019 Silverdale, WA A damn Democrat wanted me to vote in favor of socialism and offered me $50 dollars. So I took his money and donated it to the Trump Campaign. I hope all the lazy people leave this country. 1
9/30/2019 Silverdale, WA Metal detecting competition 1
9/28/2019 Snohomish, WA 1
9/16/2019 Bellingham, WA 1
9/9/2019 Parsons, TN Shell gas station 1
9/7/2019 Bellevue, WA bought stuff 1
9/6/2019 Ketchikan, AK Tip money 1
9/5/2019 Bellevue, WA Change from taco Del Mar 1
8/26/2019 Seattle, WA Received as change at a grocery store 1
8/17/2019 Portland, OR ATM withdrawal 1 View Bills
8/15/2019 Mount Vernon, VA Got it as change back from a fruit stand 1
8/10/2019 Bellingham, WA 1
8/6/2019 Portland, OR as change from puchase 1
8/2/2019 Seattle, WA Unsure 1
7/30/2019 Boise, ID Got this bill from a fast food place when I handed them a 20! 1
7/27/2019 Seattle, WA Change from Barnes and Noble 1
7/11/2019 Anacortes, WA 1
7/6/2019 Puyallup, WA Starbucks 1
6/29/2019 Medford, OR Change at the dollar store. 1
6/24/2019 Sonora, CA Probably from a restaurant or gas station in the past week around the Bay Area 1
6/17/2019 Bellingham, WA My brother Panda Express in Bellingham and found a bug in his food then got a refund. 1
6/16/2019 Damascus, MD I was a cashier and someone paid for gas with it 1
6/14/2019 Seattle, WA QFC change from automatic checkout near university village. 1
6/4/2019 Snohomish, WA Via change from having dinner at buzz inn Snohomish. My friend didn’t even notice the stamp, I did and insisted that we intend to find out where it was from. She is irritated with me now. 1
6/3/2019 Orting, WA Change from McDonald’s 1
5/18/2019 Boise, ID got handed to me at a garage sale 1
5/16/2019 Seattle, WA Domino's 1
5/6/2019 Seattle, WA 1
5/4/2019 Arlington, WA Change 1
5/2/2019 Marysville, WA Tips from my job 1
5/1/2019 Seattle, WA Got it as change 1
4/30/2019 Butte, MT Gambling got it in change lol 1 View Bills
4/27/2019 Seattle, WA I work at an arcade, it was in the change machine! 1
4/26/2019 Granite Falls, WA this bill was put in a tip jar at my wifes work. 1
4/20/2019 Bremerton, WA Change from a purchase 1
4/16/2019 Seattle, WA Change at a market 1
4/6/2019 Lynnwood, WA Dominos 1
4/4/2019 Moses Lake, WA 76 gas station 1
4/3/2019 Port Townsend, WA Gas station 1
3/30/2019 Seattle, WA It has been in my money pot for a long time and I just realized the stamp on it. I think I was given the bill as change 1
3/27/2019 Seattle, WA Cafeteria in a hospital 1
3/18/2019 Seattle, WA Bartending 1
3/18/2019 Seattle, WA change from a purchase.... unknown retailer 1
3/18/2019 Renton, WA Cash register 1
3/13/2019 Tacoma, WA My baby girl gave me it 1
3/12/2019 Fircrest, WA I'm a bank teller, it was part of a deposit. Its getting mutilated. 1
3/11/2019 Seattle, WA Post office change for business mailings 1
3/9/2019 Seattle, WA Tip while serving at The Sunlight Cafe 1
3/2/2019 Seattle, WA Got singles at the bank 1
2/21/2019 Kenmore, WA Received as change from a purchase in a cafeteria! 1
2/20/2019 Seattle, WA mom gave it to me so I can use it for a bus ride after school 1
2/19/2019 Federal Way, WA I received it as part of a tip. 1 View Bills
2/18/2019 Camano Island, WA Played a game, left, right, center 1
2/17/2019 Mercer Island, WA Gambling 1
2/17/2019 Seattle, WA Change at a bar 1 View Bills
1/31/2019 Seattle, WA Animal hospital 1
1/29/2019 Seattle, WA Some dude gave it to me. 1
1/28/2019 Monroe, WA Someone used it to buy a book from us. 1
1/25/2019 Bronx, NY 1
1/20/2019 Lewis Mcchord, WA 1
1/12/2019 Seattle, WA Change from purchase 1
1/12/2019 Seattle, WA Change from purchase 1
1/8/2019 Seattle, WA 1
1/8/2019 Mumbai, AL 1
12/27/2018 Alameda, CA From a toll collector as change 1
12/19/2018 shoreline, WA received as change back 1
12/13/2018 Seattle, WA 1
12/4/2018 Tacoma, WA Tips 1 View Bills
11/10/2018 Seattle, WA Change at the store 1
11/1/2018 Seattle, WA ? 1
10/15/2018 Everett, WA we had a garage sale and somebody gave it to us, we were freaking out thinking it was a counterfeit or something, until we looked it up. 1
10/12/2018 Seattle, WA 1
10/5/2018 Auburn, WA I am a manager of a retail store in a mall. A customer paid for their merchandise with it. 1
10/1/2018 New York, NY 1
9/26/2018 Seattle, WA Capitalism 1
9/10/2018 Marysville, WA 1
9/8/2018 Seattle, WA I work at Fainting Goat Gelato and found this in my tip jar! 1
9/6/2018 Seattle, WA 1
8/16/2018 Seattle, WA Revived it as change 1
8/13/2018 Seattle, WA Unknown 1
8/2/2018 Auburn, WA Coffee stand 1
7/14/2018 Bellevue, WA Got change at a basket 1
7/4/2018 Hill Air Force Base, UT Cashier gave it to me as change? 1
6/18/2018 Everett, WA 1
6/14/2018 Mt vernon, NY 1
6/14/2018 Mount Vernon, VA 1
5/30/2018 Everett, WA Found it in my till, opening the store 1 View Bills
5/29/2018 Everett, WA Mama payed my 9 year old son back with cash that she borrowed. My son noticed the stamp and we looked it up. Can you imagine if george soros bills were all stamped? How many of those would you find in the pockets of our country's neo democrats? 1
5/12/2018 Portland, OR Store purchase 1
5/10/2018 Bothell, WA Change from a purchase. 1
4/9/2018 Downey, CA I work as a cash register 1
3/25/2018 Everett, WA Coffee stand 1
3/18/2018 Bothell, WA 1
3/9/2018 Seattle, WA Bought a drink at 7-11, asked for dollar for my bus fare, and found it in the stack! 1 View Bills
3/9/2018 Seattle, WA I paid for a drink at a 7-11, asked for dollar bills for my bus fare, and found it in the stack of one\'s I recieved. 1
2/21/2018 Seattle, WA Not sure. 1
2/12/2018 Puyallup, WA Received as change at the Corvette & High Performance meet at the Washington Sate Fair Grounds 1
12/26/2017 Seattle, WA Fred Meyer 1