Stamper ID: 8686

Hometown: Pasadena, CA

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 95

Number of Times Reported: 105

Estimated Impressions: 91,875 times

Number of States Reported In: 10

Stamped in All States Ranking: 243

Why I Stamp:

Money in politics is the root of all evil in our government. Politicians vote based on who is giving them large amounts of money for their campaigns. They should be voting based on their constituents best interest. This tax SCAM is a prime example. It has very low public support but is about to pass just because of the money being given our representatives. This must be stopped!

Recent Sightings

Stamper: 8686, Pasadena, CA

Sighted in: Garden Grove, CA

Date Reported: April 25 at 10:36 pm EST

Possession: customer

Stamper: 8686, Pasadena, CA

Sighted in: Moorpark, CA

Date Reported: August 6 at 8:41 pm EST

Stamper: 8686, Pasadena, CA

Sighted in: Goleta, CA

Date Reported: July 25 at 12:58 pm EST

Stamper: 8686, Pasadena, CA

Sighted in: Huntington Beach, CA

Date Reported: May 8 at 10:11 pm EST

Possession: ATM withdrawal

Stamper: 8686, Pasadena, CA

Sighted in: Los Angeles, CA

Date Reported: April 6 at 9:14 pm EST

Possession: I received this bill as change while shopping.

Gregg's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
4/26/2024 Garden Grove, CA customer 1
8/7/2023 Moorpark, CA 1
7/25/2023 Goleta, CA 1
5/9/2023 Huntington Beach, CA ATM withdrawal 1
4/7/2023 Los Angeles, CA I received this bill as change while shopping. 1
2/6/2023 Los Angeles, CA It was change from 7-11 store 1
12/27/2022 Colton, CA Pulling out money at the ATM 1 View Bills
12/10/2022 Los Angeles, CA 1
8/23/2022 Los angeles, CA Change from a grocery store 1 View Bills
8/11/2022 Long Beach, CA Cashier gave me back for change 1 View Bills
8/4/2022 Philadelphia, PA Was given it at a farmer market in Berlin New Jersey 1 View Bills
7/1/2022 Jurupa Valley, CA Just received it 1
6/15/2022 Gardena, CA given to me as a tip where i work 1
4/14/2022 Rancho Cucamonga, CA At a car wash 1
4/8/2022 San Diego, CA I got it as change from the corner store. 1 View Bills
2/6/2022 Barstow, CA 1
11/28/2021 Rancho Cucamonga, CA Change at a liquor store 1
11/13/2021 Escondido, CA I was pay in cash doing a camera job in escondido. 1 View Bills
10/15/2021 Victorville, CA RECIEVED as change 1 View Bills
9/15/2021 San Bernardino, CA 1
8/16/2021 Lompoc, CA ATM MACHINE 1
7/29/2021 Denver, CO 1
7/21/2021 Los Alamos, NM 1
7/18/2021 Lompoc, CA At a winery - tip 1
7/3/2021 Buellton, CA Rcvd as tip or payment for ride. I drive for uber/lyft 1
4/22/2021 Lakewood, CA 1
3/28/2021 Hermosa Beach, CA At a gas station 1
2/21/2021 Rancho Cucamonga, CA Received as change 1 View Bills
2/19/2021 Lomita, CA 1
1/27/2021 Modesto, CA At a gas station 1 View Bills
1/11/2021 Los Angeles, CA 1
1/5/2021 Moreno Valley, CA Atm 1
12/5/2020 Pinecrest, FL 1 View Bills
8/23/2020 Redding, CA Change 1
8/12/2020 Earlimart, CA I found the bill at a store 1
8/8/2020 Ventura, CA 1
7/29/2020 La Verne, CA Change while shopping 1 View Bills
7/8/2020 Los Angeles, CA Is my change on my orden at Taco Bell 1
6/11/2020 Anaheim, CA I received it as change when I was checking out at a grocery store. 1
6/11/2020 Gardena, CA shopping at the mall months ago 1
4/25/2020 Pixley, CA Well I went shopping for some food and I got the five for change and that’s how I got it. 1
4/11/2020 Santa Ana, CA I received this bill as change while shopping. 1
3/26/2020 Hawthorne, CA it was in my purse 1
3/22/2020 Hawthorne, CA I’m a cashier, it was in my register 1
3/16/2020 Ontario, CA 1
3/12/2020 Dinuba, CA Work the register someone came in and handed me the bill 1 View Bills
1/30/2020 Riverside, CA Got it from a store.? 1
1/17/2020 West Covina, CA 1
1/16/2020 Los Angeles, CA out of a chase ATM 1
1/9/2020 Victorville, CA At school, while I was buying from the a snack bar, they handed me my change and the one of the bills was stamped. 1
12/30/2019 Los Angeles, CA cash register 1
12/18/2019 Torrance, CA It was given to me. Not sure where they got it. Probably found it on the ground 1
12/3/2019 Riverside, CA 1
11/12/2019 Lakewood, CA It was judt change 1 View Bills
11/5/2019 Jerome, ID Resturant at High school; received as payment 1
10/31/2019 West Hollywood, CA 1
10/24/2019 Los Angeles, CA I was working at my bakery at the cash register and this lady payed me with this 5 dollar bill 1
10/23/2019 Torrance, CA Received this bill from a friend. 1
9/17/2019 Carson, CA My lunch lady 1
8/21/2019 West Hollywood, CA Starbucks 1
8/20/2019 West Hollywood, CA 1
8/13/2019 Lancaster, CA i received it when i got my change back at an IHOP in my city. 1
8/5/2019 Hesperia, CA Change from a store . 1
7/21/2019 Louisville, KY Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay 1
6/30/2019 West Hollywood, CA Change from a street vendor 1
6/19/2019 Escondido, CA Change from a grocery store 1
6/14/2019 West Hollywood, CA A STORE 1
6/14/2019 Paramount, CA From a friend 1
6/6/2019 Los Angeles, CA A friend that owed me $10 and gave me this bill 1 View Bills
6/2/2019 Santa Barbara, CA guy paid w it at the store i work at 1
5/23/2019 Redondo Beach, CA At a restaurant 1
5/21/2019 Cudahy, CA I got it as change 1
4/24/2019 San Francisco, CA Store 1
4/21/2019 Fresno, CA 1
4/11/2019 Riverside, CA 1
4/10/2019 Whittier, CA 1
4/10/2019 Downey, CA 1
4/8/2019 Los Angeles, CA I work at the bar and found it in the register. 1
3/26/2019 Los Angeles, CA My meth dealer owed me some money from The last time I scored. 1
3/12/2019 Hawthorne, CA 1
3/11/2019 Tustin, CA Valet tip 1
3/10/2019 Hermosa Beach, CA Not sure 1
2/20/2019 Upland, CA work 1
2/15/2019 Tustin, CA 1
2/2/2019 Paradise, CA 1
2/1/2019 Los Angeles, CA Resturant 1
1/30/2019 Santa Cruz, CA Idk 1 View Bills
1/30/2019 Los Angeles, CA 1
1/30/2019 Los Angeles, CA 1
1/30/2019 Los Angeles, CA I received it as a change in a Herbalife shop. 1
1/29/2019 Los Angeles, CA 1
1/26/2019 West Covina, CA I sucked a fat dick for this 5 dollar bill. 1
12/8/2018 Milwaukee, WI 1
11/25/2018 Lantana, FL Given as change at the Lantana Ace Hardware. 1
11/24/2018 Irvine, CA 1
10/28/2018 Colton, CA Don’t remember 1
10/19/2018 Bodega, CA Found it under my pillow 1 View Bills
10/2/2018 Temple City, CA 1
9/14/2018 Las Vegas, NV 1
8/15/2018 Huntington Beach, CA Got it from a family owned liquor store 1
8/9/2018 La Puente, CA Gas station 1
6/8/2018 Chicago, IL Change from breaking a bigger bill 1
3/7/2018 Anaheim, CA A customer gave it to me, I am a cashier l. 1