Stamper ID: 8192

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 139

Number of Times Reported: 61

Estimated Impressions: 53,375 times

Number of States Reported In: 12

Stamped in All States Ranking: 170

Recent Sightings

Stamper: 8192

Sighted in: Pulaski, PA

Date Reported: November 18 at 6:38 am EST

Possession: Withdraw from bank

Stamper: 8192

Sighted in: Export, PA

Date Reported: August 23 at 4:55 pm EST

Possession: Was used to pay an invoice.

Stamper: 8192

Sighted in: Burgettstown, PA

Date Reported: July 8 at 7:34 pm EST

Possession: recieved as change at local club

Stamper: 8192

Sighted in: Pittsburgh, PA

Date Reported: June 23 at 4:11 pm EST

Possession: I received this bill as change when shopping

Stamper: 8192

Sighted in: Wheeling, WV

Date Reported: June 21 at 3:28 pm EST

Possession: My friends dad gave me this bill that he received as change.

8192's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
11/18/2022 Pulaski, PA Withdraw from bank 1
8/23/2021 Export, PA Was used to pay an invoice. 1
7/8/2021 Burgettstown, PA recieved as change at local club 1
6/23/2021 Pittsburgh, PA I received this bill as change when shopping 1
6/21/2021 Wheeling, WV My friends dad gave me this bill that he received as change. 1
5/26/2021 Leechburg, PA 1
3/30/2021 Uniontown, PA 2
3/10/2021 Pittsburgh, PA It was given to me as change at work. 1
1/16/2021 Pittsburgh, PA It had been set aside 3 or 4 years ago. Just pulled it out and saw these stamps. If things were bad then, what about now! 1
11/10/2020 Saint Marys, OH 1
11/8/2020 Pittsburgh, PA I found this bill in my til at PetSmart doing my night deposit. 1
11/3/2020 Raleigh, NC 1
10/13/2020 Conway, PA I run a cash business. Quit stamping money with your political fallacies. Voter fraud has been proven in several states and even as I write this is being investigated all over the country because it is real. Would you mail 500 cash to yourself...NO, neither would I. There's a reason why we would not do that. GET REWOKE UP 1
9/26/2020 Uniontown, PA 2
9/15/2020 Bedford, PA 1
9/12/2020 Washington, PA A friend gave it to me. The bill is in very worn condition. I plan to spend it at Walmart on Beal Parkway, Fort Walton Beach. 1
7/20/2020 Washington, PA At work 1
7/13/2020 Pittsburgh, PA Change 1
6/28/2020 Weirton, WV Tipped 1
6/20/2020 Pittsburgh, PA I was at a getgo and I seen to when I went to pay 2
2/16/2020 Pittsburgh, PA Got change from a bar 1
2/11/2020 Harrisburg, PA I work as a waitress it was my tip. 1
1/26/2020 Weirton, WV It was given to me as change from a grocery store. 1
1/25/2020 Gahanna, OH I work at Gahanna lanes, someone gave it while buying food 1
11/19/2019 Weirton, WV I received this dollar as change in a laundromat. 1
11/19/2019 Weirton, WV Subway 1
10/7/2019 Moundsville, WV Store 1
8/19/2019 Cumberland, MD I bought subway 1
6/30/2019 Burgettstown, PA tip at bavington roadhouse 1
6/30/2019 Weirton, WV Used to pay at Eat’n Park 1
5/28/2019 Front Royal, VA It was in my change from McDonald\'s 1
5/28/2019 Front Royal, VA It was a part of my change from a McDonald\'s purchase 1
5/10/2019 East Liverpool, OH 1
4/1/2019 Nashville, TN Coates Car Care 1
4/1/2019 Nashville, TN Coates car care 1
2/25/2019 Corning, NY 1
2/17/2019 Rochester, NY Purchased groceries 1
2/14/2019 McDonald, PA 1
12/6/2018 Pittsburgh, PA Tips 1
11/9/2018 Carlisle, PA 1
10/27/2018 Parkersburg, WV change 1
10/19/2018 Weirton, WV My fiance knew that I'd like it, so he gave it to me! Get money out of politics! End Citizens United Now!!! So, I'm gonna go spend the dollar in a near by location and let's hope someone looks up what this all means and learned something and does something! I protest against Citizens United and I hope you do to! 🙂 <3 1
10/19/2018 Weirton, WV Work 1
10/17/2018 Pittsburgh, PA 1
10/11/2018 Steubenville, OH 1
9/29/2018 Weirton, WV Work 1
9/15/2018 Pittsburgh, PA Store 1
8/20/2018 Burgettstown, PA Paid to our ice cream shop 1
8/16/2018 Rancho Cucamonga, CA Change at the yard house 1
8/6/2018 West Homestead, PA personal payment 1
8/3/2018 Midway, PA 1
7/2/2018 Cape May Court House, NJ Got it at a pizza shop 1
6/30/2018 Monaca, PA Given as change 1
6/28/2018 Burgettstown, PA Received as payment 1
5/29/2018 Pittsburgh, PA As change. 1
5/22/2018 Napa, CA 1
2/25/2018 Robinson, Pennsylvania Golden Corral 1 View Bills
2/14/2018 Philadelphia, PA Buying a blunt 1
2/10/2018 Wrightsville, PA Gift 1