Stamper ID: 7222

Hometown: Putney, VT

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 53

Number of Times Reported: 3,954

Estimated Impressions: 3,459,750 times

Number of States Reported In: 25

Stamped in All States Ranking: 53

Why I Stamp:

I stamp because I try to make a difference everywhere I can, because even though some may be smaller than others, it all adds up to a hell of a lot.



Relationship status:


Favorite Stamp(s):

“Not to be used to bribe politicians”

”Stamp M___Y out of politics”

Recent Sightings

Stamper: 7222, Putney, VT

Sighted in: Cape Coral, FL

Date Reported: June 29 at 10:21 am EST

Possession: Found about 2 years ago in the cape coral walmart. It was given back as change

Stamper: 7222, Putney, VT

Sighted in: Huntersville, NC

Date Reported: June 22 at 9:21 pm EST

Stamper: 7222, Putney, VT

Sighted in: Hartford, VT

Date Reported: June 21 at 1:42 pm EST

Possession: It was used to pay for admission at the nature center I work for.

Stamper: 7222, Putney, VT

Sighted in: Charlestown, NH

Date Reported: June 20 at 3:45 pm EST

Stamper: 7222, Putney, VT

Sighted in: Barrington, RI

Date Reported: June 20 at 10:48 am EST

Possession: I got it from Spencer’s in university mall

Dakota's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
6/29/2022 Cape Coral, FL Found about 2 years ago in the cape coral walmart. It was given back as change 2
6/23/2022 Huntersville, NC 1
6/21/2022 Hartford, VT It was used to pay for admission at the nature center I work for. 2
6/20/2022 Charlestown, NH 2
6/20/2022 Barrington, RI I got it from Spencer’s in university mall 2
6/19/2022 New Haven, CT 1
6/15/2022 Lebanon, NH got in change 2
6/14/2022 Murrieta, CA Received bill as change 1
6/12/2022 Whitehall, NY Got it from a Stewarts Shop. 2 View Bills
6/10/2022 Keene, NH 2
6/6/2022 Claremont, NH Change while shopping 1
6/3/2022 Keene, NH My mother and her friend Joe in Keene NH mailed it to me thinking I’d be Interested by this. 2
6/3/2022 Bradford, VT 1
5/25/2022 Charlestown, NH Change from the store 2
5/24/2022 Las Vegas, NV I got it from a 7-Eleven with my change 2 View Bills
5/18/2022 Weathersfield, VT Received as change at the Ascutney Market 1
5/18/2022 Sarasota, FL CHANGE 3
5/12/2022 Claremont, NH In my paycheck from a local grocery store 1 View Bills
5/10/2022 Porterville, CA I found it in my money 2 View Bills
4/27/2022 Hershey, PA Costumer gave it to me 2
4/18/2022 Portland, ME Tip jar 2
4/15/2022 Springfield, MA Picking up meds at CVS 2
4/14/2022 Saint Paul, MN Someone paid a bar tab with it 1
4/12/2022 Keene, NH Change from business establishment 2
4/9/2022 Hartland, NY I received it as change at a farm stand. 2
4/4/2022 Keene, NH ATM 1
3/26/2022 Brattleboro, VT As change from a store 2
3/19/2022 Hartford, CT Floor walking by 1 View Bills
3/2/2022 Mobile, AL 1
3/1/2022 Burrillville, RI I received this bill because it was Left as a tip at Wrights Farm Restaurant 3 View Bills
2/27/2022 Springfield, VT Used as payment at a market 2
2/25/2022 Springfield, VT Got it as change from the dollar general 1
2/23/2022 Ayer, MA 1
2/16/2022 Glastonbury, CT I got my change back from some lady 2
2/5/2022 Brattleboro, VT I got it as change from a restaurant 2
1/28/2022 Killington, VT In change at a ski lodge bar. 1
1/22/2022 LaBelle, FL Change at the gas station 2
1/22/2022 Springfield, VT Got it back for change at “Dunkin Donuts” in Springfield Vermont. 2
1/21/2022 Eaton, OH at work 2
1/21/2022 Town of Rockingham, VT 1
1/5/2022 Rindge, NH While shopping 1 View Bills
12/27/2021 Ceres, CA Farmer Boys 3
12/24/2021 Lynn, MA Bank 2 View Bills
12/18/2021 Chesterfield, NH Found it shopping 2
12/17/2021 Port Jefferson, NY Ground 3 View Bills
11/30/2021 Emmett, ID Got it as change from gas station 2
11/24/2021 Philadelphia, PA 1
11/19/2021 Hampton, NH cash regiser 1 View Bills
11/17/2021 Houston, TX 1
11/13/2021 Walpole, NH Received as change at Dunkin'. 1 View Bills
11/13/2021 Brattleboro, VT I received this this bill cashing a customer out at McDonald’s 1
11/11/2021 Fort Lauderdale, FL I'm a bartender and it got tipped to me 2
11/10/2021 Mission Viejo, CA At work, from a costumer. 1 View Bills
11/8/2021 Seekonk, MA I received it as change from shopping. 1
10/31/2021 Aptos, CA I received this bill as change while shopping. 1
10/28/2021 Palm Bay, FL change at wawa 1
10/18/2021 St. Petersburg, FL at work 2
10/17/2021 Middlebury, VT I received this bill as a cashier at Jollys gas station it was a little worn and torn. 1
10/8/2021 Winter Haven, FL 1 View Bills
9/30/2021 New York, NY I work at a wine store and it was in the cashbox, so i bought something so i could get it as change! 2
9/23/2021 North Haven, CT Change from convenient store 2
9/15/2021 Farmersville, CA Got it change from In n out In Visalia CA lol 2
9/14/2021 Cape Coral, FL Strip club ATM 1 View Bills
9/14/2021 Sour Lake, TX Mother in law found it in Concord Ma and sent it to us in Tx. 4
9/11/2021 Bethlehem, CT 1
9/9/2021 Houston, TX 4
9/4/2021 Newport News, VA It was change given at a local convenience store 2 View Bills
9/3/2021 Los Angeles, CA 1 View Bills
9/2/2021 Ayer, MA Was recently in Vermont; must have gotten it in change. 4
8/30/2021 Winhall, VT I received this bill in change at the bondville fair 2
8/26/2021 Bethlehem, CT Drawer 2
8/22/2021 Graham, WA Got bill as a tip where I work ! Pretty cool movement ! 2
8/17/2021 Westford, MA Register 2
8/16/2021 Plant City, FL I'm a cashier 1 View Bills
8/15/2021 Orford, NH I found it in the cash register at my workkng 1 View Bills
8/11/2021 Statham, GA My friend was cleaning out her daughters toy box and found it in a purse. 2
8/10/2021 Wesley Chapel, FL 1
8/7/2021 Woodbury Heights, NJ 1
8/7/2021 Nashua, NH from my bank. 1 View Bills
8/6/2021 Henagar, AL Got it when I bought a fried strawberry pie covered in ice cream at the 450 mile yard sale. 1 View Bills
8/3/2021 Mesa, AZ Working at the gym 1
7/27/2021 Brewster, MA 1
7/27/2021 Salem, MA I work at flying saucer pizza company in salem MA. was tipped this bill! 1
7/26/2021 Wareham, MA Change at convenience store 2
7/23/2021 Fort Myers, FL Bill was tipped to me at work (bartender) 2
7/23/2021 Toms River, NJ My tip money! 1 View Bills
7/20/2021 Branford, CT I was working and someone gave it to me as a tip 2 View Bills
7/19/2021 Brattleboro, VT Went to pay for something and saw the stamp! 2
7/17/2021 Miami, FL 1 View Bills
7/11/2021 Mulberry, FL While working 1
7/5/2021 Hartford, CT My mom gave me $5 🙂 2 View Bills
7/3/2021 Hartford, VT No idea 2
7/3/2021 Rocky Hill, CT 1
7/2/2021 Farmington, CT bank 2
6/25/2021 Sacramento, CA The bill found me , I was being refunded for my lunch and i broke a 50 dollar bill and they only had ones so while counting to verify , I found the stamp one. Happy moment. 2
6/25/2021 Hampton, NH Received at the pier at Hampton Beach 2
6/20/2021 Coventry, CT Change when getting donits from Dunkin DooNut 2 View Bills
6/19/2021 Reno, NV A tip while bartending at an airport hotel. 1
6/19/2021 Dexter, ME 2
6/16/2021 Fort Myers, FL Strip club 1
6/15/2021 Visalia, CA Just found it 2 View Bills
6/2/2021 Town of Rockingham, VT Gas station in Bellows Falls 1
5/27/2021 Arcata, CA Someone tipped this in our tip jar at riptide cafe 1
5/26/2021 Alstead, NH 1
5/23/2021 DuPont, WA Received as payment during a yard sale. 1
5/21/2021 Tampa, FL work 2
5/18/2021 Visalia, CA I was doing tips at my store and found it. 1
5/15/2021 Charlotte, NC In my cash register at work! 2 View Bills
5/14/2021 Town of Rockingham, VT i received this bill as change 1
5/12/2021 Londonderry, NH I received this bill as change when getting lunch at KFC in Tilton, NH while I was out for a long drive on a nice day after a car show on my way to see friends. 2
5/12/2021 Latham, NY Change 2
5/10/2021 Town of Rockingham, VT 1
5/8/2021 Riverside, CA 1
5/4/2021 Greenville, SC In my boot 1
4/20/2021 Tampa, FL Given to me at work 2
4/10/2021 Medford, MA Paid cash as change 2
4/10/2021 Lynn, MA Change from shopping 2
4/9/2021 Albany, NY Got it at as change at Rogonese Imports in Albany, NY. 2
4/2/2021 Town of Rockingham, VT I received this bill as change from shopping 2
3/26/2021 Bronx, NY 2
3/19/2021 Forks, WA 2
3/14/2021 Brattleboro, VT 1
3/12/2021 Westborough, MA I was counting a money at my work and we received it from a customer. 1
3/8/2021 Tacoma, WA 1
3/4/2021 Keene, NH 1
3/4/2021 Quincy, MA I’m a cashier. 2
3/1/2021 Newtown, CT was given to me at work 1
2/25/2021 Montpelier, VT mcdoogles 1
2/19/2021 Keene, NH Change from cafeteria 2
2/12/2021 Town of Rockingham, VT It was given as change from Greater Falls Pharmacy 1
2/10/2021 Town of Rockingham, VT I honestly don’t remember I just found it in my wallet I think someone paid me back some money I was owed and that was how 1 View Bills
1/27/2021 Claremont, NH Got it as change...I have a stamp as well so it made me smile 🙂 1
1/25/2021 Leominster, MA In the cash register at work lol 1
1/22/2021 Keene, NH This bill was in my change while shopping in Keene, NH 2
1/11/2021 Bradford, VT I don’t remember how I found it! 1
1/11/2021 Hinsdale, NH I got it from my bank 1 View Bills
1/4/2021 Concord, NH My tip jar at work 2
12/25/2020 Rupert, VT 2
12/16/2020 Lebanon, NH My work 2
11/27/2020 Windsor, VT after purchasing an item within a local store, received back with my change 2
11/26/2020 Springfield, VT While I was working at a gas station 2 View Bills
11/8/2020 Westminster, VT Shopping 2
11/3/2020 Brattleboro, VT 1
11/1/2020 Hawthorne, NJ Received this as a gift from my boyfriend. He found it at his workplace. 2
10/31/2020 Staten Island, NY Received from customer at store. 2
10/16/2020 Glastonbury, CT I got it from purchasing something in cash and got it as change 1
9/29/2020 Hinesburg, VT Received it in change 1
9/21/2020 Walpole, NH Got a paycheck 2
9/19/2020 McMinnville, OR pan handling 1
9/18/2020 Brattleboro, VT Put in the tip jar at the ice cream stand 1
9/15/2020 Putney, VT I received this bill while withdrawing money at the bank. 2
9/14/2020 Walpole, NH Cashing in a lottery ticket at the liquor store 1
9/1/2020 Mooers, NY Got a gas station 1
8/21/2020 Walpole, NH I bought something and it was in my change 2
8/14/2020 Weathersfield, VT Amsdem, Vt. ..Downers country store 2
5/24/2020 Littleton, NH Store cashier 1 View Bills