Stamper ID: 6556

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 140

Number of Times Reported: 60

Estimated Impressions: 52,500 times

Number of States Reported In: 13

Stamped in All States Ranking: 158

Recent Sightings

Stamper: 6556

Sighted in: Orleans, IN

Date Reported: October 30 at 6:59 pm EST

Stamper: 6556

Sighted in: Indianapolis, IN

Date Reported: October 28 at 1:21 am EST

Possession: Gad station

Stamper: 6556

Sighted in: Paragould, AR

Date Reported: October 20 at 7:49 pm EST

Possession: Change from store

Stamper: 6556

Sighted in: Los Angeles, CA

Date Reported: June 12 at 3:00 pm EST

Possession: I went to buy food in the grocery store, they gave me change and I read the back of the bill.

Stamper: 6556

Sighted in: Elkhart, IN

Date Reported: June 9 at 7:43 pm EST

Possession: I was looking at my money and found it

Dragan Stevanovic's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
10/30/2022 Orleans, IN 1
10/28/2022 Indianapolis, IN Gad station 1 View Bills
10/20/2022 Paragould, AR Change from store 1 View Bills
6/12/2022 Los Angeles, CA I went to buy food in the grocery store, they gave me change and I read the back of the bill. 1 View Bills
6/9/2022 Elkhart, IN I was looking at my money and found it 1
5/19/2022 Galesburg, MI I received change while shopping 1
5/4/2022 Indianapolis, IN I recieved this bill at the store i work at 1
5/3/2022 Marion, IN Got it back in change at gas station 1
4/18/2022 Indianapolis, IN 1
4/10/2022 Alamo, TX 1
4/6/2022 Indianapolis, IN Someone tipped me at my restaurant with this bill 1
4/6/2022 Indianapolis, IN I found this bill in my change after eating at steak’s shake 1
4/1/2022 Delavan, WI 1
3/21/2022 Indianapolis, IN received as change 1
3/20/2022 New Castle, IN I’m a cashier and it was in the drawer 1
3/5/2022 Lafayette, IN Shopping at a Dollar Tree, got it as change 1
2/7/2022 West Palm Beach, FL Lo recibí de cambio un billete mientras compraba 1 View Bills
1/25/2022 Findlay, OH Guy gave it to me to exchange 1
1/6/2022 New Castle, IN it is a $1 and i got it as change from breaking a $5 1
12/9/2021 Port Huron, MI Girlfriend gave it to me 1
12/1/2021 Logan, OH It was given to me by a friend! 1 View Bills
11/28/2021 Greenville, SC 1
11/28/2021 Indianapolis, IN Tip jar at work 1 View Bills
11/23/2021 Chicago, IL Change at gas station 1
10/15/2021 Danville, IL 1
10/8/2021 Indianapolis, IN a tip 1 View Bills
10/3/2021 Logansport, IN I received this bill as change from a restaurant. 1
9/26/2021 Gaylord, MI I found this in my tip jar 2
9/26/2021 Gaylord, MI Got it as a tip 2
9/23/2021 Willard, OH I received the bill as change for a 20 I spend on a protein bar at hi myler 1
9/9/2021 Elgin, IL chipotle 1 View Bills
8/24/2021 Indianapolis, IN Cash Back from convenient store. 1
8/13/2021 Indianapolis, IN Got it as a tip at work 1
7/19/2021 Lebanon, TN 1
7/17/2021 Kingsport, TN At work 1
7/16/2021 Memphis, TN ATM 1
7/8/2021 Indianapolis, IN I found this bill while shopping 1
7/4/2021 Columbus, IN 1
6/17/2021 Greenfield, IN I work for a Gas station, was attempting to safe drop when the bill wouldn’t be accepted 1
5/25/2021 Louisville, KY I got it when I got change 1
4/21/2021 Mishawaka, IN Shopping at meijer 1
4/15/2021 Clinton Township, MI Picked it up at a speedway gas station 1 View Bills
4/10/2021 Mooresville, IN Work 1
3/27/2021 Carmel, IN i got it as change 1
3/25/2021 Springfield, IL 1
3/24/2021 Fishers, IN I received this bill as change while shopping 1 View Bills
3/3/2021 Thorntown, IN Atm 1
3/1/2021 Greenfield, IN Change while shopping 1
2/6/2021 Indianapolis, IN I went to speedway way and got money back and this what they gave me back 1 View Bills
1/29/2021 Westfield, NJ Received from a amoco gas station 1
1/10/2021 Maywood, IL 1
1/3/2021 South Holland, IL I was at work and somebody gave it to me so i accepted it and i got it and did it . 1 View Bills
12/5/2020 La Porte, IN 1 View Bills
10/4/2020 Indianapolis, IN Change at grocery store 1 View Bills
9/27/2020 Indianapolis, IN my mom gave it to me 1
9/16/2020 Kokomo, IN Got it from a gas station 1
7/31/2020 Indianapolis, IN 1
7/15/2020 Greenfield, IN A customer gave me this bill today in my store. 1
6/25/2020 Indianapolis, IN Provided as change for breakfast pur chase at McDonald's. 1
12/21/2019 Brownsburg, IN I got tipped the bill at a restaurant. 1