Stamper ID: 6413

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 249

Number of Times Reported: 35

Estimated Impressions: 30,625 times

Number of States Reported In: 8

Stamped in All States Ranking: 281

Recent Sightings

Stamper: 6413

Sighted in: Los Angeles, CA

Date Reported: June 29 at 2:44 pm EST

Possession: Received bill at Wells Fargo Branch in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles CA

Stamper: 6413

Sighted in: Los angeles, CA

Date Reported: May 20 at 12:35 am EST

Possession: Chase atm

Stamper: 6413

Sighted in: Temecula, CA

Date Reported: May 2 at 11:06 am EST

Possession: Heheh hah

Stamper: 6413

Sighted in: Oxford, OH

Date Reported: March 11 at 7:51 pm EST

Possession: I’m a manager at a Walgreens. It was in one of my registers.

Stamper: 6413

Sighted in: San Diego, CA

Date Reported: November 15 at 1:49 am EST

Possession: I received this bill as change

6413's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
6/29/2022 Los Angeles, CA Received bill at Wells Fargo Branch in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles CA 1
5/20/2022 Los angeles, CA Chase atm 1
5/2/2022 Temecula, CA Heheh hah 1
3/12/2022 Oxford, OH I’m a manager at a Walgreens. It was in one of my registers. 1
11/15/2021 San Diego, CA I received this bill as change 1
6/17/2021 Fort Payne, AL received as a tip. 1 View Bills
1/29/2021 Tacoma, WA At McDonald’s just realized that it had a website on it. 1
1/12/2021 Los Angeles, CA 1
12/8/2020 Lynnwood, WA 1
9/14/2020 Oak Harbor, WA change while shopping 1
7/30/2020 Los Angeles, CA 1
4/7/2020 Seattle, WA Received bill at Pike Place Market. 1
2/14/2020 Silverdale, WA Cash Back From Bank 1
1/18/2020 Everett, WA change for teriyaki 1
1/7/2020 Seattle, WA I think I got it from petsitting 2
10/12/2019 Tacoma, WA change from auto parts store 1
9/27/2019 Bellingham, WA 2
9/25/2019 Kirkland, WA Grocery store 1
9/22/2019 Bellevue, WA Golf course 1
9/21/2019 Salisbury, MD 1
8/24/2019 Little Rock, AR In change from a gas station 1
6/3/2019 Tacoma, WA Coffee stand 1 View Bills
5/21/2019 Spanish Fork, UT 1
5/4/2019 Seattle, WA A tip at my restaurant. I'm a valet 1
4/22/2019 Manson, WA Tip at work 1
4/14/2019 Santaquin, UT 1
3/11/2019 Seattle, WA Someone paid with it at my store 1
2/21/2019 Renton, WA 1
1/2/2019 Prescott, AZ Work 1
9/21/2018 Santa Rosa, CA from a thrift store in Santa Rosa 2
9/21/2018 Santa Rosa, CA don't remember 2
7/31/2018 Kent, WA 1
1/22/2018 Puyallup, WA Came from a little ceasars in the area 1
12/28/2017 Yoman, WA Im a cashier 1