Stamper ID: 5656

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 99

Number of Times Reported: 101

Estimated Impressions: 88,375 times

Number of States Reported In: 17

Stamped in All States Ranking: 108

Why I Stamp:

💰Big Money Speaks Louder Than Words💰 — I stamp to bring awareness to the legalized bribery and the corporate takeover of our democracy. Our elected-officials serve the lobbyists and the special interests who bought and paid for them—not the people.

We need to take back our government. And, we need to stop the two-party stranglehold.  The People’s Party in 2024!


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Started Stamping Date:

September 6, 2017

Tips for Fellow Stampers:

When a cashier comments on the stamp, engage with them. It’s an opportunity to bring awareness to the cause. The person behind you in line might hear the conversation too, so now you’ve educated two people.


Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

Any fellow RIT alumni in the Stampede?

Job / Profession / Work: —Photoshop / Color Specialist

Recent Sightings

Stamper: 5656

Sighted in: Atlanta, GA

Date Reported: November 13 at 8:14 pm EST

Possession: The bill had been received in New Jersey. I brought it to Georgia on a road trip.

Stamper: 5656

Sighted in: Ware, MA

Date Reported: September 11 at 12:29 am EST

Possession: Cumberland farms

Stamper: 5656

Sighted in: Villa Rica, GA

Date Reported: September 7 at 7:15 pm EST

Stamper: 5656

Sighted in: Worcester, MA

Date Reported: August 26 at 6:19 pm EST

Possession: someone gave it to me for a tip

Stamper: 5656

Sighted in: Woonsocket, RI

Date Reported: February 27 at 2:48 pm EST

Possession: I received this bill as a change while shopping.

ChromaQueen's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
11/14/2023 Atlanta, GA The bill had been received in New Jersey. I brought it to Georgia on a road trip. 2
9/11/2023 Ware, MA Cumberland farms 1
9/7/2023 Villa Rica, GA 1
8/26/2023 Worcester, MA someone gave it to me for a tip 1
2/27/2023 Woonsocket, RI I received this bill as a change while shopping. 1 View Bills
12/11/2022 South Hamilton, MA change from convenience store 1
8/31/2022 Oakland, NJ I found the bill as change from a bank in nearby Fairfield, NJ (Morris County). 2
2/22/2022 Woonsocket, RI Received this bill as change in a diner. 1
12/21/2021 Bear, DE 1
5/29/2021 DeLand, FL 1
9/5/2020 Lebanon, CT The bill was given to me at my place of work 1
9/2/2020 Cranston, RI Just found it on the street. 1
7/23/2020 Providence, RI Change from store 1
6/14/2020 Boston, MA Change from a restaurant 1
5/18/2020 Warwick, RI Store 1 View Bills
1/18/2020 North Attleborough, MA Got as change 1
1/13/2020 Boston, MA School vending 1
1/5/2020 Johnston, RI I revived this bill from a fast food chain as change 1 View Bills
12/30/2019 Guilford, CT I was bribed by alderman 1
12/11/2019 New York, NY I got it from a Chinatown bakery. 1
11/17/2019 Colorado Springs, CO Received as change 1
10/3/2019 Watervliet, NY Bank of America, Latham, NY. 1
9/17/2019 Naples, FL I wait tables 1 View Bills
8/21/2019 Boston, MA Forgot 1
8/14/2019 Lincoln, RI i work at a convenience store and a customer paid with it 1
5/10/2019 Lincoln, RI I was at work and some mom handed it to me so I thought I’d see what this stamp thing was all about. 1 View Bills
4/12/2019 Cranston, RI 1
3/20/2019 Franklin Square, NY Friend paid me 1
3/11/2019 Fall River, MA 1
1/9/2019 Branford, CT 1
12/5/2018 Providence, RI grocery store / Aldi's 1
11/26/2018 Bennington, VT It was given as change. 1
11/20/2018 Woonsocket, RI I work at a bread bakery and got the dollar as a tip 1
11/5/2018 Milford, CT I received it at work as a tip 1
10/20/2018 Amityville, NY 1
10/19/2018 Teterboro, NJ 1
10/10/2018 Presque Isle, ME Payment 1
10/3/2018 Cranston, RI 1
9/6/2018 Cranston, RI Found it at work. 1
8/29/2018 Sparta Township, NJ change 1
8/26/2018 Providence, RI Work 1
7/22/2018 Minneapolis, MN 1
7/17/2018 Cranston, RI 1
7/2/2018 Waterford, CT 1
6/28/2018 Northbridge, MA Someone came to buy tires from me 1
6/26/2018 Madison, CT Bartending at Donahues Bar and Grille 1
6/20/2018 Taunton, MA Through being tipped at my waitressing job 1
6/15/2018 Providence, RI 1
6/3/2018 Providence, RI Tips at dunkin donuts 1
6/1/2018 Providence, RI Tip money at a restaurant. It's going to be forwarded as tip money for ramen! 1
5/31/2018 Westerly, RI Got it as change at the grocery store. 2
5/25/2018 Brockton, MA Gift 1
5/6/2018 Providence, RI Change from a store 1 View Bills
5/5/2018 Montville, CT It was given to me in change for a purchase. 1
4/28/2018 Providence, RI Handed 1
4/26/2018 Kent, WA 1
4/25/2018 Seaford, NY 1
4/12/2018 Fall River, MA Who knows? 1
4/4/2018 Fall River, MA My students and I were having a fundraising carwash to help keep prom costs down for the first ever junior-senior high school prom. 1
3/31/2018 Newington, CT Change for a $100 bill 1
3/30/2018 Arlington Heights, IL Work cash register 1
3/26/2018 Exeter, NH I bought skittles 1 View Bills
3/23/2018 Providence, RI 1
3/19/2018 Braintree, MA 1
3/18/2018 Providence, RI My mother was buying something at Macy's and I stumbled upon the bill while she was bringing out her money 1
3/18/2018 South Kingstown, RI I’m a chashier at sears and I saw it in the drawer 2 View Bills
3/18/2018 Providence, RI 1
3/17/2018 Millis, MA Recieved as change at a Sunoco gas station. 1
3/13/2018 Pawtucket, RI 1
3/5/2018 Warwick, RI my grandfather gave it to me 1
3/2/2018 Plymouth, MA Tip 1
2/25/2018 Cranston, RI 1
2/11/2018 Coventry, RI I think i got it at the 99 Restaurant in Cranston RI Saturday night Feb 10, 2018. I had the smothered tips medium rare with baked potato and broccoli. Delish Going to spend it tomorrow when I got out and do errands. 1
2/11/2018 Coventry, RI 1
2/5/2018 Lincoln, RI Bank 1 View Bills
2/5/2018 Lincoln, RI Delivery tip 1 View Bills
2/4/2018 Seekonk, MA 1
1/17/2018 Newport, RI 1
1/13/2018 Cranston, RI As a tip (I’m a server) 1
1/11/2018 Providence, RI 1
1/6/2018 South Kingstown, RI 1
1/5/2018 Santa Monica, CA 1
1/3/2018 Lincoln, RI Honey dew donuts 1
12/28/2017 Doylestown, PA The terrace cafe someone used it to pay 1
12/22/2017 Providence, RI My mom gave it too me 1
12/19/2017 Warwick, RI Tip 1
12/16/2017 Boston, MA 1
12/16/2017 Boston, MA 1
12/15/2017 Gloucester, MA I asked someone to break a 10 and i got 2 5's 1
12/14/2017 Providence, RI Tip 1
12/13/2017 Gloucester, MA Change received 1
12/12/2017 Cranston, RI 1
12/11/2017 Providence, RI Martha purchased pickles from me. 1
12/4/2017 Minneapolis, MN 1
12/4/2017 Minneapolis, MN 1
11/22/2017 North Kingstown, RI Charity 1
11/14/2017 Providence, RI I’m a waitress on Thayer st 1
10/21/2017 Cranston, RI given to me as payment by Martha DiMeo 1
9/12/2017 Shrewsbury, MA Got it from the bank 1