Stamper ID: 5532

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 115

Number of Times Reported: 83

Estimated Impressions: 72,625 times

Number of States Reported In: 9

Stamped in All States Ranking: 278

Recent Sightings

Stamper: 5532

Sighted in: Berkeley, CA

Date Reported: May 28 at 3:59 pm EST

Possession: Narcotics Anonymous meeting donation

Stamper: 5532

Sighted in: Modesto, CA

Date Reported: November 21 at 9:57 pm EST

Possession: Received when paid for a side job form a friend that got it as a tip while playing a gig at a winerie or some shit

Stamper: 5532

Sighted in: San Jose, CA

Date Reported: September 23 at 4:29 pm EST

Stamper: 5532

Sighted in: Santa Clara, CA

Date Reported: September 18 at 11:46 pm EST

Possession: From the bank

Stamper: 5532

Sighted in: Antioch, CA

Date Reported: June 14 at 2:10 pm EST

Possession: For it while grocery shopping

5532's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
5/28/2023 Berkeley, CA Narcotics Anonymous meeting donation 2
11/22/2022 Modesto, CA Received when paid for a side job form a friend that got it as a tip while playing a gig at a winerie or some shit 1
9/23/2022 San Jose, CA 1
9/19/2022 Santa Clara, CA From the bank 2
6/14/2022 Antioch, CA For it while grocery shopping 2
6/13/2022 Oakley, CA It’s was in my register at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory 2 View Bills
3/31/2022 San Diego, CA cjange while shopping 1
3/2/2022 Morgan Hill, CA I received the bill as change in a hard ware store last week on Monday 1
2/26/2022 Honolulu, HI In a restaurant 1
2/6/2022 Hawthorne, CA 1
1/21/2022 Hercules, CA 1
11/7/2021 Austin, TX 1
11/5/2021 San Jose, CA Bank 1 View Bills
10/21/2021 Salinas, CA I was given some pocket money by my grandparents and I didn’t notice the stamp until this morning 1 View Bills
9/10/2021 Fort Bragg, CA IN MY TILL 1
7/28/2021 San Jose, CA 1
7/3/2021 San Jose, CA my dad gave it to me as a birthday gift LMFAOOAOAOA 1 View Bills
6/18/2021 Los Angeles, CA In was my change in the 99cent store. 1 View Bills
6/2/2021 Los Angeles, CA Store change 1 View Bills
5/8/2021 Lancaster, CA Store 1 View Bills
4/22/2021 Milpitas, CA It was in a till where I work. 1
4/10/2021 San Jose, CA 1 View Bills
3/11/2021 Visalia, CA Payment for senior meals 1
3/11/2021 San Jose, CA Atm 1
2/8/2021 San Jose, CA i received this bill as change from a jack in the box. 1
2/4/2021 San Jose, CA Got it at a local laundry matt 1
2/1/2021 Salinas, CA I was counting the money i had in my wallet and i run into it. 1 View Bills
1/21/2021 San Jose, CA I was panhandling in san jose and someone gave it to me 1
1/21/2021 San Jose, CA I was panhandling in san jose, someone gave it to me. 1
1/10/2021 Deming, NM 1 View Bills
12/30/2020 Los Angeles, CA Received as gambling debt 1
10/25/2020 Rocklin, CA I work at a movie theater and was given this bill. 1 View Bills
10/16/2020 Pittsburg, CA in change at WinCo Foods 1
9/18/2020 Little Rock, AR 5 bucks 1
7/16/2020 Hayward, CA it was change from mcdonalds 1
3/3/2020 Camarillo, CA 1
1/3/2020 Dallas, TX 1
1/2/2020 Galt, CA 1 View Bills
12/22/2019 Tulare, CA 1
12/9/2019 Novato, CA MF44393779G 1
11/16/2019 Los Angeles, CA At a gas station! 1
11/5/2019 San Jose, CA 1 View Bills
10/13/2019 East Palo Alto, CA 1 View Bills
9/10/2019 Half Moon Bay, CA 1
8/25/2019 Reno, NV Got cash back and got it 1
8/21/2019 Santa Clara, CA snack shack at a pool 1
8/19/2019 Morgan Hill, CA I bought a water bottle and it was change 1
7/26/2019 Roseville, CA got the bill as change at the grocey store (Bel Air) 1
6/15/2019 Los Gatos, CA I saw it in my cash register when I was giving cash back 1
6/9/2019 San Jose, CA I have no idea, it’l was change from somewhere 1
6/3/2019 San Jose, CA 1
5/1/2019 Rowland Heights, CA Customer 1
4/22/2019 San Jose, CA 1
4/14/2019 San Jose, CA Received it after my purchase at a fast food place. 1
4/7/2019 Bay Point, CA Got bill for Christmas from a family friend. It apparently got buried under some paperwork and I just found it today; good thing too, because I apparently owe the gas and electric company $800. 1
4/4/2019 Santa Clara, CA 1
3/24/2019 Salinas, CA unknown 1
3/14/2019 Saint Paul, MN a donation 1
3/3/2019 Federal Way, WA 1
2/25/2019 Sacramento, CA Change from buying stuff 1
2/9/2019 Santa Clara, CA Was used to pay for a meal at my job. 1
2/1/2019 Morgan Hill, CA 1
12/30/2018 Modesto, CA For some lays chips 1
12/15/2018 Aptos, CA Wells Fargo ATM in Aptos, CA 1
12/3/2018 Redwood City, CA i withdrew money from a 7-eleven atm in redwood city 1
12/1/2018 San Jose, CA 1
11/18/2018 San Jose, CA Change 1
11/10/2018 Corona, CA Farmers market I think 1 View Bills
11/10/2018 Reno, NV At work some random person 1 View Bills
11/9/2018 Fremont, CA 1
9/21/2018 San Jose, CA change 1
8/25/2018 Oakland, CA Got Change at a local business 1
8/20/2018 Los Angeles, CA got it as change 1
8/11/2018 San Jose, CA Classic burgers 1
7/2/2018 Escondido, CA 1
6/6/2018 San Jose, CA 1