Stamper ID: 4U2C

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 41

Number of Times Reported: 264

Estimated Impressions: 231,000 times

Number of States Reported In: 28

Stamped in All States Ranking: 44

Recent Sightings

Stamper: 4U2C

Sighted in: Tacoma, WA

Date Reported: March 24 at 10:20 pm EST

Possession: This was placed among other tips in the jar for Fisher Scone food truck workers. Ironically they were parked at a Walmart occupying a place where there was once an Elks Lodge. Corrupt leadership sold the property to erase their debts and life went on such that it does.

Stamper: 4U2C

Sighted in: Issaquah, WA

Date Reported: March 21 at 4:32 am EST

Stamper: 4U2C

Sighted in: Redmond, WA

Date Reported: March 18 at 6:58 pm EST

Possession: I received this bill as payment at the store I work at

Stamper: 4U2C

Sighted in: Seattle, WA

Date Reported: February 23 at 3:28 pm EST

Possession: I got it as change

Stamper: 4U2C

Sighted in: Dallas, GA

Date Reported: January 31 at 11:29 pm EST

Possession: at my job.

4U2C's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
3/25/2024 Tacoma, WA This was placed among other tips in the jar for Fisher Scone food truck workers. Ironically they were parked at a Walmart occupying a place where there was once an Elks Lodge. Corrupt leadership sold the property to erase their debts and life went on such that it does. 1
3/21/2024 Issaquah, WA 1
3/18/2024 Redmond, WA I received this bill as payment at the store I work at 1
2/23/2024 Seattle, WA I got it as change 1
2/1/2024 Dallas, GA at my job. 1
1/27/2024 Springfield, OR at work as a tip 1 View Bills
1/5/2024 Livingston, CA I got if from Taqueria Los Gordos on my way to Fresno. 1
12/7/2023 Centralia, WA I got this bill as change from a gas station 1 View Bills
11/28/2023 Portland, OR 1
11/28/2023 Auburn, WA 1
11/25/2023 Federal Way, WA Return change at Walgreens. 1
11/23/2023 Woodburn, OR Payment 1
11/15/2023 Pascagoula, MS paid for copy 1
11/15/2023 Missoula, MT Cashier 1
11/8/2023 Hilo, HI A customer paid for her afternoon coffee at my coffee truck with this $5 bill! 1 View Bills
10/16/2023 Redondo Beach, CA Tip money!!! 1
9/29/2023 Yakima, WA Working at a gas station 1 View Bills
9/14/2023 Graham, WA 1
8/25/2023 Seattle, WA I got it for dog sitting 1
8/13/2023 Quilcene, WA I found it at work 1
7/29/2023 Kent, WA Change at a grocery store 1
7/29/2023 Brighton, CO Got as a tip. 1 View Bills
7/26/2023 Bellevue, WA Bus ticket Change 1 View Bills
7/25/2023 covington, LA I received it from my bank . 1
6/26/2023 Anacortes, WA 1
6/26/2023 Anacortes, WA till 1
6/21/2023 Rapid City, SD It was in a cash register 2
5/10/2023 Graham, WA bought a milky way and got the roller back 1 View Bills
5/4/2023 Eugene, OR i got it a wincoself checkout 1
5/4/2023 Covington, WA Cash back at register 1 View Bills
4/17/2023 Freeland, WA with my eye's. 1
4/16/2023 Lacey, WA At a pizza place 1 View Bills
3/30/2023 Des Moines, WA Playing bingo at the Eagles 1
3/3/2023 Seattle, WA got it at the gas station on Beacon hill in Seattle. has Guns Save Lives written on it. 1
2/23/2023 Sparks, NV Got it as change after I bought something 1 View Bills
2/22/2023 Grand Mound, WA My boyfriend gave it to me 1 View Bills
1/31/2023 Las Vegas, NV in my piggy bank 1
1/21/2023 Rosamond, CA Dave a bunster 3
1/20/2023 Portland, OR Weed Store 2 View Bills
1/18/2023 Bellevue, WA found on the ground at our school 1
1/9/2023 Auburn, WA Check stand 1 View Bills
1/6/2023 Moscow, ID Found at coffee shop I work at 1
12/18/2022 Kent, WA Boba lust 1
12/15/2022 Renton, WA I was workin on MCDONALD and some body give me one dollar tip 1 View Bills
12/6/2022 Gilbert, AZ I work at a bank 1
11/27/2022 Woodland, WA I found it in my friends change jar stash. 1
11/21/2022 Las Vegas, NV 1
11/4/2022 Burien, WA My son went to get a pizza (at dominos) And they gave it like change to him he told me about it and I searched up the page and now I'm writing this 1 View Bills
11/4/2022 Tacoma, WA I received this bill as change while shopping. 1
10/29/2022 Marysville, WA In my register at work 1
10/27/2022 Waianae, HI Grocery shopping “change” 1
10/16/2022 Lagrange, GA While estate sale shopping 1
10/11/2022 Snohomish, WA Skydive Drop Zone 1
10/10/2022 Cannon Beach, OR 1
9/5/2022 Kennewick, WA Got it as change from a gas station in Boardman, OR 1 View Bills
8/26/2022 Kent, WA working at a cafe 1
8/20/2022 Othello, WA Selling bracelets 2
8/20/2022 Marysville, WA 1
8/17/2022 Kent, WA At work in the till. 1
8/16/2022 Othello, WA as change from a purchase 2 View Bills
7/29/2022 Issaquah, WA in my girlfriends wallet 1 View Bills
7/18/2022 Bellingham, WA 1
7/16/2022 Oregon City, OR 76 work till 1
7/15/2022 Seattle, WA In my wallet 1 View Bills
7/7/2022 Ridgecrest, CA Hotel Bank Drop 1
6/29/2022 Pullman, WA I was counting my money lmao and was like why’s there pink on my dollar bill. And boom. Here I am 1
6/28/2022 Las Vegas, NV Esther's Kitchen Las Vegas 1
6/10/2022 Maple Valley, WA 1
6/9/2022 Okanogan, WA I received this bill from the bank 1
6/9/2022 Bellingham, WA Found the bill in the register where I work (Big Orange in the Bellis Fair Mall 1
6/3/2022 Silverdale, WA At Olive Garden 1
5/28/2022 Bellingham, WA Safeway ATM 1 View Bills
5/25/2022 Moraga, CA in my tip moneyyyy 1
5/23/2022 U.S.A, WA i was walking with my older niece and my and lil sister and her gf or friend and i found a bill that had a stamp on it, and there i found it then picked it up and search up the stamp. 1 View Bills
5/21/2022 Mesa, AZ 2
5/7/2022 Beaufort, SC 1 View Bills
5/4/2022 Renton, WA 1
4/26/2022 Astoria, OR I work at a candy store in seaside Oregon and found it while counting the register. 1 View Bills
4/24/2022 Seattle, WA Friends gave it as a gift. 1
4/23/2022 Everett, WA received it 1
4/23/2022 Oak Harbor, WA got payed for helping out a friend 1
4/5/2022 Manistee, MI I work at a bank, and someone made a deposit with it! 1 View Bills
4/4/2022 Seaside, OR Cash drawer at work 1
3/25/2022 San Diego, CA 1
3/10/2022 Steamboat Springs, CO Im a cashier at a ski resort. Someone paid with that and got me intrigued 1 View Bills
3/3/2022 Olympia, WA I received it for a tip while delivering pizza for Domino's. 1 View Bills
2/28/2022 Rainier, WA I was snowboarding and broke a 100 dollar bill and got it with my change 1
2/14/2022 Happy Valley, OR Got it as change 1
2/1/2022 Mesa, AZ tip money 1
1/26/2022 Mount Vernon, VA I’m working at jack in the box and I got handed this bill for an order 1 View Bills
1/25/2022 Federal Way, WA I work at a grocery store and was counting the tills at the end of the night and found this stamp on a five dollar note. 1
1/16/2022 Federal Way, WA i work at a community center and someone used it to pay for a 1 day entry. 1
1/2/2022 Vancouver, WA 1
12/31/2021 Carlos, MN Gambling 1
12/29/2021 Bellevue, WA Was buying something from a store got it back as change 1 View Bills
12/26/2021 Ellensburg, WA At work in the till 1
12/21/2021 Fontana, CA 3
12/20/2021 Seattle, WA 1
12/20/2021 Pocatello, ID Received this bill as payment 1
12/13/2021 Riverside, CA It was handed out at a merchant 3 View Bills
12/12/2021 Pasco, WA 1
12/9/2021 Leeds, AL Got in a bank deposit 1
12/9/2021 Arlington, WA found it at work counting the till, glad to see im not the only one who knows every penny is a vote!!! TY for helping fight, all we need is a little momentum to combat the infectious despondency! 1 View Bills
11/25/2021 Haiku-Pauwela, HI Got it from the bank 1
11/21/2021 Portland, OR I bought something out of 33rd foodvilla store and she gave me my change and a 5 dollar bill had a stamp on it with a link 1
10/19/2021 Pontiac, MI I received it from a store 1
10/6/2021 Torrance, CA Change 1
10/6/2021 Aloha, OR I received this bill as change when working. 1
10/4/2021 Hillsboro, OR was shown this by my coworker who found it while cashing out a customer 1
10/3/2021 Oxford, AL Given at movie theater 1 View Bills
10/2/2021 Kent, WA Given to me as payment. 1 View Bills
10/1/2021 Spokane, WA Found at a Walgreens 1
9/28/2021 Reno, NV It was given to me as change from a local business. 1
9/24/2021 Canton, NC Received this bill as change at a gas station 1
9/17/2021 Los Angeles, CA A friend gave it to me when i was selling chips in school. 1
8/30/2021 Olney, MT In my change. 1
8/22/2021 Renton, WA lightly used 1
8/22/2021 Renton, WA Lightly used 1
8/16/2021 Lake City, FL found in a dispensary atm 1
8/15/2021 Martinsburg, WV Received from a customer while at work 1
8/12/2021 Indianapolis, IN i work at an escape room going through money at end of night 1
8/11/2021 Indianapolis, IN 1
8/11/2021 Glendora, CA 1
8/11/2021 College Place, WA Change from pizza purchase 1
8/2/2021 Chula Vista, CA Given as change by AAA insurance on Telegraph canyon road 1 View Bills
7/31/2021 Tulsa, OK In change at The Spudder Restaurant 1
7/29/2021 New Port Richey, FL Work 1
7/26/2021 Phoenix, AZ Received change while shopping 2
7/20/2021 Palo Cedro, CA 1
7/20/2021 Bellevue, WA In my wallet. Don’t remember where I got it. 1
7/18/2021 Tacoma, WA I think someone left it as a tip while I was working 1
7/12/2021 Monroe, LA I went today to my bank to cash my check ! I’m just now realizing this and just started searching the web I saw on the bill ! My first time ever! 1
7/10/2021 Blakely Island, WA 1
7/5/2021 Oldtown, ID I’m my register at work 1 View Bills
7/3/2021 Shoreline, WA Tips from Work 1
6/26/2021 Helena, AL While getting my money back from paying for fast food 1 View Bills
6/21/2021 Seattle, WA Gifted as origami Graduation money 1
6/17/2021 Spanaway, WA My son gave it to me after a 7-Eleven run for snacks. 1
6/16/2021 Eugene, OR I was breaking a bill at the store 1
6/13/2021 Ashland, OR Found in cash drop at Rogue Valley Cannabis Ashland 1
6/6/2021 Beaverton, OR Wendys, I think. 1 View Bills
6/1/2021 Las Vegas, NV 1
5/29/2021 Scottsdale, AZ 1
5/20/2021 Salem, OR 1
5/17/2021 Government Camp, OR 1
5/16/2021 Lake Oswego, OR It came out of my ATM 1
5/11/2021 Montesano, WA Change at a gas station close to I 5 .. 1
5/8/2021 Oakland, CA I got a tip from my job. 1 View Bills
5/8/2021 Lake Tapps, WA Got it from a cashier 1
5/4/2021 Kirkland, WA Received in Chipotle 1
5/3/2021 Salem, OR Getting a milkshake from dairy Queen 1 View Bills
4/29/2021 Lacey, WA Change while shopping 1
4/28/2021 Northport, WA Gas station 1 View Bills
4/19/2021 Sumner, WA 1
4/14/2021 Valley City, ND 1
4/1/2021 Kent, WA I was buying some bomb tacos and this cute red hair girl gave it to me 1
3/29/2021 Kent, WA Was tipped it at work, I'm a bartender. 1
3/23/2021 Kirkland, WA 1
3/19/2021 Phoenix, AZ In my till. 1
3/18/2021 Seattle, WA I found it in my backpack 1
3/11/2021 Yakima, WA 1
3/8/2021 Kent, WA As Change will shopping 1
3/4/2021 Tempe, AZ I bought a drink 1
3/4/2021 Kent, WA My dad gave it to me after the strip club 1
2/9/2021 Fort Worth, TX 1
2/7/2021 Oak Ridge, TN 1
1/31/2021 Auburn, WA 1
1/24/2021 Seattle, WA I received this bill as change at work. 1
1/24/2021 Klamath Falls, OR Someone gave us this bill on a Facebook marketplace transaction 1 View Bills
1/21/2021 National City, CA 1
1/2/2021 Ellijay, GA Change 1
12/29/2020 Everett, WA I received it was change while shopping 1
12/28/2020 Portland, OR Received bill as change. 1
12/7/2020 Bremerton, WA 1
12/1/2020 Woodinville, WA 1
11/17/2020 Lakewood, WA At work. In the regisger 1
10/25/2020 McMinnville, OR 1
10/23/2020 Walla Walla, WA Found in change from Franz Bread store. 1
10/17/2020 Ocean Shores, WA Tip money 1
10/17/2020 Arlington, TX I was at Walmart and I found it in my till 1
10/12/2020 Puyallup, WA 1
10/10/2020 Tillamook, OR Change from store 1
10/7/2020 Fresno, CA 1
10/5/2020 Seattle, WA 1
9/22/2020 Tukwila, WA someone payed with it at the coffee shop i work at. 1
9/21/2020 Kent, WA i’m at werk 1
9/13/2020 Hillsboro, OR I found it in my till while I was working. 1
9/8/2020 Coeur d'Alene, ID I am a cashier at a Conoco and counting a till I noticed it 1 View Bills
9/1/2020 Tacoma, WA Change from the store. 1
8/30/2020 Salem, OR 1
8/21/2020 Torrance, CA Got my check cashed 1
8/19/2020 Bellevue, WA I received this bill while shopping. 1
8/16/2020 Tenino, WA mom gave it to me 1 View Bills
7/31/2020 Duvall, WA Duvall farmers market 1 View Bills
7/20/2020 Livingston, MT Change from shopping 1
7/7/2020 Vancouver, WA I went to get gas and received a 5 dollar bill as change 1 View Bills
7/4/2020 Seattle, WA West Seattle Home Depot 1
7/1/2020 Portland, OR Buying candy 1
6/30/2020 Auburn, AL I got this from a Friend 1
6/21/2020 Pullman, WA Got it as change 1
6/16/2020 Kent, WA Given to me as change from shopping. 1 View Bills
6/16/2020 Kent, WA Change from the grocery store 1 View Bills
6/12/2020 Seattle, WA I don't remember. I just pulled it out of my wallet and noticed. I'm paying my uber eats delivery driver with it as extra. 1
6/6/2020 Puyallup, WA Change back from Safeway 1
5/31/2020 Tacoma, WA I sold a game and the customer gave me the five dollar bill with the stamp on it 1 View Bills
5/21/2020 Seattle, WA I found it at the store 1
5/20/2020 Honolulu, HI Walmart change 2 View Bills
5/20/2020 Honolulu, HI My change at Walmart 2 View Bills
5/17/2020 Auburn, WA I work at a cashier at 7-11 then a person hand me the bill to put in the cash register upon closer inspection there was a stamp with a URL, I decided to look it up and here we are 1
5/13/2020 Everett, WA Cashier gave me this bill with my change 1 View Bills
5/12/2020 Vancouver, WA Working at 711 1
5/11/2020 Kent, WA I receive this bill while charging a customer 1 View Bills
4/9/2020 Seattle, WA 1
4/5/2020 Maple Valley, WA 1
3/27/2020 Shoreline, WA IN A STACK OF 5'S FROM MY BANK. 1
3/14/2020 Birdsview, WA change/ shopping 1
2/15/2020 Lacey, WA From store 1 View Bills
2/8/2020 Germany, LA I work at a bowling alley on Ramstein Air Force Base in Ramstein Germany. I’m here with the Air Force 1 View Bills
2/3/2020 Bellingham, WA 1
1/24/2020 Tacoma, WA I received this bill as change while shopping in the area 1
1/15/2020 Puyallup, WA Work with money and found it in the till. 1
1/12/2020 Fuck Off, AL I got paid and guess what, you fuckers didn't allow me to pay for my goddamn ramen, which, mind you, i need to survive. 1
1/10/2020 Pearland, TX Restaurant cash register 1
1/9/2020 Klamath falls, CA Got back as change at Walmart 1 View Bills
1/9/2020 Klamath falls, CA It was given to as change at walmart 1 View Bills
1/8/2020 Milton, WA 1
1/2/2020 Yuma, AZ 1
12/31/2019 Lake stevens, WA 1
12/28/2019 Seattle, WA Change at store 1
12/22/2019 Rochester, NY 1
12/15/2019 Chelan, WA strip club 1
12/2/2019 Kent, WA Change at a safeway gas station 1 View Bills
11/9/2019 Aurora, CO used as payment at my work 1
11/7/2019 Enumclaw, WA 1
11/2/2019 Maple Valley, WA In the safe at Burger King (I'm a manager) 1
10/26/2019 Covington, WA I was working and someone paid with 2 of these bills. 1
10/18/2019 Kent, WA I received this bill as change for buying weed in Covington. 1 View Bills
10/18/2019 Portland, OR Smoking crack 1 View Bills
9/24/2019 Wenatchee, WA Found it when checking through savings. 1
9/23/2019 Covington, LA Change at Costco. 1
9/8/2019 Enumclaw, WA Used to purchase item at my place of employment. 1
8/27/2019 Elk City, OK 1
8/7/2019 Covington, WA 1
7/24/2019 Seattle, WA 1
7/4/2019 Auburn, WA Frugals 1
7/3/2019 Rapid City, SD 2
6/20/2019 Auburn, WA From a cash till at the store 1
6/12/2019 North Bend, OR 1
5/24/2019 Tukwila, WA Counting my corporations money $$$$ hell yeeee 1
5/18/2019 Sedro-Woolley, WA i was hungry and they gave me this bill back 1
5/17/2019 Ellensburg, WA tip 1
5/7/2019 Washington, DC A girl dropped it on the ground and I picked it up 1 View Bills
4/30/2019 Redmond, WA Coffee machine 1
4/30/2019 Sammamish, WA 1
4/30/2019 Kent, WA This bill came into my possession by ordering something from a school restaurant. and receiving this bill and my change back. 1 View Bills
4/26/2019 Tacoma, WA 1
4/14/2019 Tacoma, WA 1
4/11/2019 Kent, WA Returned as change from Safeway 1
4/3/2019 Federal Way, WA Cashed my work check. 1
2/28/2019 Tacoma, WA 1
2/18/2019 Tacoma, WA Cash Back 1
2/9/2019 Everett, WA Gas station 1