Stamper ID: 4TRS

Hometown: pittsburgh, PA

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 143

Number of Times Reported: 64

Estimated Impressions: 56,000 times

Number of States Reported In: 10

Stamped in All States Ranking: 249

Why I Stamp:

Spreading the good word

Relationship status:


Favorite Stamp(s):

All the stamps

Favorite Place to Spend Stamped Money:


Tips for Fellow Stampers:

Keep up the good work



What Makes Me Happy:

Most everything

Recent Sightings

Stamper: 4TRS, pittsburgh, PA

Sighted in: Johnstown, PA

Date Reported: May 16 at 8:24 pm EST

Possession: Change from a purchase

Stamper: 4TRS, pittsburgh, PA

Sighted in: McMurray, PA

Date Reported: April 29 at 10:40 am EST

Possession: I was a server at a restaurant.

Stamper: 4TRS, pittsburgh, PA

Sighted in: Turtle Creek, PA

Date Reported: March 24 at 5:32 pm EST

Possession: The bar

Stamper: 4TRS, pittsburgh, PA

Sighted in: Pittsburgh, PA

Date Reported: March 11 at 10:31 am EST

Possession: Corner store

Stamper: 4TRS, pittsburgh, PA

Sighted in: Creekside, PA

Date Reported: January 21 at 10:49 pm EST

Possession: By taking my mom to bingo

Bobby Sleeze's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
5/17/2023 Johnstown, PA Change from a purchase 1 View Bills
4/29/2023 McMurray, PA I was a server at a restaurant. 1
3/24/2023 Turtle Creek, PA The bar 1
3/11/2023 Pittsburgh, PA Corner store 1
1/22/2023 Creekside, PA By taking my mom to bingo 1 View Bills
1/16/2023 Youngstown, OH change for gas 2
12/28/2022 Springboro, PA Change from Breakfast 1
11/21/2022 Pittsburgh, PA 1
11/20/2022 Euclid, OH Birthday Gift 1
10/31/2022 Cochranton, PA 1
10/24/2022 McKees Rocks, PA I found this bill collecting miney 1
9/16/2022 Greensburg, PA Needed a 10 broke and a buddy gave me 10 ones. 1
8/17/2022 Detroit, MI I received it at the casino as change while playing. 1
8/13/2022 Lover, PA Got it as a tip at work 1 View Bills
8/11/2022 Charlotte, NC I received this bill while exchanging coins for cash at the bank 1
6/4/2022 Pittsburgh, PA 1
5/30/2022 Hixson, TN I always check my serial #s and noticed the stamp. 1 View Bills
4/29/2022 Pittsburgh, PA Change from a bartender 1
4/28/2022 Proctor, WV Customer used it for a tip to employee 1 View Bills
4/20/2022 Pittsburgh, PA used 4 gas 1
4/12/2022 New Castle, PA Got it as change at a Sheetz store this morning. 1
4/12/2022 Cleveland, OH 1
3/18/2022 Hampton Township, PA Work at 7 Eleven, came out of our safe 1
3/2/2022 Houston, TX My friend gave it to me 1 View Bills
1/20/2022 Pittsburgh, PA found it in my wallet 1
1/10/2022 McKeesport, PA Found it in a bundle of 50 ones at work. 1 View Bills
12/6/2021 Harrison City, PA I work at a grocery store and someone gave it to me to pay for their order. 1
10/16/2021 Springdale, PA I don’t remember I seen it in me wallet at sheetz 1 View Bills
10/14/2021 Johnsonburg, PA Received change from a purchase, noticed the fiver had red all over it. 1
10/7/2021 Pittsburgh, PA Tip at the bar! 1
10/7/2021 Pittsburgh, PA Tip at the bar! 1
10/7/2021 Pittsburgh, PA Tip at the bar! 1
10/5/2021 Buffalo, NY Used at county golf course, found at work while depositing funds 1
10/4/2021 Pittsburgh, PA It was a tip at the bar! 1
10/1/2021 Cranberry Township, PA Received at local bank. Months after I stamped it and circulated it. 1 View Bills
9/12/2021 Pittsburgh, PA 1
9/5/2021 Washington, WA I found it working at the McDonalds cash register. 1
9/3/2021 Carnegie, PA Found in cash drawer at Carnegie Beer Outlet 1
8/4/2021 West Newton, PA As change for dining 1 View Bills
7/27/2021 Pittsburgh, PA I received this bill from a customer at a gas station 1
7/22/2021 Pittsburgh, PA Delivering Pizza, was played with it. 2 View Bills
7/10/2021 Murrysville, PA 2 View Bills
6/21/2021 Duquesne, PA I received this bill as change while shopping. 1
5/21/2021 Steubenville, OH IDK 1 View Bills
5/16/2021 Pittsburgh, PA The store gave it to me as change at kfc 1 View Bills
5/14/2021 Pittsburgh, PA I found on McDonald’s 1
5/9/2021 Pittsburgh, PA Someone tipped me with it 1
5/8/2021 Templeton, PA 1
4/24/2021 Washington, WA My girlfriend showed it to me , she knows I'm a vocal supporter of getting money out of politics as well as voting rights. So she gave it to me. 1 View Bills
4/17/2021 Monroeville, PA Won in a bet. 1
4/17/2021 Pittsburgh, PA Won it in a $2 game of pinball 1
4/17/2021 Ambridge, PA I got it at subway in Baden 1
4/16/2021 Pittsburgh, PA Change while shopping 1
4/13/2021 Pittsburgh, PA at my store in the lottery 1
3/9/2021 Pittsburgh, PA I got it in change while shopping 1
3/9/2021 North Jackson, OH Received at Gate 218 of the Ohio Turnpike two days ago, in good condition. 1
2/26/2021 Rochester, PA Grocery shopping 1
2/3/2021 Pittsburgh, PA Received as change 1
11/28/2020 Phoenix, AZ I work at starbucks, and it was counted in the drawer of money 1
11/2/2020 Washington, PA Wine and Spirits store change. 1
10/24/2020 Pittsburgh, PA 1
10/10/2020 Atlasburg, PA 1