Stamper ID: 4613

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 154

Number of Times Reported: 48

Estimated Impressions: 42,000 times

Number of States Reported In: 7

Stamped in All States Ranking: 278

Recent Sightings

Stamper: 4613

Sighted in: Lompoc, CA

Date Reported: June 12 at 3:43 pm EST

Possession: Carl’s Jr. drive thru change

Stamper: 4613

Sighted in: Willits, CA

Date Reported: December 22 at 11:04 pm EST

Possession: taco bell

Stamper: 4613

Sighted in: Lawndale, CA

Date Reported: September 29 at 3:51 pm EST

Stamper: 4613

Sighted in: Arroyo Grande, CA

Date Reported: September 25 at 5:57 pm EST

Possession: It was a tip I got while working

Stamper: 4613

Sighted in: Carpinteria, CA

Date Reported: June 4 at 5:25 pm EST

Possession: I was given this bill from my father who didn't know what it meant.

4613's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
6/12/2021 Lompoc, CA Carl’s Jr. drive thru change 1
12/23/2020 Willits, CA taco bell 1 View Bills
9/29/2020 Lawndale, CA 1 View Bills
9/25/2020 Arroyo Grande, CA It was a tip I got while working 1
6/4/2020 Carpinteria, CA I was given this bill from my father who didn't know what it meant. 1
2/6/2020 San Diego, CA I received this bill shopping at Hobby Lobby in Chula Vista, CA 1
1/29/2020 Chino, CA I was finishing up work and went to get food at McDonald’s and the cashier handed me this bill as change 1
1/6/2020 Bloomington, IN Got paid and saw the stamp. 1
12/31/2019 Cathedral City, CA Paid for by customer at dispensary 1
12/31/2019 Los Angeles, CA I work as a cashier at a gas station and noticed the stamp while depositing all money for my shift closing. I really only noticed it because the safe/authenticator did not accept it. 1
12/10/2019 San Bernardino, CA Cvs 1 View Bills
12/6/2019 Tolland, CT Got it back from a store in staffordville ct 2 View Bills
11/3/2019 Paradise, CA From caesars palace 1
10/23/2019 , CA 1
10/14/2019 , CA Pay the Uber 1
9/1/2019 Fontana, CA Change when paying for an item 1
8/25/2019 San Jose, CA 1
7/22/2019 Chandler, AZ Job related 1
7/4/2019 Redlands, CA Someone paid me with it. 2 View Bills
7/4/2019 Crescent City, CA 1
7/4/2019 Crescent City, CA 1
6/14/2019 La Habra, CA 1
5/22/2019 Palm Springs, CA given as change for a purchase 1
4/28/2019 Santa Barbara, CA I dont know just found it in my purse 1
3/14/2019 Santa Barbara, CA Got during a transaction 1
2/24/2019 Lompoc, CA change from the store 1
2/20/2019 Chula Vista, CA retiro en efectivo de bank of america 1
2/4/2019 Montecito, CA 1
2/1/2019 Culver City, CA 1
1/20/2019 Cypress, CA Liqour store 1
1/16/2019 Santa Barbara, CA At the movies 1 View Bills
12/11/2018 San Diego, CA 1
11/30/2018 Puyallup, WA From Starbucks at good same hospital 1
10/14/2018 Hinesville, GA 1
9/16/2018 San Antonio, TX 1
7/23/2018 Santa Barbara, CA Restaurant change 1
6/27/2018 Bakersfield, CA Bought something from the store with a ten and got the change back and gave me a five with the stamp on it already 1
6/26/2018 Arroyo Grande, CA Change at Starbucks. 1
6/26/2018 Grover Beach, CA 1
4/13/2018 Ventura, CA I bought me some Starbucks 1 View Bills
4/8/2018 Santa Barbara, CA Working 1
3/2/2018 Los Angeles, CA Bought chips at 7-eleven 1
2/9/2018 Clovis, CA Purchase. 1
2/8/2018 Mill Valley, CA Change 1
1/14/2018 Santa Barbara, CA Change from the T-Mobile shop in Paseo Nuevo 1 View Bills
12/16/2017 Hanford, CA Found in my wallet lol 1
11/3/2017 Port Hueneme, CA Saw it at work 1
11/2/2017 Santa Barbara, CA Liquor store purchase 1