Stamper ID: 4494

Hometown: Rogers, AR

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 58

Number of Times Reported: 167

Estimated Impressions: 146,125 times

Number of States Reported In: 20

Stamped in All States Ranking: 77

Why I Stamp:

I stamp to get as money as possible out of politics.  The current system is totally out of control!

Relationship status:


Favorite Stamp(s):

Stamp money out of politics

Corporations are not people

Started Stamping Date:

January 5, 2018

Favorite Place to Spend Stamped Money:

Anywhere I spend money!!

Tips for Fellow Stampers:

On many of the early bills I stamped my ID code wasn’t readable.  I now am more cognizant of where it appears and that I am using sufficient ink in my ink pad.


Northwestern University, fall 1970 – winter 1975

Job / Profession / Work:


What Makes Me Happy:

Happiness is working to make America compassionate again and adherent to the Constitution and the rule of law.

Recent Sightings

Stamper: 4494, Rogers, AR

Sighted in: Mineola, TX

Date Reported: May 4 at 1:44 pm EST

Stamper: 4494, Rogers, AR

Sighted in: Little Rock, AR

Date Reported: May 2 at 5:56 pm EST

Possession: Got for the store

Stamper: 4494, Rogers, AR

Sighted in: Fayetteville, AR

Date Reported: April 26 at 10:16 pm EST

Possession: Register at cicis

Stamper: 4494, Rogers, AR

Sighted in: Springdale, AR

Date Reported: April 2 at 9:59 pm EST

Possession: They gave it to me

Stamper: 4494, Rogers, AR

Sighted in: Tishomingo, MS

Date Reported: March 26 at 12:49 pm EST

Possession: As change from getting gas at Dodges gas station in Booneville Ms

Linda's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
5/4/2023 Mineola, TX 1
5/2/2023 Little Rock, AR Got for the store 1 View Bills
4/27/2023 Fayetteville, AR Register at cicis 1
4/3/2023 Springdale, AR They gave it to me 1 View Bills
3/26/2023 Tishomingo, MS As change from getting gas at Dodges gas station in Booneville Ms 1
3/20/2023 Tahlequah, OK Change at register 1
3/5/2023 Rogers, AR Change at angkor wine and beverage. 1
3/2/2023 Rogers, AR 1
2/6/2023 Arkadelphia, AR 1
12/22/2022 Bella Vista, AR I got it as change from a purchase at Kum and Go in Rogers, Ar. 1
12/10/2022 Harrison, AR Not really sure when I got it but I just noticed it when I was going through my money. 1 View Bills
11/9/2022 Bentonville, AR Found it in my drawer while counting monies for the night at work. 1
11/1/2022 Rogers, AR I got it back in change from fish city grill 1
10/7/2022 Fayetteville, AR Change jar 1
9/5/2022 Bentonville, AR 2 View Bills
9/3/2022 Rogers, AR I got it as my tip at my job. 2
8/19/2022 Fayetteville, AR I received this as a $2 tip when I delivered a Pizza Hut order to a senior center. I normally put a WheresGeorge stamp on all my cash, but this one already has Stmpr, so I'll bypass this one. The bill is in below average condition. 1
8/7/2022 Sulphur, OK It was circulated through the Artesian Casino in Sulphur Oklahoma. I bought a beer and they gave me change back it was in there. 2 View Bills
8/4/2022 Henderson, TX RECEIVED FROM CUSTOMER. 2
7/22/2022 Bentonville, AR At Little Ceasars 1 View Bills
7/22/2022 Bentonville, AR at work 1
7/17/2022 Rogers, AR I was tipped this bill at work 1
6/24/2022 Fort Smith, AR At burgerking 1 View Bills
6/8/2022 Clarksville, AR Got from atm at my local bank 1 View Bills
5/29/2022 Fort Smith, AR Change 1
5/25/2022 Fayetteville, AR ATM withdrawal 1 View Bills
5/16/2022 Grove, OK 1
3/27/2022 Bentonville, AR i work at mcdonald’s & i thought it was cool so i traded it for one in my wallet. 1 View Bills
2/9/2022 Durant, OK I got this bill from a lady I picked up in my taxi 1
1/30/2022 Oklahoma City, OK Change from a haircut 2
1/8/2022 Collins, MS 1
11/13/2021 Springdale, AR Gas station 1
10/23/2021 Fayetteville, AR 1
10/10/2021 Monett, MO I received it as change from the Monett Walmart 1
9/18/2021 Rogers, AR I bought something a Walmart and it shot this out along with a $5…I tried depositing it into my bank and it didn’t let me until I noticed the little print on there 1 View Bills
9/5/2021 Mansfield, TX At a fast food place. 1 View Bills
8/26/2021 Pine Bluff, AR Was given to me for change 1 View Bills
7/31/2021 Rogers, AR Received this bill as tender in my restaurant 1
7/20/2021 Bentonville, AR Work 1
5/30/2021 San Antonio, TX 1
5/21/2021 Siloam Springs, AR 1
4/27/2021 Muskogee, OK In a Walmart machine it was in my change. 1 View Bills
2/26/2021 Little Rock, AR in my wallet 1
2/14/2021 Rogers, AR I received it as change from Red Lobster. 1 View Bills
1/18/2021 Paragould, AR 1
12/29/2020 Bentonville, AR It was in my wallet. Received as change 🙂 1
12/28/2020 Benton, AR 1 View Bills
11/22/2020 Fayetteville, AR received it at work 1 View Bills
11/18/2020 Rogers, AR McDonald's 1
11/5/2020 Bentonville, AR The trapppppp 1 View Bills
10/21/2020 Siloam Springs, AR He payed me for something I sold him 1
8/18/2020 Hot Springs, AR 1
7/27/2020 Sallisaw, OK I have been paying for a weekly motel stay, here, since June 1st of 2020...I was at a nearby Inn, and needed to be near to the AutoZone, auto parts store, for meeds for parts and a mechanic yoo, to fix the many problems of the 21 year old car. 1
7/22/2020 Rogers, AR Walmart to Walmart 1
7/19/2020 Rolla, MO Working at local pool. Someone paid the $5 admission fee with this dollar. 1
7/12/2020 Arkadelphia, AR work 1
6/30/2020 Springdale, AR My client paid for part of Their massage with this $20 bill. 1
6/25/2020 Fayetteville, AR R recieved this bill as change from either O'Reilly Auto Parts in Farmington or from Taquera Mexico in Springdale. 2 View Bills
4/18/2020 Rogers, AR Counting register, jeez 52 $20 bills with this eek 1
3/10/2020 Coweta, GA Got it at the book fair at my sons school 1
3/3/2020 Bentonville, AR 1
2/8/2020 Conway, AR I'm a cashier at harbor freight tools in conway 1
1/16/2020 Gentry, AR Recieved it from the gas station 1 View Bills
1/7/2020 Fishers, IN Found in one of the tills at Starbucks while handling cash management as a shift supervisor. 1
12/28/2019 Rogers, AR 1
12/26/2019 Rogers, AR I received this bill as change while at Walmart 1
12/22/2019 Bentonville, AR After getting cash back at Walmart, I used this bill to pay for dinner at Johnny Carino’s! 1
12/11/2019 Anderson, SC I got it given to me! 1
12/9/2019 Centerton, AR i was working and the bill was handed on me. i was interested in it. and still am. what is this exactly? 1
12/6/2019 Clarksville, AR Change from walmart 1
12/2/2019 Glen Carbon, IL Tip from where I waitress 1 View Bills
11/21/2019 Atlanta, GA I received this bill from my mans who got it as a tip from his tree service job. 1
11/19/2019 Rogers, AR 1
11/14/2019 Lee's Summit, MO ATM withdrawal 1
10/9/2019 El Dorado, KS 1
10/3/2019 Springdale, AR Gas station 1
9/25/2019 Yeah, AR It was in my wallet 1
9/25/2019 Saint Joe, AR 1
9/23/2019 West Fork, AR Was tipped with it at the local coffee shop I work at! 1 View Bills
9/22/2019 Joplin, MO Received it as change at a store 2
9/19/2019 Neosho, MO Strip club parking lot 2
9/2/2019 Miami, OK 1
8/27/2019 Rogers, AR Cashier 1
8/13/2019 San Diego, CA 1
8/11/2019 Harrison, AR I think it is from the local bank . 1
8/6/2019 Bentonville, AR got it as change from freddys restaurant 1
7/27/2019 Yorktown, VA 1
7/27/2019 Bentonville, AR Slim Chickens 1
7/27/2019 Bentonville, AR Slim Chickens 1
7/21/2019 Ar, AR A friend got it I just looked it up 1
7/19/2019 Sioux Falls, SD through my work at the city landfill dept. they paid for their load with it. 1
7/12/2019 Bella Vista, AR Tip 1
7/10/2019 Bentonville, AR 1
7/10/2019 Rogers, AR Working at Logan’s Roadhouse as a waitress 1
7/5/2019 West Union, OH 1
7/1/2019 Conway, AR 1
6/30/2019 Springdale, AR Buying weed 1
6/29/2019 Springdale, AR Change 1
6/23/2019 Independence, MO Came through my line at HyVee 1
6/22/2019 Bluff City, TN Gas station 1
6/21/2019 Wichita, KS I’m a server 1
6/12/2019 Rogers, AR I don’t know 1
6/1/2019 Rogers, AR 1
5/31/2019 Rogers, AR Gas Station Change. 1
5/26/2019 Rogers, AR Liquor store 1
5/13/2019 Poplar Bluff, MO 2
5/9/2019 Cape Girardeau, MO Bank 2
5/8/2019 Rogers, AR 1
5/3/2019 Siloam Springs, AR Gas station 1
4/22/2019 Mammoth Spring, AR At a bank 1
4/16/2019 Nashville, TN Bill was received as payment 1
4/13/2019 Williamsburg, VA 1
4/11/2019 Conway, AR Tip money 1
4/3/2019 Mount Sterling, KY 1
4/1/2019 North Little Rock, AR From my sister, she got it out the ATM 1
3/29/2019 Memphis, TN Paid at sonic #tipyacarhops 1
3/27/2019 Bentonville, AR 1
3/22/2019 Little Rock, AR 1
3/21/2019 Lowell, AR 1
3/18/2019 Rogers, AR Change from a store 1
3/14/2019 Bentonville, AR 1
3/10/2019 Akron, OH At walgreens 1
3/10/2019 Eureka Springs, AR Change at the grocery store 1 View Bills
3/6/2019 Bentonville, AR 1
3/6/2019 Bentonville, AR 1
2/12/2019 Springdale, AR We got it at Casey’s gas station buying Cheetos and chocolate milk 1
2/11/2019 Fayetteville, AR Thru change at the register 1
2/6/2019 Rogers, AR 1
1/30/2019 Hortonville, WI Withdrawn 1
1/19/2019 Golden, MO Change from a twenty dollar bill at Wal-Mart 2
1/19/2019 Golden, MO Exchange in cash from Wal-Mart 1
1/13/2019 Bentonville, AR Someone paid for their food with it. 1
1/8/2019 Pineville, NC At convient store 1
12/25/2018 Springfield, MO At Walmart 2
11/21/2018 Fayetteville, AR server 1
10/29/2018 Glenwood, AR US bank atm 1
10/22/2018 Cedar Grove, TN Gas station purchase 1
10/20/2018 Springdale, AR Change from purchase 1
9/29/2018 Springdale, AR Wine payment 1
9/18/2018 Drasco, AR I’m a waiter was left as a tip 1
9/9/2018 Texarkana, TX As payment for something I sold 1
8/26/2018 Rogers, AR Change in store 1 View Bills
8/9/2018 Denver, CO Bank change. 1
8/9/2018 Alma, AR 1
8/9/2018 Warsaw, IN I found it 1
7/16/2018 Lakecreek, OR Store 1
7/14/2018 Memphis, TN Change at a Taco Bell 1
7/14/2018 Houston, TX 1
6/25/2018 Springdale, AR 1
6/14/2018 Joplin, MO it was a tip that i received working at ihop. 1
5/30/2018 Rogers, AR My father 1
5/30/2018 Rogers, AR 1
5/25/2018 Springdale, AR Gas station 1
5/19/2018 Bentonville, AR Wal-Mart TO-GO gas station, bought a 12pack of dr.pepper. 1
5/11/2018 Pine Bluff, AR Barber 1
5/7/2018 St. Louis, MO 1
5/5/2018 Springdale, AR I made it nigga 1
4/9/2018 Rogers, AR 1
4/3/2018 Bella Vista, AR Gas station 1 View Bills
3/31/2018 Bentonville, AR 1
3/29/2018 Springdale, AR Taco bell money 1
3/15/2018 Springdale, AR 1