Stamper ID: 2998

Hometown: Ventura County, CA

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 67

Number of Times Reported: 152

Estimated Impressions: 133,000 times

Number of States Reported In: 15

Stamped in All States Ranking: 131

Why I Stamp:

If you’ve arrived here after reporting one of my stamped bills, thank you for taking the time that brought you to this page!

I stamp everyday as one of my activities in fighting to restore our democratic process, keeping the message of the corrupt influence of money in our politics alive.  I hope you’ll consider getting a stamp and joining me in stamping money out of our elections, politics, and government.

Favorite Stamp(s):

The Guru stamp is the best. “Not To Be Used To Buy Elections” . “Not To Be Used To Bribe Politicians”.

Favorite Place to Spend Stamped Money:

At home and in the wild. My stamps travel with me and I stamp every bill.

Tips for Fellow Stampers:

Keep stamping….

Stop using debit and credit cards, as Wall St gets a piece of that transaction every time you use a plastic card. In the end, this gives Wall St more money and power to corrupt our politics.

Use real paper money.  Stamp every bill you can. Keep the “money out” message alive everywhere. Do it everyday.


Stamping, politics, pottery

What Makes Me Happy:

Seeing my stamped bills reported.

Fighting along side others for a better future for us all.

Recent Sightings

Stamper: 2998, Ventura County, CA

Sighted in: Laguna Hills, CA

Date Reported: June 9 at 6:05 pm EST

Stamper: 2998, Ventura County, CA

Sighted in: Billings, MT

Date Reported: September 21 at 10:56 pm EST

Possession: Received as change

Stamper: 2998, Ventura County, CA

Sighted in: Laurel, MT

Date Reported: August 7 at 9:09 am EST

Possession: Casino tip

Stamper: 2998, Ventura County, CA

Sighted in: Los Angeles, CA

Date Reported: April 2 at 9:22 pm EST

Possession: I got a customer and he paided me with this bill

Stamper: 2998, Ventura County, CA

Sighted in: Long Beach, CA

Date Reported: October 14 at 4:42 pm EST

Possession: Through the store

Cat.Stevens's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
6/9/2024 Laguna Hills, CA 1
9/22/2023 Billings, MT Received as change 1
8/7/2023 Laurel, MT Casino tip 1
4/3/2023 Los Angeles, CA I got a customer and he paided me with this bill 1 View Bills
10/14/2022 Long Beach, CA Through the store 1 View Bills
9/28/2022 Santa Maria, CA I bought some snacks at the store and I got this bill 1
8/11/2022 Simi Valley, CA we went to a supermarket and it was in the change after we paid for a jar of pickles 🙂 1
7/27/2022 Los Angeles, CA Gelson’s Grocery Store. 1
6/1/2022 Los Angeles, CA I got this bill at the local laundromat when I got change for a bill. 1
3/12/2022 Las Vegas, NV I found this bill at work 1
2/6/2022 Thousand Oaks, CA Change at the pet store 1
1/2/2022 Ventura, CA It was a tip at spearmint rhino 1
12/5/2021 Simi Valley, CA Tip 1
9/2/2021 Santa Fe, NM It was in my tip jar at work 1
8/30/2021 Lancaster, CA Atm 1 View Bills
7/7/2021 Thousand Oaks, CA 1
5/16/2021 San Francisco, CA 1
4/19/2021 Lancaster, CA I was buying water at the 24 hr water machine outside and it came out as change 1
3/31/2021 Phelan, CA 1
3/26/2021 LOS ANGELES, CA Got it from a costomer 1
3/20/2021 Monmouth, IL Found it in the register at the gun store I work at while trying to get change for the vending machine 1 View Bills
3/5/2021 Tonganoxie, KS Revived bill as payment for eggs. 1
3/3/2021 Thousand Oaks, CA used to pay for candy at the pharmacy i work at 1
1/15/2021 Los Angeles, CA Change at a Target in Downtown Los Angeles. 1
1/9/2021 San Bernardino, CA I received it when getting payed for a job I did 1 View Bills
10/10/2020 Lancaster, CA 1
9/15/2020 Los Angeles, CA I got it from paying something and getting it in change. 1 View Bills
9/15/2020 Camarillo, CA RECEIVED IT AS CHANGE 1
8/16/2020 Brea, CA Received as change at 7-11 1
7/13/2020 Lexington, MA 1
6/9/2020 Huntington Beach, CA 1
6/9/2020 Fresno, CA 1
5/31/2020 Thousand Oaks, CA McDonalds cash register 1
5/6/2020 La Habra, CA 2
5/6/2020 Whittier, CA 2
4/24/2020 Huntington Park, CA Brother gave it to me 1 View Bills
3/18/2020 Los Angeles, CA Got it from the bank 1
3/17/2020 los angeles, CA I was given it 2
3/17/2020 Los Angeles, CA it was given to me because I like collecting things 2
3/10/2020 Santa Maria, CA Money from wages. 1
2/24/2020 Oxnard, CA While shopping at the mall 1
2/19/2020 Trinidad, CO Tip at work. 1
2/13/2020 Modesto, CA Strip club 1
2/8/2020 Watsonville, CA My daughter got it from her grandma 1 View Bills
2/2/2020 Thousand Oaks, CA at my work! 1
2/1/2020 Los Angeles, CA Change while shopping 1
1/4/2020 Manteca, CA At the gas station getting change 1
1/3/2020 San Diego, CA 1
1/3/2020 Los Angeles, CA My Tip Jar, saw it stamped, was interested and came here. 1
12/11/2019 North Las Vegas, NV Change back 1
11/30/2019 San Jose, CA Stereo shop change 1
11/22/2019 Long Beach, CA Got it at Chase Bank in Lakewood CA. when I cashed my payroll check. 1
11/21/2019 Chino Hills, CA 1
11/9/2019 Calimesa, CA 1
10/29/2019 Anaheim, CA as change while shopping 2
10/24/2019 Los Angeles, CA 1
10/20/2019 Los Angeles, CA Got it as change from a store 1
10/14/2019 Avondale, AZ 1
10/14/2019 , CA 1
10/8/2019 Somerton, AZ A friend let me borrow money to buy groceries for my kids and wife 1 View Bills
10/1/2019 , CA Was counting money to buy a book and found it during counting 2 View Bills
9/22/2019 Palmdale, CA We were selling ice cream 1
9/15/2019 Los Angeles, CA 1
9/5/2019 Los Angeles, CA I got change 1
8/31/2019 Los Angeles, CA Work 1
8/14/2019 Thousand Oaks, CA Change from purchase 1 View Bills
8/13/2019 Ventura, CA I work st coffee bean and a customer handed it to me I saw the stamp and decided to snap a shot of it to reference later. Had no idea it would be for a great movement like this! 1
8/13/2019 Monterey, CA Change in restaurant 1
8/10/2019 Fremont, CA Found it 1
8/10/2019 Palmdale, CA Store 1
8/6/2019 Santa Clarita, CA Drive thru 1
7/31/2019 Las Vegas, NV 1
7/31/2019 The Woodlands, TX As a tip from a customer at the restaurant 1
7/23/2019 Los Angeles, CA Counting money in cash register 1
7/16/2019 Simi Valley, CA Place of work. 2 View Bills
7/10/2019 Ventura, CA The Bank 1
7/8/2019 Avalon, CA 1
7/5/2019 Moreno Valley, CA Down payment on a vehicle 1
7/5/2019 Fontana, CA Change from gas station clerk 1
7/2/2019 San Diego, CA Bank 2
7/2/2019 San Diego, CA I got it from an ATM. 2
6/27/2019 Thousand Oaks, CA Gas Station 1
6/23/2019 Arcadia, CA 1
6/23/2019 Idaho Falls, ID Pizza delivery driver, and it was given as a tip with other non-stamped bills 1
6/21/2019 Buena Park, CA at the grocery store 1
6/17/2019 Thousand Oaks, CA 1
6/8/2019 Ventura, CA Change from a $20 1 View Bills
6/6/2019 Los Angeles, CA I work as a bank teller at Chase, an elderly lady thought something was wrong with the bill, once I reviewed the bill I noticed the stamp! 1 View Bills
6/1/2019 Santa Paula, CA Cashier gave it to me 1
6/1/2019 Santa Barbara, CA 1
5/27/2019 Los Angeles, CA 1
4/24/2019 Solvang, CA Tip 1
4/24/2019 Thousand Oaks, CA Uhhh I’m pretty sure it was a gift 😉 1
4/11/2019 Los Angeles, CA 1
4/6/2019 Oxnard, CA Atm In Newbury park, CA. 1
3/20/2019 Azusa, CA Change from Stater Brothers 1 View Bills
3/8/2019 Tampa, FL Tip money 1
2/28/2019 Los Angeles, CA change from liquor store 1
2/19/2019 Palmdale, CA Santa Clarita ATM machine 1
2/17/2019 Anaheim, CA 1
2/16/2019 Costa Mesa, CA My aunt gave me it 1
1/16/2019 Compton, CA Change at a bar in dtla 1
1/16/2019 Carson, CA 1
1/15/2019 Los Angeles, CA Gay 1
1/14/2019 Thousand Oaks, CA 1
1/8/2019 Los Angeles, CA Change for a $20 purchase. 1
12/25/2018 Thousand Oaks, CA Transaction of goods 1
11/18/2018 Los Angeles, CA 1
11/12/2018 Lancaster, CA 1
11/7/2018 Corona, CA 1
10/28/2018 Simi Valley, CA 1
10/11/2018 Corona, CA 1
9/28/2018 Fairfax, VA 1
9/22/2018 Thousand Oaks, CA 99c store gave it to me when I was buying candy 1
9/22/2018 Tucson, AZ Casino Del Sol 1
9/15/2018 Los Angeles, CA Your mom 1
8/14/2018 Thousand Oaks, CA Ventura county credit union 1
8/14/2018 Thousand Oaks, CA Bank deposit 1
7/31/2018 Fort Smith, AR Work at a Liquor store and a customer paid with it. 1
7/24/2018 Los Angeles, CA 1
7/23/2018 Los Angeles, CA 1
7/13/2018 Los Angeles, CA Donated to the Democratic Club of the Conejo Valley 1
7/8/2018 Glendale, CA 1
7/7/2018 Los Angeles, CA Restaurant tip 1
6/27/2018 Long Beach, CA 1
6/25/2018 Thousand Oaks, CA pizza delivery tip 1
6/10/2018 Los Angeles, CA 1
6/5/2018 Santa Ana, CA Northgate 1
6/2/2018 Turlock, CA 1
5/31/2018 Los Angeles, CA 1
5/29/2018 Thousand Oaks, CA Grocery store 1
5/28/2018 Long Beach, CA Paid and received as change 1
5/25/2018 los angeles, CA 1
5/12/2018 Pico Rivera, CA 1
4/30/2018 Pico Rivera, CA Strip Club Change 1
4/13/2018 Simi Valley, CA Change from Sizzler in Ventura, CA 1
4/4/2018 Thousand Oaks, CA A McDonalds drive through 1
4/2/2018 Visalia, CA Change. 1
3/22/2018 Simi Valley, CA Friend gave it to me 1
3/21/2018 Palm Desert, CA Change at an estate sale 2
3/18/2018 Laguna Beach, CA tip 1
3/16/2018 Palm Desert, CA Estate Sale 2
2/17/2018 Mesa, AZ Arbys change 1