Stamper ID: 2458

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 229

Number of Times Reported: 40

Estimated Impressions: 35,000 times

Number of States Reported In: 5

Stamped in All States Ranking: 562

Recent Sightings

Stamper: 2458

Sighted in: Vancouver, WA

Date Reported: March 30 at 8:37 pm EST

Possession: cash back for coffee

Stamper: 2458

Sighted in: Post Falls, ID

Date Reported: January 26 at 8:05 pm EST

Possession: Got it as a tip

Stamper: 2458

Sighted in: Vancouver, WA

Date Reported: October 4 at 9:36 pm EST

Possession: given to me from U.S. Bank

Stamper: 2458

Sighted in: Coos Bay, OR

Date Reported: August 17 at 6:01 pm EST

Possession: @Green street organic juice bar

Stamper: 2458

Sighted in: Madras, OR

Date Reported: July 30 at 12:39 pm EST

Possession: It was in my laundry

2458's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
3/31/2023 Vancouver, WA cash back for coffee 1
1/27/2023 Post Falls, ID Got it as a tip 1
10/5/2022 Vancouver, WA given to me from U.S. Bank 1
8/17/2022 Coos Bay, OR @Green street organic juice bar 1
7/30/2022 Madras, OR It was in my laundry 1
1/10/2022 Boise, ID 1
10/29/2021 Ashland, OR Atm Albertsons southern Oregon 1
10/12/2021 Bend, OR Collected out of ATM machine. 1
8/30/2021 Hood River, OR Got it as a tip at the restaurant I work at 1
8/10/2021 Bend, OR Returned in change from a local produce stand in Bend, OR 1
8/4/2021 Bend, OR Tips 1
6/25/2021 Boise, ID Reserved it as change 1
2/18/2021 Portland, OR Through my work at black rock 1
11/4/2020 Portland, OR Workin in good ol fred Meyers. 1
6/26/2020 Stayton, OR 1
5/15/2020 Salem, OR Gas station store 1
3/3/2020 Desert Hot Springs, CA My brother came out to give my mom money for food and started singing “Back That Azz Up” by Juvenile and that’s how he gave her a bunch of ones, and this was one of those bills. 1
2/29/2020 Springfield, OR Change from a purchase in a deli. 1 View Bills
2/17/2020 Lakeview, OR I got it at work, I work retail, nothing crazy 1
2/17/2020 Bend, OR I got this bill at rite-aid. 1
1/4/2020 Santa Rosa, CA Received as payment at work 1
12/22/2019 Redmond, OR Change from a 20 1
11/23/2019 Bend, OR Tips from work 1
10/28/2019 , OR From store 1
10/22/2019 Bend, OR I received it as a gift 1
9/6/2019 Bend, OR Payment for some work 1
9/4/2019 White Settlement, TX WATER DEPT 1
6/29/2019 Albany, OR Change 8
6/19/2019 Hood River, OR change at a grocery store 1
5/6/2019 Modesto, CA Given to me from wells fargo bank 1
4/23/2019 Bend, OR Change at a gas station 1
4/23/2019 Bend, OR Change from a gas station 1
3/2/2019 Sunnyside, WA We got it from a supermarket 1
1/9/2019 Truckee, CA Bought some jerky at a gas station and got change 1
8/22/2018 Portland, OR Change from a 20 at store 1 View Bills
8/16/2018 Bend, OR A friend gave it to me since he owed me 1
7/5/2018 Portland, OR Got it in change. 1
6/17/2018 Bend, OR My mom 1 View Bills
5/30/2018 Bend, OR 1
2/18/2018 Bend, OR 1