Stamper ID: 1AWG

Hometown: Sarasota, FL

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 2191

Number of Times Reported: 3

Estimated Impressions: 2,625 times

Number of States Reported In: 1

Stamped in All States Ranking: 2,880

Why I Stamp:

We have received hundreds of hateful mailers this midterm, and I am certain the source (and money) behind these messages does not have democracy in mind. Stamping is a wonderful way to realize the power of individuals – as the saying goes, “follow the money!”

Relationship status:


Recent Sightings

Stamper: 1AWG, Sarasota, FL

Sighted in: Sarasota, FL

Date Reported: December 8 at 10:54 am EST

Stamper: 1AWG, Sarasota, FL

Sighted in: Bradenton, FL

Date Reported: November 8 at 7:46 pm EST

Janet Pederson's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
12/8/2018 Sarasota, FL 1
11/9/2018 Bradenton, FL 1