Stamper ID: 1946

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 358

Number of Times Reported: 29

Estimated Impressions: 25,375 times

Number of States Reported In: 3

Stamped in All States Ranking: 942

Recent Sightings

Stamper: 1946

Sighted in: Antioch, CA

Date Reported: July 6 at 1:39 am EST

Possession: My dad gave it to me lol

Stamper: 1946

Sighted in: Oakland, CA

Date Reported: January 24 at 1:58 pm EST

Possession: I bought something at the coliseum swamp meet and I got it as my change.

Stamper: 1946

Sighted in: Berkeley, CA

Date Reported: January 1 at 11:40 am EST

Possession: Received in change in July 2019 in central Berkeley

Stamper: 1946

Sighted in: Utica, NY

Date Reported: May 31 at 5:23 pm EST

Possession: Cash withdraal at Citibank.

Stamper: 1946

Sighted in: Palo Alto, CA

Date Reported: March 31 at 11:51 am EST

Possession: Change

1946's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
7/6/2020 Antioch, CA My dad gave it to me lol 1
1/24/2020 Oakland, CA I bought something at the coliseum swamp meet and I got it as my change. 1
1/1/2020 Berkeley, CA Received in change in July 2019 in central Berkeley 2
5/31/2019 Utica, NY Cash withdraal at Citibank. 1
3/31/2019 Palo Alto, CA Change 2
2/21/2019 San Diego, CA 1
2/2/2019 Berkeley, CA 1
1/30/2019 Gilroy, CA I took my kids to chucke cheese and I paid and when they gave me my change back I noticed this 1 dollar bill with a red stamp. 1 View Bills
1/28/2019 Stockton, CA 1
10/17/2018 Stockton, CA My husband gave it to me for lunch but where he got it from I think at the corner market 1
10/8/2018 Pleasant Hill, CA Friend paying me back for karaoke session. 1
9/5/2018 Clearlake, CA coworker paid a debt of $10. one of two $5 bills was stamped. 1
8/29/2018 Pescadero, CA My friend gave it to me 18
8/22/2018 Sacramento, CA Friend 1
8/17/2018 San Francisco, CA Got it in change from a grocery store 1
7/14/2018 San Francisco, CA Working, bartending 1
7/5/2018 Manteca, CA 1
6/20/2018 San Francisco, CA 1
5/14/2018 San Francisco, CA 1
3/7/2018 San Francisco, CA 1
2/23/2018 Newport Beach, CA It was used to purchase baked goods at a bakery 1
2/12/2018 San Francisco, CA 1
2/8/2018 San Rafael, CA Cashier. 1
2/6/2018 Watsonville, CA 1
1/11/2018 San Leandro, CA Atm 1
1/9/2018 Livermore, CA Change at a bar 1
1/1/2018 Pacifica, CA Sunrise Cafe and grill tip 1 View Bills