Stamper ID: XYXX

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 109

Number of Times Reported: 85

Estimated Impressions: 74,375 times

Number of States Reported In: 8

Stamped in All States Ranking: 351

Recent Sightings

Stamper: XYXX

Sighted in: Blue earth, MN

Date Reported: September 2 at 5:29 pm EST

Possession: Atm

Stamper: XYXX

Sighted in: Los Angeles, CA

Date Reported: March 14 at 2:46 pm EST

Possession: Check cashing place on La Brea/Adams

Stamper: XYXX

Sighted in: Rialto, CA

Date Reported: March 11 at 4:58 pm EST

Stamper: XYXX

Sighted in: Escondido, CA

Date Reported: December 11 at 8:41 pm EST

Possession: I don’t it was given to me at a store

Stamper: XYXX

Sighted in: Louisville, KY

Date Reported: November 27 at 11:33 am EST

Possession: From a atm

1619's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
9/2/2023 Blue earth, MN Atm 1
3/14/2022 Los Angeles, CA Check cashing place on La Brea/Adams 1
3/11/2022 Rialto, CA 2
12/12/2021 Escondido, CA I don’t it was given to me at a store 1
11/27/2021 Louisville, KY From a atm 1 View Bills
11/13/2021 Huntington Beach, CA Bank of America 1
7/10/2021 Chula Vista, CA 1
6/8/2021 Glendale, AZ got it from my bank 1
4/17/2021 Las Vegas, NV i was counting bills for my job and stumbled across this treasure (-: 1 View Bills
1/19/2021 Grover Beach, CA Got this out of an ATM @ the Arco AMPM on fourth street in Pismo Beach. However while in the drive thru at Taco Bell in Grover Beach, we were checking out the money we had and noticed the stamp on it. From there while my boyfriend was getting our order I was checking out the stamp and it prompt me to go to this website. 1 View Bills
1/6/2021 El Centro, CA 1
12/24/2020 San Diego, CA Recieved at sdccu bank 1
12/10/2020 Oceanside, CA Work tips 1
11/30/2020 Encinitas, CA change 1
11/24/2020 Calexico, CA 1
11/16/2020 San Diego, CA ATM withdraw 1
10/23/2020 Chula Vista, CA I received it as change while eatingnout 1 View Bills
9/19/2020 Spring Valley, CA 1
8/29/2020 San Diego, CA 1
7/26/2020 San Diego, CA 1
6/22/2020 Escondido, CA store reg 1
6/11/2020 Chula Vista, CA 1
5/7/2020 Hawaiian Gardens, CA 1
4/4/2020 Escondido, CA I received this bill as a payment 1
3/23/2020 Mesa, AZ Received the 50 as change 1
3/19/2020 Redlands, CA ATM 1 View Bills
3/15/2020 Elk Grove, CA Received the bill from change while shopping. 1
1/30/2020 San Diego, CA Received the bill from an ATM. 1
1/21/2020 Yucaipa, CA Exchange for carwash 1
12/28/2019 San Marcos, CA Came out of an atm. 1
11/2/2019 Westminster, CA received at work when someone used it to pay for their items 1
10/4/2019 Oakland, CA I got paid in cash and I found this bill. 1
10/3/2019 White Castle, LA Work 1 View Bills
9/20/2019 Chula Vista, CA From my mom 1
9/18/2019 Imperial Beach, CA 1
9/12/2019 San Jacinto, CA I work at a bank and it came in 1
9/8/2019 San Diego, CA Working cashier at a gas station. Somebody bought gas. 2
9/8/2019 San Diego, CA I work at a gas station. Somebody bought gas with the dollar bill. I saw the stamp. 2
9/4/2019 San Diego, CA Change from gas purchase 1
9/4/2019 Yuma, AZ 1
8/20/2019 Vista, CA 1
8/16/2019 Orange, CA PATIENT 1
8/1/2019 Corona, CA Was given to me at Wells Fargo Bank in Corona, CA. 2
7/23/2019 Saint Ann, MO Change 1 View Bills
7/20/2019 Ventura, CA 1
7/20/2019 Ventura, CA 1
7/14/2019 San Diego, CA In Wells Fargo banks 1 View Bills
7/8/2019 Anaheim, CA Groceries budget 1
7/3/2019 Chula Vista, CA 1
6/15/2019 Gilbert, AZ Restaurant 1
6/13/2019 Palm Springs, CA 1
6/11/2019 Chula Vista, CA 1
6/9/2019 El Cajon, CA Buy in the store 1 View Bills
6/6/2019 San Diego, CA Mushroom Sale 1
6/1/2019 Anaheim, CA I get it in the bank 1
5/31/2019 Cypress, CA Atm 1
5/25/2019 Chula Vista, CA INSURANCE PAYMENT 1
5/25/2019 Chula Vista, CA INSURANCE PAYMENT 1
5/19/2019 San Diego, CA 1
5/15/2019 Vista, CA De una tienda 1
5/10/2019 San Diego, CA I took cash out of the ATM 1
5/8/2019 El Cajon, CA I wen to purches a little caesars 5 dollar pizza with a $20 dollar bill and I got this $10 dollars bill back 1 View Bills
5/6/2019 Las Vegas, NV Got it as change at the Coke Cola store on the strip in Vegas May 6th 2019 1
5/4/2019 La Mesa, CA Payment for work in the informal economy 1
4/30/2019 San Jose, CA It was a tip 1
4/27/2019 Middlefield, OH Atm 1
4/23/2019 San Diego, CA BANK 1
4/20/2019 Oceanside, CA MoneyTree Oceanside, CA 1
4/15/2019 San Diego, CA Change from Seaworld 1
4/12/2019 Whittier, CA 1
4/7/2019 San Diego, CA 1
4/2/2019 San Diego, CA It was given to me by a family member 1
3/30/2019 San Diego, CA Money withdrawal @ Wells Fargo. 1
3/24/2019 El Cajon, CA Great condition 1
3/16/2019 San Diego, CA 1
3/1/2019 San Diego, CA Work at Wells fargo 1
2/26/2019 San Diego, CA ATM withdraw 1
2/14/2019 San Diego, CA It was never actually mine- I was cashiering at the TJ Maxx in San Ysidri,CA and it was handed to me by a customer. It peaked my interest and I wrote down the web address. 1
2/11/2019 Escondido, CA Lunchlady tricked me. 1 View Bills
1/23/2019 San Diego, CA I find in the street 1
1/23/2019 San Diego, CA I find in the street 1
1/23/2019 Chula Vista, CA Gas station 1
1/21/2019 El Cajon, CA Got change back at a Liquor Store. 1
1/20/2019 Spring Valley, CA 1
12/21/2018 La Mesa, CA 1