Stamper ID: 1427

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: Unranked

Number of Times Reported: 68

Estimated Impressions: 59,500 times

Number of States Reported In: 14

Stamped in All States Ranking: 107

Recent Sightings

Stamper: 1427

Sighted in: Paris, AR

Date Reported: March 2 at 2:07 pm EST

Stamper: 1427

Sighted in: Hot Springs, AR

Date Reported: August 18 at 11:58 am EST

Possession: Deposited change at the bank.

Stamper: 1427

Sighted in: North Little Rock, AR

Date Reported: June 22 at 9:59 pm EST

Possession: Tip money at Tazikis

Stamper: 1427

Sighted in: Opelousas, LA

Date Reported: June 6 at 10:31 pm EST

Possession: Received it at my snowball stand

Stamper: 1427

Sighted in: McGehee, AR

Date Reported: February 25 at 3:37 pm EST

Possession: It came in a deposit to the bank I work at, McGehee Bank

1427's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
3/2/2021 Paris, AR 1
8/18/2020 Hot Springs, AR Deposited change at the bank. 1
6/23/2020 North Little Rock, AR Tip money at Tazikis 1
6/7/2020 Opelousas, LA Received it at my snowball stand 1
2/25/2020 McGehee, AR It came in a deposit to the bank I work at, McGehee Bank 1
1/11/2020 Bryant, AR Not sure just noticed it this morning in my wallet. 1
10/31/2019 Pineville, MO Change at walmart 1 View Bills
10/18/2019 Princeton, WV It was given to me serving a table in Pipestem wv . Very interested never knew this existed 1 View Bills
10/7/2019 Little Rock, AR This bill was in a register bag nightly deposit at a liquor store 1
9/14/2019 Cabot, AR my homie sold crack 1
9/12/2019 Jonesboro, AR Gas station 1
9/11/2019 Little Rock, AR Store 1
9/1/2019 San Antonio, TX In walmart 1
8/26/2019 Conway, AR change from larger bill 1
8/1/2019 Conway, AR Change 1
7/25/2019 Searcy, AR Fast Food ( I work there) 1
7/24/2019 Little Rock, AR Cashiering 1
7/20/2019 Edwards, MS Store in Edwards 1
7/1/2019 Denver, CO Bank 1
6/15/2019 Hot Springs, AR Customer tipped it to me carhopping. 1
6/3/2019 Ferndale, MI I bought a can of redseal snuff and paid cash and this bill was given to me as change. 1 View Bills
4/23/2019 Pine Bluff, AR Change 1
4/16/2019 Pine Bluff, AR Store 1
4/10/2019 Saint Elmo, AL Customer gave it to me at the animal feed store I work at. 2
3/17/2019 Little Rock, AR 1
3/13/2019 North Little Rock, AR I sold some Subutex to my homie and he shorted me $3 so technically I shouldn't even have this dollar but I do 1
3/6/2019 Cleveland, OH 1
3/1/2019 North Little Rock, AR Cousin 1
2/10/2019 Little Rock, AR 1
2/6/2019 Jacksonville, FL I got it from a Edwards Cash Savers Grocery store in Jacksonville AR 1
2/2/2019 Benton, AR Change at ihop 1 View Bills
1/13/2019 Humble, TX 1
1/3/2019 Ripley, TN Grandmother 1
12/27/2018 Williamsport, OH Came out of a Kroger self checkout 1
11/19/2018 Conway, AR Change 1
11/11/2018 Russellville, AR It was left as a tip at the restaurant I work at 1
11/8/2018 Jacksonville, AR Walmart 1
11/1/2018 Beebe, AR 1
10/24/2018 Little Rock, AR 1
10/22/2018 Corpus Christi, TX CHANGE 1
10/22/2018 Corpus Christi, TX YES 1
10/21/2018 Seminole, OK I’m a cashier at a gas station 1
10/21/2018 Conway, AR Waiter 1
10/14/2018 Little Rock, AR Change at a store 1
10/13/2018 El Dorado, AR Payment for Products 1
10/1/2018 Bryant, AR I got it from Sonic my dude 1
9/28/2018 Little Rock, AR Change 1 View Bills
9/22/2018 Little Rock, AR found in my gas station till. 1
9/17/2018 Mobile, AL purchase an item 2
8/25/2018 West Columbia, SC Retail stores 1
8/12/2018 Little Rock, AR In change 1
8/12/2018 Pine Bluff, AR Received through a retail transaction 1
8/9/2018 North Little Rock, AR Someone purchased auto parts with it. 1
8/9/2018 North Little Rock, AR Change from the VA hospital in the canteen Fort Roots 1
8/3/2018 Fort Worth, TX My mother had it in her purse. 1
7/20/2018 Charleston, SC Store has change 1
7/8/2018 Benton, AR 1
7/2/2018 Muskogee, OK I’m a server and got it as a tip 1
6/29/2018 Black Rock, AR 1
6/23/2018 Tulsa, OK Working at my job as a server in a restaurant 1
6/21/2018 Little Rock, AR A bake sale 1
6/15/2018 Plainview, AR Someone paid with it 1
6/15/2018 Bent, AR 1
6/12/2018 Texarkana, TX It was given to me as s tip at sonic 1
4/4/2018 Hillsboro, TX 1
2/15/2018 Little Rock, AR Cashier at a tobacco store 1