Stamper ID: 1295

Lifetime Found Bill Report Ranking: 83

Number of Times Reported: 118

Estimated Impressions: 103,250 times

Number of States Reported In: 17

Stamped in All States Ranking: 104

Recent Sightings

Stamper: 1295

Sighted in: Lansing, MI

Date Reported: February 29 at 5:10 pm EST

Possession: Received as a transaction.

Stamper: 1295

Sighted in: Las Vegas, NV

Date Reported: February 21 at 12:00 pm EST

Possession: I received as change after purchase

Stamper: 1295

Sighted in: Jackson, MI

Date Reported: February 8 at 12:07 pm EST

Possession: Working at our school store

Stamper: 1295

Sighted in: Berkley, MI

Date Reported: October 19 at 10:01 am EST

Possession: I bought some mountain dew kickstart and this was the change I got back.

Stamper: 1295

Sighted in: Jackson, MI

Date Reported: September 11 at 10:57 am EST

Possession: I'm a politician and I was bribed with it.

1295's Map of Found Bill Reports

Reported Date Location How did this come into your possession? Times Bill Sighted Image
2/29/2024 Lansing, MI Received as a transaction. 1 View Bills
2/21/2024 Las Vegas, NV I received as change after purchase 2 View Bills
2/8/2024 Jackson, MI Working at our school store 1
10/19/2023 Berkley, MI I bought some mountain dew kickstart and this was the change I got back. 1
9/11/2023 Jackson, MI I'm a politician and I was bribed with it. 1
7/19/2023 Jackson, MI 1
6/9/2023 Quincy, MI 1
5/22/2023 Adrian, MI Received this bill as change while shopping 2 View Bills
4/28/2023 Jackson, MI I don’t know how I got it, but I found it in my at home savings 1 View Bills
3/29/2023 Albuquerque, NM 1
3/11/2023 Jackson, MI I received this bill at the party store 1 View Bills
2/28/2023 Kalamazoo, MI Found at work while counting drawer down. 2
2/27/2023 Jackson, MI 1
2/22/2023 Roseville, MI Daughter received this as a tip while working concessions. 1
2/16/2023 Camden, MI From cash back at dollar general 1
12/28/2022 Jackson, MI My mom got money out the atm to give us for Christmas 1
12/8/2022 Jackson, MI Got it as change at a convenience store 1
11/29/2022 Homer, MI Brought in to gas station I work at 2 View Bills
11/28/2022 Tecumseh, MI Cashing out the cash register at work and found it 1
10/16/2022 Gaylord, MI Got tipped at my job 1
10/8/2022 Cadillac, MI Change from Walmart 1
10/7/2022 Jackson, MI I received change and this dollar bill was part of the change 1 View Bills
9/27/2022 Holt, MI It was given to us as as a tip at hungry howies holt. 1
9/26/2022 Kansas City, MO 1
9/4/2022 Lansing, MI 1
8/8/2022 Kentwood, MI 1
6/30/2022 Lansing, MI Change from a fast food place 2 View Bills
6/15/2022 DeWitt, MI I received this bill as tipped to me. 2 View Bills
4/30/2022 Coldwater, MI Work 1
4/29/2022 Troy, MI 1
4/20/2022 Springfield, IL 1
4/15/2022 Hillsdale, MI I received this bill as change at micky d's 1
4/11/2022 Battle Creek, MI Drive thru burger King 1
4/2/2022 Jackson, MI I work at the front desk for a hotel, and found it in my cash drawer. 1
3/10/2022 Kenton, OH 1 View Bills
3/10/2022 Inglewood, CA At the market 1 View Bills
3/8/2022 Seattle, WA getting change at a drag show at julias of Wallingford, seattle 1
12/26/2021 Waynesville, MO At a gas station 3
12/26/2021 Waynesville, MO 3
12/26/2021 Waynesville, MO Got it from Casey's 3
12/13/2021 Lapeer, MI Received as change 1
12/12/2021 Jackson, MI Was given to me as change after ordering at subway 1
12/6/2021 Ithaca, NY Got it in change for a $50 at the pharmacy 1
10/25/2021 Rankin, MI Was Given to me after taking care of someone 1
10/23/2021 Charlotte, NC About 11PM on 10/22/21 I went into this Admiral Marathon Gas Station on the corner of Cochran Ave (Business I69:M50) and Shepherd St. —-one mile from my home. here in Charlotte, Michigan (48813) total was $15 and change—-got back $4 in singles and this one stood out! Cashier and I are familiar and we discussed how cool these are and so I’m here! I’m curious how far this dollar has traveled now! 1 View Bills
10/20/2021 Meridian charter Township, MI in a birthday gift 1
10/19/2021 Howell, MI Was given to me by my father after paying for gas with cash. 1 View Bills
10/14/2021 Jackson, MI Change back from Harbor Freight 1 View Bills
8/31/2021 Joliet, IL Received as change 1
8/21/2021 Lake in the Hills, IL 1
8/17/2021 Jackson, MI 2
8/15/2021 Anniston, AL A cashier gave me change with a stamp on it. 1
8/3/2021 Lowell, MA 1
7/22/2021 Middleville, MI Change while shopping 1
7/14/2021 Plainfield charter Township, MI I received this bill as change while shopping . 1
7/7/2021 Dallas, TX Got it at a Top Golf in Dallas 1 View Bills
7/3/2021 Jackson, MI I received the bill as change from the ice cream truck 1
6/27/2021 Horton, MI A costumer at work gave it to me as a tip 1 View Bills
6/22/2021 Jackson, MI At Walmart 1
6/8/2021 Byron Center, MI Found it when one of my friends was paying me back! 1
5/18/2021 Jackson, MI 1
5/4/2021 The Villages, FL Gas station change 1
4/14/2021 Jackson, MI In my register at Burger King 1
4/14/2021 Jackson, MI I found it in my register at Burger King 1
4/5/2021 Munith, MI I tried to spend it and cannot because it is defaced. How is this legal? 1
4/3/2021 Swartz Creek, MI 1
4/2/2021 Jackson, MI It was in change. 1
2/20/2021 Jonesville, MI I received this bill as a tip at my place of employment. 1
2/17/2021 Jackson, MI Change 1
1/30/2021 Leslie, MI Retail 1
1/29/2021 East Lansing, MI 1
1/10/2021 Jackson, MI Change from a gas station 2
1/6/2021 Hillsdale, MI Received it at the store I work on 12/31/20. 1
12/31/2020 Riga, MI I received the bill as change while shopping. 1 View Bills
12/29/2020 Ann Arbor, MI 1
11/25/2020 Hudson, MI I received this bill as change while shopping. 1
11/21/2020 Leslie, MI Got the bill at the gas station after getting a pop. 2 View Bills
10/28/2020 Delta, OH 1
10/26/2020 Dinuba, CA I recieved this bill as change while shopping. 1 View Bills
9/13/2020 Summit Township, MI Grocery Store change back 1
8/20/2020 Summit Township, MI Received as change from Optimist Ice Arena. 1
8/18/2020 Summit Township, MI At Mobil / Kelly Express mart on Horton rd 1
7/9/2020 Brunswick, OH Grocery store 1 View Bills
6/23/2020 Fremont, OH From the bank 1 View Bills
5/29/2020 Highland Charter Township, MI I run an all cash business and I collect star notes and stamped bills. This one was actually a star note and it was stamped ! Really cool find to add to my collection. Go 1
4/25/2020 Laingsburg, MI Change from a store, don't know which one. 1
2/9/2020 Farmington Hills, MI Change while shopping. 1
2/2/2020 Jackson, MS Got it as change Shopping at family Dollar 1
1/30/2020 Ypsilanti, MI At work 1
1/28/2020 Summit Township, MI 1
1/28/2020 Commerce, MI 1
1/17/2020 Angola, IN Received as payment at the gas station i work at 1
1/9/2020 Bonita Springs, FL at my work someone paid with it 1 View Bills
1/4/2020 Summit Township, MI At work 2 View Bills
11/1/2019 Milan, MI i bought a slushee 🙂 2
11/1/2019 Milan, MI I recurved the bill purchasing a pop tart 2 View Bills
10/15/2019 Grass Lake Charter Township, MI Hair salon 1
10/8/2019 Jackson, MI I received this bill as change at party store. 2 View Bills
9/30/2019 Pontiac, MI Got it from the bank today. 1
8/15/2019 Jackson, MI Some one gave me it as a tip 1
8/2/2019 Chicago, IL 1
7/22/2019 Stockbridge, GA I own a Store, and a customer paid for produce with this 1
7/8/2019 Jackson, MI Getting change back from a purchase 1
7/5/2019 Eaton Rapids, MI 1
6/23/2019 Traverse City, MI Left as part of a tip - I'm a server. 1
4/5/2019 Flint, MI 1
3/25/2019 South Lyon, MI Payment for Girl Scout cookies 1
3/17/2019 Jackson, MI 1
3/14/2019 Fort Wayne, IN Through my bank when check was cashed. 1
1/30/2019 Grand Haven, MI Vending machine 1
1/5/2019 Jackson, MI Change from an atm withdrawal 1
12/7/2018 Meridian charter Township, MI PAID FOR A SERVICE 1
11/16/2018 Lincoln Park, MI I own a mechanic and collision shop, a customer paid with this bill. 1
8/14/2018 Shelby charter Township, MI Probably given to me as change from a party store in Clawson, MI. Noticed it when I went to pay for my sub in Madison Heights, MI. Of course, I showed all the workers @ the sub shop.☺️ 1
2/8/2018 Clarklake, MI ATM withdrawal 1